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Carousel Chunky Remote

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Brand: Carousel / Age: From Birth

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    2 Reviews
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      14.03.2013 22:27
      Very helpful



      A nice little TV remote for children

      For quite a while now Jayden has had a thing for the TV remotes, as soon as he sees one on the arm of the chair or coffee table he heads straight for it, and it doesn't matter if you try and hide them behind something else he will manage to find them or spots you putting them there.  We do not let him play with the remotes as firstly they are not a toy and we do not really want them dribbled on, also I am always worried he will get the batteries out of the back and try to eat them.  So when my Nana bought him the Tesco Chunky Remote (a remote control all of his own) I was hoping that it would stop him from trying to play with our TV remotes as he now had his own to play with.  
      The packaging for the Tesco Chunk Remote was nothing fancy, it came in a purple rectangle box which had the name of the product written on the front of it, the majority of the front of the box was cut away so that you could see and touch the remote inside the box.  The back of the box from what I can remember contained some information about the product including what it does, warnings and various other facts.  There was not a huge amount of information on the packaging but it told you the basics and what you needed to know.  
      The Remote
      The Tesco Chunky Remote is basically a child's version of a TV remote control, it is a rectangle shape and the main body of the remote control is made from a bright yellow plastic, it has a small red light at the top of the remote which lights ups when the buttons are pressed and flashes to the music that is played. 

      On the front of the remote at the top is a large grey sticker with 03 written on it and the word Channel written underneath this.  The rest of the remote is taken up with all the various buttons, these include bright orange round buttons with the numbers 0 to 9 on them in dark blue, just above this are 3 pale blue square buttons, one of these is designed to be an on off buttons (it doesn't actually switch the remote on and off) one says guide and the other sleep again these are written in darker blue writing.  Above these are 5 more buttons positioned in an oval shape, these buttons are made from a bright orange plastic and are various shapes, these are designed to be the volume buttons (again the do not actually alter the volume) and buttons to change the TV channel, the symbols on these are very similar to that of a real TV remote. 

      At the bottom of the remote are a further 2 rectangle pale blue buttons one is a Menu button and the other is an AV/TV button.  The colours of the remote really make it colourful and eye catching to a child.  The back of the remote has a small speaker area and also a battery cover which is held in place by a small screw, this can only be removed with the use of a screw driver so you do not have to worry about your child removing it themselves. 

      The Tesco Chunky Remote is of a decent size and measure 14.5cm (H) x 5.5cm (W) x 2.5cm (D) this is an ideal size for little hands to grip and hold, the buttons are also of a decent size within keeping of the remote again making it easy for little hands to press.  Whilst Jayden has the bright yellow remote it does also come in pink, these are the only 2 colours that it comes in, but there is something to suit both boys and girls. 

       What the Remote Does
      The Tesco Chunky Remote doesn't actually do anything wildly exciting other than act like an actual TV remote, when you press the number buttons a voice says what number it is you are pressing, the various other buttons on the remote make various sound effects and plays different tunes and melodies, if you press more than one number button in a row the remote will play a tune or melody afterwards.  As I have mentioned as you press the buttons the red light at the top of the remote will light up and will also flash along to the different tunes played.  The remote is designed to introduce your baby to numbers and help them to learn and recognise the different numbers, also the pressing of the buttons will help to develop fine motor skills.  

      The Batteries
      This batteries that the Tesco Chunky Remote needs are AAA and it requires 2 of these to work.  I was quite surprised to find that it actually came with batteries as a lot of toys you buy now do not come with any.  These batteries are behind a cover on the back of the remote which is secured in place with a small screw keeping them well out of the way from your child. 

      The only real warnings that come with this product is the age that this product is suitable for, it states that the product is aimed at children from 1 years onwards and is not suitable for children under the age of 10 months.  Jayden was a little under 10 months when he received his Tesco Chunky Remote and we had no issues with it, however he was never really left alone with it. 

       Care Instructions
      It is important to keep baby toys clean and germ free, the only way to really clean the Tesco Chunky Remote is to wipe it with a damp cloth, it cannot be submerged in water.  When I clean Jayden's remote I tend to wipe it over with Dettol wipes which are suitable for cleaning baby toys, this allows me to clean around all of the buttons ensuring that it is properly cleaned and germ free. 

       Price and Availability
      The Tesco Chunky Remote is only available from Tesco as it is one of their own brand products, the remote costs £3.75, personally I think this is a good price for this product, I wouldn't pay a huge amount for it as the remote does not really do a lot compared to some toys, but I do think that it is being sold at a fair price and is worth the money. 

      My Opinion
      Ever since Jayden received his Tesco Chunky Remote he has loved it, as soon as he sees it he will crawl over to it and pick it up and start playing with it.  He loves to sit and press the different buttons to make different sounds and play the tunes, whilst he is no where near the stage of learning numbers it is still educational for him. 

      The remote is sold at a fair price and despite the low price it is of an excellent quality, it is strong and sturdy and will not break easily, Jayden's remote has been dropped so many times either while he is in his walker and carrying it about with him or from his highchair and it still works fine, and the plastic has not cracked or broken at all. 

      If I had to mention one disadvantage for this product it would be the grey sticker at the top of the remote which displays a channel number, within a few weeks of Jayden having his remote he had managed to chew this off, obviously as baby's do the remote would often end up in Jayden's mouth and the sticker became soggy, it started to peel so much so that I then had to remove it myself so that he could not get bits of it in his mouth, however this was not too much of a problem and now where the sticker once was it is now just plain yellow plastic like the rest of the remote. 

      Whilst Jayden does love his Chunky Remote and plays with it on a daily basis it has not stopped him from trying to play with our remotes still and he will try and get hold of them whenever he sees them.  Overall I would definitely recommend the Tesco Chunky Remote as whilst it doesn't do a huge amount of different things it does keep them amused for a while and they will have fun pressing the buttons and listening to the different sounds and melodies.  


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        13.03.2013 16:55
        Very helpful



        Entertaining toy and good value for money

        I bought one of these remotes for my son when he was about 6 months old and had started crawling. Like most children he is fascinated with any kind of remote control and I bought this in the hope that he would stop trying to play with the real television remote.

        The Tesco store I was in had the remote in a pale blue or pale pink colour, it has a pretend digital screen at the top with a large number and multi coloured buttons on the actual remote. It's a good size for a baby not so big that they can't pick it up but not too small either.

        The remote has lots of coloured numbered buttons as well as arrow buttons at the top. The numbered buttons say the number when you press them and the arrow buttons play various nursery rhyme tunes and classical music. There is a also a red light at the very top of the toy that flashes when you press a button.

        Keeps my son entertained he loves pressing the buttons and hearing the sounds
        Its loud, I have other toys that you have to put to your ear to her any noise it makes
        Cheap as chips I paid £3.60

        The stick on paper number at the top of the remote has worn off, mainly due to my son using it as a teething device. The voice that speaks the numbers is a little bit annoying and has a strange accent.

        On the whole it's a good product that keeps my son entertained especially in the car, it hasn't stopped him going for the real television remote but it is one of his favourites.


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