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Bruin My First TV

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Brand: Bruin / Musical TV

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    1 Review
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      22.12.2012 14:42
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      nice simple baby toy

      My son received this musical TV by Bruin for Christmas last year, when he was about 9 months of age. I was really pleased that he had been given this as it was a toy that I remember from my childhood and I wasn't sure if they still made them - evidently they do and they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and themes these days! This one sells at £11.99 in Toys R Us.

      My son's version is a blue plastic set with yellow handle. It has a plastic bears face on the front in the corner of the screen (this is the Bruin bear). We don't have many Bruin toys and it was not a make that I was familiar with prior to receiving this but it does seem very well made. It has a fairly large plastic screen and a dial and flip switch on the front right hand side.

      This is a classic toy in that it works using a clockwork mechanism rather than being battery powered. By twisting the dial, the mechanism is wound up. The flick switch turns the TV on and off. On the screen, there are a series of animals on a landscape. As the mechanism unwinds, the dial slowly turns and the picture moves along the screen. A melody also plays. The picture moves along the screen and some of the animals move too. Once the mechanism has finished, the picture stops moving and the music stops playing. It can then be wound up and watched over and over again.

      The toy is supposedly suitable from 12 months of age but my son had this from 9 months. I actually think that it is a nice toy for use as soon as baby is sitting independently or about 6 months of age. I don't see any dangers in using it with a child of this age, there are no small parts and play will be supervised anyway. At 9 months my son could not operate the toy - he couldn't twist the dial or flick the switch but he was still unable to do this at 12 months anyway. The switch is actually quite stiff but my son did eventually get the hang of this and the dial - so it encouraged his fine motor skills too. He loved the animals on the picture and the movement together with the music really captivated him. This is great at keeping young babies amused and stimulated.

      As he got older (and increasingly mobile) he began to lose interest in this. He became more interested in toys with more to do - building, puzzles or cars and less likely to sit still with this. He would return to this now and again but not for any length of time so we decided to pack this away when he reached about 16 months. I think that, should we use this with another baby, we would definitely give it to them from 6 months of age to get the use out of it - I think younger babies get the most from this toy.
      The TV seems well made - the picture does not jam and the dials have not broken or been 'over wound' by an enthusiastic toddler. It has also been dropped on wooden floors a fair few time too and not suffered damage so it must be quite resilient!


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