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Bug Red Scuttlebug

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8 Reviews

Brand: Scuttlebug / Age: 18 months

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    8 Reviews
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      21.04.2013 14:24
      Very helpful



      Well worth the money, good fun for small children.

      My mum can't walk out of a toy shop without buying her grandson a new present. For weeks she kept on telling me she was going to get a scuttle bug to have at her house so my son and my niece could play on it. After a while she finally got around to buying one.

      I didn't know she had bought one and when I took my son around to visit he kept on saying "go on motorbike". I had no idea just what motorbike my parents had been letting him play on. It turned out this is what he calls the scuttle bug. Believe me it isn't anything like a motorbike but I'll let him off, he's only twenty months old. At least he has a good imagination.


      The only way I can describe a scuttle bug is to say it resembles a tricycle without any pedals.

      The child sits on the seat and pushes the scuttle bug along with their feet, or in my sons case he stands over the seat lifts the scuttle bug up and walks with it. He'll learn sooner or later.

      It can be steered by the child and the wheels are designed to allow for outdoor and indoor play.

      The scuttle bug is aimed at any children over the age of one year old. It can probably be used by most children that are just beginning to find their feet although children of a younger age might just need that little bit of assistance from an adult.


      You can buy them in three different colours. Red/black, yellow/black and blue/green. My son has the red/black.

      Like I said earlier it looks like a trike. It has thin legs for the wheels and handlebars and doesn't look especially strong but looks can be deceptive. On the front there is two eyes and a mouth with a tongue sticking out and the seat is about a foot long and is red with black dots to make it look like a ladybird.

      The wheels are red and are quite narrow again adding to the feeling that the scuttle bug isn't exactly sturdy enough to withstand a battering from a young child.


      I don't know where my parents bought the scuttle bug from but my mum told me it cost £22.99. In my opinion quite cheap. This is a toy that your child will get your moneys worth from.

      This seems to be around the average price for scuttle bugs.


      What impressed me most is when I first seen the scuttle bug. My son was shouting for his motorbike my mum said the scuttle bug was under a chair in the dining room. I couldn't see it. She got it out and handed it to me.

      It certainly wasn't what I expected. It was folded up. The wheel legs all fold in under the seat. The legs pulled down and clicked into to place. When you want to fold the legs back up there are special levers that make it child safe.

      Another feature of the scuttle bug is the weight. It hardly weighed anything at all and when folded was quite small. If you had to carry it anywhere it wouldn't be too much of a burden. Wouldn't take up too much room in the boot of your car and could possibly fit in a rucksack. It's ideal for a day at the park.

      Although the scuttle bug is lightweight is feels quite sturdy. Certainly sturdy enough for children from one to three years. My niece is currently two years and five months and she flies around my mums living room.

      It can be used both indoors and outdoors because of the design of the wheels. They are really smooth and even very quiet when being used on laminate flooring and doesn't seem to leave marks.. Although I would add that extended use outdoors would probably rough the wheels up a bit. Maybe after a while it would be an idea to keep if off your laminate.


      Although I have just included the fact is weighs very little in the best features it can also be a hindrance. It is even very easy for a child to pick up. My son sometimes walks around with it and throws it rather than just placing it on the floor. It hasn't damaged the scuttle bug as yet but I fear for my mums furniture.

      It also doesn't seem to steer very well with my son and niece preferring to shuffle the scuttle bug around rather than steer it. The turning circle is rather large and you would need a big space in order to fully turn it around using the handlebars.


      Having no idea what a scuttle bug was before I seen it I have to say I'm impressed. I always like the most simple ideas.

      The fact that it is easily transportable and easy to use earn it a lot of points in my book.

      My son loves it, for how long, time will tell but he always goes looking for it when he gets to his grandparents house. He sits on the seat pretending to be revving a motorbike.

      It really is a good value toy for the money when I consider some of the other toys my son has that cost far more money than the scuttle bug did. We already have a tricycle and the only thing I worry about is that when it comes to use the tricycle we will struggle to get him to use the pedals after so much time scuttling. It will hopefully give him confidence in the future when it comes to using tricycles and bicycles.

      If you know any toddlers that have a birthday coming up or you just fancy buying a present for one then definitely think about checking out the scuttle bug, I'm sure any child would appreciate one.


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      15.09.2012 18:23
      Very helpful



      A nice little ride on for our little scuttlebug

      We brought the scuttlebug for our daughter when it was on offer at our local garden centre.

      We had been looking out for one ever since she went to a friend's 2nd birthday party and seemed to love it so we decided to get one for her.

      Our daughter was about 16 months old when we got it and she was able to use it straight away although at first she could only go backwards and forwards in a straight line and it has taken a couple of months for her to learn how to steer properly.

      It is not very stable and she has fallen off it a few times, it seems to topple to the side. For this reason we only let her use it in the house as I am a bit reluctant to let her take in in the garden in case she topples over on the pavement. However she is getting a more confident on it and I think when she is a little bit older we would be happy for her to take it outside.

      The wheels fold down so it is nice and easy to transport even if you have a small boot in your car.

      We have it in pink and it is a lovely bright colour. It feels very good in terms of quality and our daughter loves scuttleing around on it.

      All in all it is a great product and I would recommend it to friends.


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      15.05.2012 11:31
      Very helpful



      A fantastic ride on toy that is built to last and is fun to ride

      When my son became mobile I was excited to buy him a ride-on toy. There's a vast array of ride-on toys for youngsters that come in all shapes and different designs. I didn't really want a plastic ride-on toy, as these are not my preference, and I wouldn't imagine them to be durable enough to withstand my lively toddler. To be honest, I hadn't set out looking for a ride-on toy, as they seem to be widely stocked in stores and on-line sites that I frequent. Being an Amazon addict, I am often found browsing through their on-line catalogue, just because. As I was browsing I happened on the Scuttlebug which was markedly reduced. I was not only attracted by the good price, but also by the vivid colours and design.

      Scuttlebugs are designed for children from the aged 12 months and up. They come in a range of colours and they retail at around £29.99. A Scuttlebug is a ride-on toy that is to be moved along by striding feet on the ground either side. It is incredibly lightweight and the simplistic but innovative design allows for easy carrying for when the child has had enough and wants to run. Not only is it lightweight, it is also collapsible. The clever design allows the three legs to be pulled under the seat, whilst this is easy to do; it is not obvious to a child how it is done. Being able to collapse the toy makes it easy to store, and for putting in the boot of a car.

      The Scuttlebug is available in several colours namely red and black, blue and black, pink and black and yellow and black which is the colour I opted for, as I find these colours look striking together. The Scuttlebug comes boxed, and is already assembled and ready to use, which is a plus. It is collapsed, and all that is required is simply unlocking the wheels, and it's ready to go. It looks compact and small, but incredibly sturdy and well made. It takes up little space, as it is slim line, and collapsing it makes it easy to store under a bed or in a cupboard or tight space.

      The Scuttlebug features three bright yellow smooth wheels, with the front wheel being manoeuvrable by the T shaped handle bar, which is easy to control. The thin long seat juts out at the back and is the perfect size and shape for a little one to climb onto. The seat has a funky black and yellow striped design to give it a bug like resemblance. The seat is also texture which prevents a child from slipping off. The bike is of a high quality, and is built to a high standard. The frame is constructed from metal with the handle bars being a thick durable plastic.

      The little ride-on bike is cute and rather eye catching with its striking design. It makes an excellent introduction to bikes, and it allows youngsters to practice balance and coordination, as they zoom around.

      My son loves anything that features wheels. He is fascinated with vehicles of any description, and enjoys rolling around the floor pushing along wheeled toys, which he found pleasure in doing with his Scuttlebug. I excitedly lifted him onto the seat, though he decided to get back off so he could continue pushing it along the ground from a laying down position to inspect the underside and wheels. It took a little while to get him to ride on it in the intended way. He fits comfortably on the ride-on and his feet rest on either side with ease. After showing him and pushing him forward eagerly along the floor, he soon came to realise that he could move the Scuttlebug along the floor by scooting his feet either side in a walking motion. This pleased him no end, and gave him great amusement, as he giggled and rode around looking proud.

      He has had the Scuttlebug for a good couple of years, and now he is a tall 4 year old. He is getting a little big for it, but still enjoys riding it around his room. It has proved to be a great fun ride-on toy that is still in perfect condition. It has had a lot of use, making it excellent value for money. It has lasted him well considering he has shot up in height rapidly. The high quality toy rides like a dream, and the sturdy wheels provide a smooth ride. The Scuttlebug is solid in construction, and will give subsequent children pleasure. My son will continue to get plenty of use out of this toy, as he can still ride on it, and he enjoys playing with in the unconventional way of pushing along the floor. It will be a shame to let this toy go, though I can't see him parting with it anytime soon.

      As far as ride-on toys are concerned, the Scuttlebug is fantastic, as it is of a high quality, and it is a toy that is built to last. It is sturdy and durable, and easy to manoeuvre about the floor. It looks fun, and it is great fun for little ones. It helps to develop gross motor skills whilst improving balance and coordination. Girls and boys from the age of 12 months can enjoy this ride-on toy, and I can imagine it will last a good couple of years or more depending on the child. I am delighted with this toy, it has proved to be an excellent buy, and it looks just as new despite plenty of use over the last year. Highly recommended.


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        24.03.2012 20:58
        Very helpful



        The latest in automotive engineering I present the Scuttlebug

        It's 06h30 on a Saturday morning and I can hear the birds singing happily to one another, I take a sip of tea and look out at the peaceful landscape and then out of nowhere comes the revving 19 month old Hells Angel brrming his way through the hallway and the livingroom at full speed on his Scuttlebug dribbling as he whizzes past taking corners like a madman. Well this is what happens on most mornings since I purchased the Scuttlebug for my young son and one thing i can definently recommend to other parents is wear thick slippers.

        Why did I purchase such a toy?

        Well to be honest I made the mistake of buying my son a trike without realising that his feet didn't reach the floor or the pedals so he would sit on it in the hallway brmming enthusiastically without any movement and would then get rather frustrated and try to jig it forward with little to no success. The scuttlebug is ideal for toddlers starting at approximately 12/13 months of age as it allows them to push it like a trolley or sit on it and propel themselves along with their legs/feet therefore building up the strength in their legs. (The scuttlebug is not to be used past the age of 3 and not suitable for children >20Kg according to the instructions)

        Where, how much and what did I get?

        I purchased the Scuttlebug at full price from Argos (£25) and was suprised at the size of the box I was handed which was about 30cmx50cm with a handle which was much easier to transport home than the trike which was contained in something the size of a shipping crate. Once I got home I opened the box to find the scuttlebug already assembled but folded down with the instructions which were an absolute doddle and all I had to do was release the lock and extend the legs and push down on the seat to ensure it all locked into place - Took less than a minute and my son was whizzing around in less than 30 seconds. The scuttlebug comes in various patterns and colours pink, blue, red, yellow and orange (All colours except orange which is exclusive to John Lewis are found on Amazon and Argos only sell the Red one) and is lightweight and very compact which is ideal when you're out and about as I can fit it in my rucksack.

        Does my son like the Scuttlebug?

        He absolutely adores the scuttlebug and terrorises the poor cat with it which is another issue which cannot be blamed on the product. The scuttlebug has taken quite a bit of toddler force due to tantrums and general lack of fear on my son's part and hasn't got a scratch on it which is pretty impressive and the only thing that seems to frustrate my son is the fact that it doesn't have the tightest of turning which means that he's having to perform 9 point turns as opposed to 3 point turns or gets off it and turns it around other than that I cannot find anything wrong with this product.

        Would I recommend this product to others?

        Well if you've got a toddler who's just starting to walk or has started walking but is too short for a trike then yes I definently do recommend this toy and believe it is of good build quality and alot of fun. If you don't have a toddler who can make use of this toy and/or are over 3 then probably not.

        Thanks for reading


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        01.01.2012 15:52
        Very helpful



        A fantastic ride on

        When we brought scooters for my 2 oldest children we realised my little boy at 18 months would be a little small for one so did not want to leave him out we decided to look for a ride on he could enjoy with his brother and sister. That is when we came across the scuttle bug. It is a small ride on with 3 legs that are a little steadier for children just on there feet and we thought it was perfect. They come in a range of colours and the particular one we have is red and blue.

        The ride on itself is made of a mix of metal and plastic. The metal make the frame very strong and durable which is what you need with a toddler and the plastic seat is moulded in a curved shape so little one can sit comfy without sliding off. Although it is rather heavy the wheel turn round in a full circle so little one can push them around easily without getting stuck going in one direction and my little boy manages to push himself with ease.

        These ride on's work very well on carpeted floor, laminate flooring and also outside because the wheels are well made and have an anti lock system little one does not get frustrated not being able to go where they please which I think is one of the best features of these cheerful ride on's.

        There is a button underneath the scuttle bug that when you press it down and pull each leg they unclick and fold down so that it can be stored very easily. When folded this scuttle bug takes up very little room and is perfect for putting in the back of the car or even under the buggy for while we are out and about and adds a little more excitement to our day trips.
        It is also very easy to fold out again just press the button to unlock the legs pull them out straight and they click into place easily. It is rather tuff to do which I believe is good as it means little one could not accidently unfold the scuttle bug resulting in them hurting themselves but easy enough for an adult to do .
        I paid £24 for this scuttle bug from Tesco and it is suitable from ages 1-3. I think it is correct at the lower age limit but my little girl is just about to turn 3 and to be honest she is a little big for this toy. She can sit comfortably on it but when she goes to push herself along her little legs are all squished up and she just can push with ease.

        This would be my only downside it fits my son perfectly now as an average 18 month old but I'm afraid in around 6 months he will have out grown it. Saying that for the amount of use it will have got within that year this lovely ride on has paid for itself over and over. I will be keeping it for my next arrival for when they are old enough to ride it and as it comes in unisex colours it does not matter if we are having a boy or girl.


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        19.01.2011 19:26
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        a great toy

        Hope was bought this as her main Christmas present this year and she is now absoluetly obsessed with it, it definitely was the best buy of the festive season! It is only cheap, easy to stall and can be used inside and outside so it makes an ideal toy for your toddler.

        I first saw one of these at a childen's party and Hope had a little try on it and seemed to enjoy herself and kept wanting to get back on so when I saw one in John Lewis' for £25 I couldn't resist buying one for Christmas. You can buy them in different colours, they are all made to look a little bit like bugs- you can get a red one with black spots, a yellow and green one and this pink and purple one. Although it doesn't look like a specific bug I think the name actually comes from the fact that it's quite skinny and speedy like abug!

        ***Putting it together ***

        Whenever you have children and you buy them presents you expect there to be a certain amount of 'construction time' whenever you go to get the toy out of the box. You also expect that after playing with a toy and you want to take it apart it will take time too but this scuttlebug doesn't involve a great deal of effort much to my delight! As you can see from the picture there aren't many elements to it, in fact, all of the pieces are attached so you don't have to put things together. The wheels fold in to clip into slot underneath the seat and that is all. Once the wheels have been clipped away beneath the seat the handle bars are the only bit which stick up and they're not very big so once it's been collapsed down it can be stored in a small space- behind the sofa, under the stairs etc. To then put it together again you just pull the wheels back out and you're done!

        I was pleased to see that literally NOTHING had to be done to make this toy work on Christmas day. Even the sticker eyes were already in place and there were no great lengthy instructions. I was also pleased to see that this is the kind of toy that you can make smaller so storing it is easier and pratical.

        ***What does it look like? ***

        Well this one is pink and purple. It has bright pink handlebars, pink wheels, pink seat and pink face (beneath the handlebars) There are purple flowers on the seat and purple trims on the wheels. There are eyes and a mouth stuck onto the front of it which make it look a little like a bug.

        The seat is only narrow so that your babies' legs can reach the floor and they can learn to balance more instead of the other ride on toys suitable from a younger age group which have wide seats. There are three wheels, these are only small but it is still very stable.

        ***What does it do? ***

        Well this is essentially a little ride on trike. It is suitable from 24 months, before this age the ride on toys tend to be four wheeled- bulky, quite heavy affairs but this one is small, thin, lightweight and three wheeled so it's a good next step from the first ride on toys to this before your baby would eventually move onto a bike.
        Your toddler sits on the back of this and uses it's feet to push themselves along. The handlebars move 180degrees so that turning corners is no problem! Because the seat is only narrow there is no problem for your child to be able to reach the floor on this. There are no brakes so banging into a wall or using their feet is what stops this from going along!

        This toy can be used inside and outside. We are yet to use it outside as the weather has not been good enough but inside this ride on toy works well whether it be on the carpet or on wooden floors it still goes along well.

        ***Cleaning ***

        This toy can be easily cleaned seeing as it is made from plastic and metal meaning that all parts to it can be wiped down. Once you use this outside I imagine that the wheels can become quite scuffed but all areas are easily accesible with a scrubbing brush so any dirt or mud should easily be removed making it clean again to come inside.

        ***Hope's opinion ***

        Hope loves this so much that she won't let me fold it down and put it away, as soon as she sees me beginning to collapse it down she comes running over and demands to get back on it! From the moment she opened this on Christmas day she has been obsessed with it and plays with it daily.

        She is able to get quite a good speed up with it but not so fast that it's dangerous! She scoots around the hallway and kitchen on this and has even started balancing her teddies and dollies on it giving them the experience of riding on this too! She likes the fact that it is a good height for her, she is almost 2 and she is now able to get on and off it herself, it took her about a day to master how to do it and now she is able to get on without any problems at all.

        When she plays with this it is for quite some time, she likes to wander up and down the house and sometimes just sits on it to watch the telly on! She finds it easy to steer too, the handlebars are very easy to move so she has no difficulty in turning corners at all!

        ***My opinion ***

        I think that this is a great toy and I am very pleased that we bought it as I can't actually find any fault. I think some people may be concerned about the safety of this toy seeing as it has no brakes or any form of straps but I would like to point out that some bikes don't have straps and that other ride on toys designed for even younger babies don't have straps or brakes so I think sometimes health and safety goes a bit far. The whole point of this toy is to help encourage your child to balance and learn how to be independent as they learn to get on and off for themselves and push themselves around.

        I like that Hope is able to jump on and off without any difficulties and it is low on the ground so that if she did stumble then it's not far to fall. She has fallen off before when she was trying to get off but got her foot stuck and it hasn't caused any problems because it is so low down so I don't think that the lack of safety devices is a problem with this at all. In fact, I t hink if there were brakes then it would be more dangerous as she would put them on without realising it and could end up jarring the scuttlebug too quickly.

        The bug is very light, this means that it's very easy for your little one to push themselves along on. On the other ride on toys they are heavy so they're harder to be pushed along so these are great as it means that little effort is needed to move the bug along. It is also good to be light as it means that it's easy for you to pick up and move for putting away at the end of the day.

        I like that it isn't a large toy, my house is overwhelmed with pink toys so this one is great as it can easily be stored and put away.

        It is a good toy to have as it helps your toddler to exert their energy, develop their muscles and have fun at the same time! It certainly does create a lot of fun, I didn't realise how much joy you could get out of pushing yourself along on a little pink scuttlebug but Hope has really shown me that an awful lot of fun can be had!
        I like the fact that this toy can be used inside and outside, it wil be nice in the summer once the weather's better for Hope to scoot around the garden on it.

        It's bright in colour so may look a bit tacky so if you don't like the bright pink and purple you can buy it in alternative colours although the majority are very bright too but I like that, I like that they are bold colours that stand out as it makes them interesting to look at and catches your toddlers' attention in the first place.
        You can buy these from John Lewis' and Amazon for around £20-£30 and i think that they are well worth that money as they provide fun, entertainment as well as an exercising device for your toddler. They are aimed at children 24 months plus. Hope is almost 2 and I know of 18 month old babies who have these and enjoy them too so I think with supervision this toy is fine from 18 months too.


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          15.09.2010 21:16
          Very helpful



          Think we will be scuttling around for a good few years.

          A few weeks ago I saw a little boy on one of these at the park and I knew it would be perfect for my son who at that point was just coming up to his first birthday. I looked for it on Amazon with both fingers crossed behind my back (very hard to type with just your nose) as I was desperately hoping that it wasn't completely out of my price range. I discovered that the different colours all have slightly different prices, but are all around the £20 mark. Happily I entered my details and the red/black model was duly delivered to my door a few days later.

          The scuttlebug is a little ride-on toy marketed for the 1-3 age group. We already have several ride-on toys of different types but this one looked quite different and like a lot of fun!

          ***Assembly and Appearance***

          Put simply, there is no assembly required. No screwdrivers, no hammers, no fiddly screws, no swearing. Open the box, remove the plastic and cardboard packaging and click it all into place. The scuttlebug is foldable for storage and convenience with a sliding lock on each one of its three 'legs'. The back wheels have a sliding lock which you pull to extend or fold, helpfully labelled with the direction in which you have to pull. The front wheel/handlebars are held in place underneath with a clip; you simply lift the bar out of the clip, move the bar into position and it clicks into place. To refold the scuttlebug just pull the little clip underneath the seat and the bar is unlocked again. It comes with an instruction booklet and the instructions are also printed on the box, but it is very easy to see what you have to do and we didn't need to refer to these after the first time.

          The scuttlebug has a very pleasing and child-friendly appearance as it is bright and colourful. The designers have made it look a little like a bug and it has eyes on the front and a patterned seat. The contoured plastic seat and metal legs all feel very sturdy and of very good quality and the locking mechanism feels very secure. The wheels are very similar to the wheels on my daughter's two wheeled scooter but the upper part feels more like a tricycle without the pedals.

          ***Our experience***

          My son was desperate to get on this as soon as he saw it and we were very pleased that it took us less than a minute to go from sealed box to completely ready to go. At first I was concerned that he would find it difficult to use as the handlebars are angled such that they look as if they will stick into the driver's tummy. They do stick in a little but this actually helps the driver steer as they can use the whole of their body to change direction rather than just using their hands. My son never seems to show any discomfort from the bars and they actively seem to act as a bar to him falling off. Having said this, falling off was in fact the very first thing he did! After a few minutes he got the hang of actually sitting on the seat and jiggled himself backwards and forwards a bit. Then he lifted the handlebars and jiggled around by physically lifting the whole front up and putting it down again. Then his sister gave him a gentle push around the room, which was fine, lots of giggling. She followed this with a more serious push and he fell off again. It took a day or two to realise that he had to hold on to the bars as he was moving along. By day 3 he was going backwards very fast and spinning in circles and by day 5 he was tentatively moving forwards. Now, several weeks later he is getting the hang of steering the scuttlebug in the direction that he wants to move in.

          Before we got this ride-on he was taking his first tentative steps at walking and I really feel that this toy has helped strengthen his muscles and speeded up the process. It is enormous fun for him and he can zoom around the house at top speed, much faster than he can walk even now. On our laminate floors he can go almost as fast as his sister can run which is good for him (and bad for her as she can't run away from him as easily now). I can quickly fold it and pop it under the pushchair when we go to the park and he can zoom around there too; it is very small folded up - just 40 cms by 30 cms and slides easily in and out of my small pushchair basket. It is very light too, weighing just slightly less than 2kg - you'd notice it if it ran over your foot but its not very heavy to transport.

          At just over a year his feet can just touch the ground on the scuttlebug so there is plenty of room on it to grow. I would definitely be inclined to buy this for a child at the beginning of the age range, perhaps up to 18 months, then they would get full use out of it. However for a 2+ year old there are many more suitable ride-on toys on the market and I don't think that you would get your moneys worth out of this toy. The whole toy feels very well constructed and would certainly take their weight (goes up to 20kg/44lbs) but they wouldn't have such freedom to move their legs as a younger child, and the instructions clearly state not for over 36 months.

          The box has the usual common sense warnings about don't use near swimming pools or roads and don't let your child unfold or fold the scuttlebug themselves. It also suggests using a helmet or other appropriate safety gear - I haven't and he has come to no harm, but I suppose that is parental choice!

          Overall I am very pleased with this toy. I am confident that we are going to get several years use out of it, my son loves it and it encourages him to be active and confident when moving. I think it is also helping his sense of balance, co-ordination and motor skills which I hope will come in useful when he moves onto the next stage of wheeled toys. Furthermore it is cheap, much cheaper than a Wheelybug or Scramble Bug and cheaper in general than the car shaped plastic ride-ons. We have one of the car ride-ons too but find he gets on much better with the Scuttlebug. This is because the Scuttlebug is faster due to the scooter-like wheels so he can really zoom around. Also his legs are closer together on the narrower seat and his hips are much higher than his knees so he can do a running motion with his legs to move rather than pushing it along with his feet. The motion uses much more of his body.

          It is slightly less stable than a ride-on however, as even though a ride-on can tip backwards if it is being pushed from the back, it doesn't tend to tip when you get off it. While my son was getting off the Scuttlebug for the first few times, he did tend to bring the whole trike with him as well and it went onto its side. It occasionally happens now if he is in a real hurry to get off it, but he has not been hurt by this at all While he was learning to walk he pushed this around the floor to get to where he wanted to and it did not tip once, so I think he was catching his leg and foot as he was lifting it up to get off. Now we have taught him to get on and off from the back and this happens much less often. As this trike has three wheels this is understandable and it certainly wouldn't stop me from buying the Scuttlebug again.

          You can buy the Scuttlebug in all sorts of colours on Amazon for as little as £18.74.

          Updated to add further information: Apparently the handlebars are set at the angle they are to avoid young children tipping the trike forwards and going over the handlebars. At this angle this is no longer possible.


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            26.01.2009 19:41
            Very helpful



            Great toddler fun!

            This such a great product I really don't know why you don't see more toddlers bombing around on them. The scuttle bug is a 3 wheeled ride on toy for up to age 3 with is quite different from other ride ons that are more commonly available.

            The scuttle bug is made by razor - well known for their 2 wheeled scooters - and features the same hard wearing but quiet on road wheels. What is amazing about it is that it folds up really really small by some clever folding in 3 steps (you can see how this works here):


            It folds absolutely flat and will easily fit in the basket of a buggy or can be carried, so is ideal for taking to the park. It is sturdy and lightweight, at 2 kilos. The three wheels mean it is pretty stable but I would recommend wearing a helmet with this as toddlers can "scuttle" along on it at quite a suprising speed!

            We purchased one of these for my daughter's 2nd birthday and it has drawn admiring glances wherever she has been on it. The attractive bug is also available in other colour ways, there is a bee and a pink version, we bought this particular version as my daughter likes lady birds, it was £25 from amazon but is also available at John Lewis.

            We have found that my daughter can push herself along easily on the scuttlebug and can steer surprisingly well. She has an elder sister who is often on a 2-wheeled scooter so likes to feel she is keeping up!

            This ride on is perfect for indoors as well - we give the wheels a good wipe, aparently the wheels are made of gel so as not to be noisy - having spent an ear splitting time pushing a little tikes plastic trike with a parent handle along the pavement I can say that this is actually a good feature! I think what is great about this bike is that it allows the toddler much more independance and it seems to be great at expending some of that excess toddler energy!

            I think it is better than the trikes that are available - particularly the ones with "parent handles" in my experience you end up pushing these along on two wheels whilst your toddler fails spectacularly to steer and you expend energy, not them - this toy actually gets them moving under their own steam.

            My children are quite petite, so I would say that if your toddler is rather taller than average I would get them to try this out before buying.

            The scuttlebug has a maxim weight of 20 kilos, the manufacturer suggests 18 months as a starting age and I think that this would be about right, although slightly younger toddlers with good gross motor skills could safely give it a go.

            I would thoroughly recommend this toy, it is very pleasing in design and clever in my opinion, and more importantly every child who has ever played with it seems to love it!


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          For toddlers from 18 months upwards.

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