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Bruin My First Mobile Phone

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Bruin / Age: 6 Months+

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    2 Reviews
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      20.09.2011 11:16
      Very helpful



      a wonderful cheap toy

      My daughter has loved answering the phone and playing with my mobile phone since she was able to pick them up and babble lol. So for her first birthday, we thought it'd be a great idea to get her her very own mobile phone, but a toy one obviously. We wanted it to be pink and robust.

      We came across Bruin's "My First Mobile Phone" in Toys R Us, on offer at £4.99 which was a fantastic price. I believe it currently retails at £6.99 which certainly won't break the bank! The age suitability is 6 months+ and it comes in pink or orange. It requires 3x button cell batteries which are included and fitted, so you literally take it out of the box and it's ready to go!

      We bought the pink version as our daughter is pink mad. It isn't tiny but it is quite small, approx 20cm tall. It is made of thick plastic which is wipe-clean only. It looks just like a mobile phone, and it flips open like a real mobile flip phone. It has proven to be very durable, despite numerous times being thrown or dropped, things spilled on it etc, it is still in perfect working condition and barely a scratch on it. This is definitely a requirement for a child's toy!

      The phone has buttons which when pressed will play animal sounds - cat, dog, bird, rabbit. The phone also talks to the child, teaching what buttons to press, eg. "let's call the cat!". It also has realistic ringing sounds. There are melodies, flashing lights and various animal sounds which are very appealing and my daughter loves it.

      The batteries are still going strong more than a year later despite very regular use. The only downside is that once baby has finished playing, even closed the phone, it will still make sounds for approx 2 minutes - it will still ring, talk and flash etc. This can get irritating but it doesn't last long.

      All in all, a fantasticly cheap toy which is very colourful and appealing, well worth the money.

      My daughter received the pink version of this for her first birthday and loved it!

      The Bruin Peek in Roller is available at Toys R Us, priced around £4.99 and is available in pink or blue. My daughter had the pink version as she is pink mad! The age suitability is 9 months+.

      It comes in a small flat box deflated, and to set it up you simply inflate it as you would a balloon and plug the valve lid back in. Very quick and simple to do.

      The toy is a relatively wide tube (either pink or blue) with ABC and pictures of animals on the outside. It is transparent at either end, just clear plastic, so the child can see through from one end to the other. There is also a clear plastic transparent window about half way down the roller for the child to peek in. Inside the roller are 2 small balls (one blue, one green) and a slightly larger pink ball.

      The functions of the roller are whatever you want them to be. The product is designed for the child to 'peek' inside and watch the balls rattle around as they roll the roller, but there are many other functions it can do. My daughter loves to bat it, throw it and roll it to hear the balls rattle and to see them rattle. She also likes to roll it to and from me as if we were playing catch. Her all time favourite is to peek in one end whilst I peek in the other, like a telescope. She also loves doing this to our cats lol. She's had this since she was 12 months old, she's now 22 months and still plays with it regularly and still gets a lot of enjoyment out of it.

      It is very lightweight so I agree with the age range - however I think even younger babies would get enjoyment out of batting it and seeing/hearing the balls rattle inside. It is wipe-clean only but very easy to clean. It has stood the test of time as my daughter has sat on it, bitten it, thrown things at/on it etc. and it is still in perfect condition. You can deflate and inflate as required, which means it is small enough to store, take on holiday or even take to visit the grandparents.

      For the price, it is a fantastic toy and one of my daughter's favourites. I can't really fault it to be honest!



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      30.06.2010 14:11
      Very helpful



      Simple but very useful toy!

      When our daughter was about five - six months old, she started gripping toys and not just toys... Most of all she was interested in our mobile phones and remote controls. As she was very small we didn't think that our stuff is suitable for baby to play so we went shopping to Toys R Us. After looking at so many toys we finally bought her a very pretty pink Bruin My First Mobile Phone!


      This Bruin My First Mobile Phone is a brightly coloured electronic baby toy phone with sound effects and flashing lights. There are five keys for random sound effects and animal sound melodies. This colourful activity toy stimulates imaginative play, encourages baby to develop verbal communication and vocabulary.

      Available colours: Pink and Orange.
      Dimensions: 19 (h) x 7 (w) cm.
      Batteries: 3 x button cell (included).
      Price: £6.99 (while other toy phones cost £10-13).
      Age suitability: 6 months +.
      Where to buy: available in all Toys R Us shops or online at www.toysrus.co.uk.


      When we bought this toy phone by Bruin we wondered if our little girl is gonna like it (we have toys that she doesn't pay attention at).... But she was interested in that phone from the first day! And how couldn't she like it: colours are bright, there are a lot of sound effects and animal sound melodies, she can push buttons and change melodies and see flashing lights.... As she puts everything into her mouth, this Bruin toy phone is not an exception - she likes to chew it! But the toy seems safe.

      Now our girl is 10,5 months old and she still loves this phone (of course our phones and remote controls seem more interesting to her but this one is fine too). She enjoys pressing and touching keys with numbers and animals, listening to phone ringing and different melodies.

      This toy phone was dropped on the floor so many times... Especially now she enjoys dropping things and then looks where they are. First I was worried that the phone is not gonna last long but it's still in great working condition! Not just that - there are just a few scratches on the phone - it looks very good comparing to how long it was used and how often it is dropped on the floor...

      A few weeks ago we had to buy new batteries. The ones that were included lasted for about 5 months and I think it's not bad because the phone is in use every day. I found batteries in ebay.co.uk: 20 button cells cost £0.99 + £3.99 postage. So we have plenty of batteries now! The phone won't stop working and our daughter will be happy! Because she couldn't understand why the phone wasn't making a sound....


      In general, I recommend this Bruin My First Mobile Phone and give it 5 stars out of 5! It's a simple toy that baby likes. It has fun music features that really entertain a baby (not for very long but...) It's a good investment too because costs only £6.99 and well, my girl has it for more than 4 months now but still loves it and plays with it every day. Besides I am much happier to see this toy phone on the floor than our mobiles!

      Thanks for taking time to read my review!

      Also posted on ciao.co.uk under the same name.


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