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Chad Valley Basic Ride On

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4 Reviews

Brand: Chad Valley / Type: Ride-On Toy / Type: Ride on toys

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    4 Reviews
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      27.02.2013 23:37
      Very helpful



      Very poor unsafe design

      I purchased this item for my sons 1st birthday in April 2012. It was quite cheap so I wasn't expecting great things from it, I did however expect alot more than what I got.

      It came in the box with all the bits fo ryou to put together yourself. It was pretty simple to put together and only took about ten minutes. I could tell while I was putting it together that it felt quite flimsy and the plastic was thin and cheap.

      It comes with a steering wheel with a horn in the middle, a seat which flaps up so you can store very small toys and a long handle at the back which is a parent handle. There is a clock face at the front with movable hands and in front of the seat is a plastic removable telephone. (Promoting driving whilst using the phone?!)

      My son did love this ride-on when we gave it to him, but not so much after he repeatedly fell off it. It overbalances very easily, so if your child is sitting just a touch too far back they will easily make the ride-on tip backwards. Secondly we found that the back wheels kept falling off, they seemed to clip in to place fine but they still somehow kept coming off.

      This started living outside as we had it in the summer and so it was soon forgotten about, and it will be thrown away before my son finds it again. It is really not safe at all and he really did hurt himself a few times. I am quite suprised that a product like this is aimed at babies/toddlers due to its safety issues.

      I paid around £10 for this from argos, and I would definately not buy it again and it s not worth its money at all. I will often buy cheap things as we are on a budget, and most of the time I think you do get what you pay for in terms of quality but this is by far the worst toy I have ever bought.


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      31.05.2012 02:40
      Very helpful



      Not too good :(

      ~ Chad Valley Basic Ride On ~
      My little one was bought this for Christmas by my father and step-mum, I wasn't really sure why they had bought him a ride on at 4 months of age but anyway I put it away and got it out last week.

      It came packaged in a small white cardboard box which had a picture of the ride on stuck to the front. The box was surprising small so I expected that the toy would need some amount of assembly.

      My hubby opened the box and emptied the bits inside out, the steering wheel and front wheels needed to be attached as did the handle on the back, this was quite easy and my hubby done it in a matter of minutes.

      From even just getting it out of the box I was surprised to see how tatty it looked. I am amsuming that it was bought new and although the plastics look new the stickers are awful, they are all either not put on straight or peeling off, so these won't last long!

      My little one is 9 months old and he has just started pulling himself up onto his feet and he walks along the sofa, gripping on for dear life.... bless! So although we have the V-Tech walker and such items I thought I would get this down for him to have a bit f variety and for this to get some use. And I have to admit I am not impressed.

      The ride on is made of nice bright coloured plastic in blue, red and yellow but it just looks so small and flimsy. The back of the seat, the handle, is made from a red thin plastic and is bends slightly if my little one leans on it, the car as a whole just feels very cheap, which it is! It is available from Argos priced at £9.99 or in the 2 for £15 so effectively just costing £7.50.

      I am quite annoyed that they bought him this, I may sound ungrateful but I know for a fact that their neice and nephew had about £50 - £60 spent on them each (they are little ones too) and I spent a small fortune on gifts for them and in return they spent about £35 on all six of us! It just seems that no thought went into any of the gifts at all, my hubby got a poundland aftershave!

      Anyway back to the ride on.

      It looks okay, on the front is a little clock, the steering wheel has a cute little horn and that is basically it. For the price it is what I would expect and if you are on a tight budget this is fine but I would recommend you spend an extra £10 or so and get a ride on of a more decent quality.

      It says that it is up to 36 months, however I feel that is being a bit too generous as this ride on is tiny. My little one at 9 months can sit on the seat and reach the floor with his tiptoes so it really isn't high enough for a three year old.
      The actual seat unit bit is quite tight in space too and I don't see a three year old sitting in it comfortably.

      Thanks for reading :o) x

      (Also on Ciao.)


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      20.05.2012 21:46
      Very helpful



      A poor quality ride on car

      - Why We Bought -
      I liked the idea of buying my son a ride on car for his 1st birthday but after doing some research I discovered that most ride on cars cost upwards of £20. As we had already bought a few presents for him and he is always spoilt with gifts from other people, I decided to buy the Chad Valley Basic Ride On as it was on offer in Argos.

      - Assembling the Car -
      The car comes in several pieces that need to be assembled. There are some brief instructions on the side of the box. This isn't too challenging, however on my first attempt a piece of plastic snapped off one of the pieces, not my fault honest! At this point I was concerned about the cheap quality of the car but we decided to give it another go. So off we went to Argos to get a replacement. My husband wouldn't let me assemble this one and he quickly put it together in about five minutes. The car is a plastic foot to floor ride on aimed at one year olds and above. It consists of a turquoise chassis with a clock face at the front and a yellow seat which lifts up to reveal a tiny storage compartment. There is a red steering wheel with a squeaky yellow horn, a yellow telephone, a red back rest/handle and four red and yellow wheels. There are a few stickers on the car which my husband decided looked tacky so he immediately pealed them off. Overall I think this car looks cheap and flimsy. It looks like it can easily fall apart.

      - Playing with the Car -
      The first few times my son sat on this he looked very unsteady. If he sat too far back the car looked like it would tip him off. I certainly wouldn't describe the back as a back rest as it is very flimsy and if my son leant back on it I feel certain he would fall backwards. He seems to have got the hang of sitting a bit further forward now and is able to balance himself more easily. It is a reasonable size for my 12 month son and he does look comfortable sat on it and his hands nicely grip the steering wheel. His feet touch the floor but he hasn't yet learnt to push himself along so his feet drag a bit when we push him around. This is fine on our wooden floor if he is wearing socks as he will scoot around nicely but we have found it doesn't run so well on the grass. This is meant to be an outside toy so this is quite disappointing. In hind sight I would have bought a car with a big parent handle as my back really hurts from bending over when I push him around. The car is very light which means it is great for taking to the park etc but I think this makes it quite easy to tip over. My son loves it when we push him really fast on this but I hold onto the back of the car and the back of his trousers when I do this so he doesn't topple over. So far we have only had one tipping over incident when my son was sat on the car while it was stationary, he leant to the side just slightly and the car just tipped him off and the wheels unclipped from the chassis too. I always sit right by my son if he is playing with the car as I just don't think it is particularly safe. The phone seems a bit pointless as my son isn't interested in it. He loves the squeaky horn and finds it hilarious when we press it!

      - Age Range -
      This car is recommended from one year. This is fairly accurate as I don't think I would have felt comfortable giving it to my son before this point. I'm not sure how long we will be using this as I imagine it will be broken by the time he is two!

      - Price and Availability -
      We bought this in Argos where it usually retails for £9.99. We bought it on the two for £15 offer so effectively it cost us £7.50. This is obviously a good price for a ride on car but personally I wish we had spent a bit more and got a higher quality ride on.

      - Would I Recommend? -
      I wouldn't recommend this car because I think it is poor quality and because it is so flimsy it easily tips over. I think it is definitely worth spending a bit more to get a better quality ride on and I wish this is what we had done. Having said that we haven't wasted too much money and my son does like playing with it, as long as I closely supervise him I am happy for him to continue using it.


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      06.09.2011 09:15
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A poor quality basic ride on from Chad Valley

      My twin boys not only have a huge collection of toys at their own house, it now stretches to at grandparents houses also. Mr Lools' family do not live close by and so because we have to stay for a few days to visit we have bought some bigger toys. This includes a "cheap" ride on car as the boys have their own at home but we simply can't put this toy in the car with us. Because we didn't want to spend £20+ on a toy that would only get used every few weeks we opted for a "cheap" ride on and purchased the Chad Valley Basic Ride On.

      ***Chad Valley Ride On***
      The Chad Valley Basic Ride on is a foot to floor ride on plastic car for toddlers. The car can be sat on or pushed along by the handle. The car is made from light blue plastic with a bright yellow seat and steering wheel. The car has a detachable red handle and four yellow and red wheels. The car is 52cm long and the seat height is 17.5cm.

      The car is suitable for children aged from 1-3 years and has a maximum user weight of 20kg.

      The Chad Valley Basic Ride On is available from Argos and Amazon. We purchased this from Argos for £9.99. This is a lot cheaper than the majority of ride on toys, in fact the ride on's we purchased for our own home were £15 each

      ***Playing with It***
      The Chad Valley Basic Ride On states that it requires "minimal assembly". This is partially true. The body of the car is fully assembled; you need to put the wheels on the car, and the handle on the back of the car. The wheels simply press on until you hear them click. The handle slots in the back of the car and to remove requires pulling out with force (a child could not do this it requires an adult).

      Chad Valley state that with this toy "direct adult supervision required". I would recommend this with most ride on toys however due to the poor design and quality of this particular toy I would recommend this.

      As expected from the name this is a very basic ride on. There is a steering wheel a horn but no other buttons to press that make sounds or do anything entertaining, which most other ride on's are packed with.

      As soon as my boys starting playing on this ride on I was concerned at just how flimsy the plastic felt. The plastic seemed to creak, and as the wheels went around there were lots of squeaky noises The plastic handle on the back of the car is very thin and flimsy and if one child is playing on the ride on and the other child is pushing you can see the plastic handle bending. The wheels of the ride on also do not move easily on carpet or grass. They seem to stick and a child has to put a lot of effort into pushing themselves forwards. On three separate occasions the wheels have actually fallen off when my boys have been playing with the toy on grass, and have required to be pushed back into place.

      The solution to this would be to use on smoother floors however I do not like my boys using this toy on concrete as it tips backwards very easily. The ride on is so flimsy and light so when a child sits straight (i.e not bent forwards over the steering wheel) or slightly backwards the weight distribution is too much and the car falls backwards which could cause serious injury if on hard ground. Because the ride on has a handle which acts a seat backrest, children tend to lean back and sit against this which obviously flips the toy over and the child ends up on the floor. This is very disappointing from a toy which states on the box "anti-tip".

      My boys were 13 months old when they started playing with this toy and size wise the ride on is perfect. My boys were very small and probably the size of an average 8 month old baby at this age. At 19 months old they are still fitting onto this toy perfectly but even for them the seat of the car seems very low and their legs look slightly squashed. A relatives daughter who is an average sized 21 month old tried to play on this ride on at a family event but could not move forwards as her legs were so squashed. Therefore a child over 2 years old would struggle greatly fitting onto this toy.

      This would then suggest the Chad Valley Ride On is better for younger toddlers but I would say this is definitely not the case. Younger toddlers may be less squashed but because the ride on tips backwards I feel the toy is unsafe and a parent would have to constantly be holding this ride on which takes away the fun of the toy. I noticed at 13 months when the boys were first playing with this toy they would tip over constantly as they sat back and did not react as they felt the toy tipping. At 19 months they are able to counterbalance this sometimes and move forwards but I still do not feel confident them playing on this toy outside on harder surfaces.

      This toy was purchased 6 months ago and has been played with for a few days every month or so. For a child's toy I would consider this very light use but the condition of the Chad Valley Ride On is now very poor. The wheels have fallen off on 3 separate occasions now and the stickers on the front and sides of the car have almost peeled off entirely. You can easily wipe over the car if it gets dirty or sticky but I feel that using a damp cloth to clean encourages the stickers to peel off the toy.

      On first glance the Chad Valley Basic Ride On is not a bad purchase. It is a bright colourful little ride on car that costs under £10. However even for occasional use the toy I would not recommend purchasing this toy. It is a very small ride on so for children over the age of 18 months they would struggle to ride this comfortably. However for young children this ride on is quite unsafe as it tips backwards very easily therefore I would not put a 12 month old baby on this without keeping a hold of the toy constantly.

      I have found that the quality of Chad Valley toys is inconsistent. Some are acceptable but the large majority including this Ride On is very poor. After a matter of days of play with this Ride On the stickers on the toy are peeling off, the wheels have fallen off and the toy just feels very flimsy.

      For an extra £5 you can buy much better quality Ride On's that not only have more functions they move about better and do not tip over when your child is playing on it!


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