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Chad Valley Wooden Baby Trolley

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Manufacturer: Chad Valley / Age: 2 Years+

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    1 Review
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      18.07.2013 23:04
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      A set of bricks with storage

      Bricks have always been a huge hit in our house and for each of our children we have purchased a new set of bricks for their first birthday. When it came to our daughters first birthday we began searching for a set for her. I came across this toddle truck on Argos reduced to £10 from £15 and decided to buy it for her. You do need to part assemble the set but this only takes a few minutes. You need to screw the handle to the truck itself, but within a few minutes the toy was completely built and ready to go.

      With the set you receive the baby trolley and 28 bricks. Most of the bricks are plain wood, but a few have been painted different colours to make them more appealing. There are also the letters of the alphabet printed across the bricks in varying bright colours. The wooden blocks are the perfect size for small babies and perfectly smooth. My daughter absolutely loved this when she laid eyes on it and she began playing with the bricks straight away. It is something that can keep her entertained for a long time and is perfect for developing fine motor skills, and introducing colours and numbers.

      My older children also like playing with this. They love the bricks despite having each owned a set of their own. It is something I can put down in front of the whole family, and everyone wants to join in. While there are just 28 blocks in the set it is perfect for playing in groups working together, or for a child to use on their own. The simplicity of building something to knock it down and start over never gets boring. It really has provided hours of fun for my youngest daughter, but also for my older children too. You can play with the bricks, or the truck or load the bricks into the truck. While it is all very simple the three different activities help give the set further appeal. When she becomes bored with building bricks she loads them again, and then takes them all back off to start again.

      It is well made. Everything is maybe a little smaller than we had hoped, and as it had a one year plus recommendation we thought it would be perfect for my little girl. The bricks are a perfect size for little ones to hold. They are well made but are light enough they can be loaded and unloaded over again. I have to admit I was a little dubious when I first laid eyes on the truck. It looked small, fragile and as if it could tip over very easily. After giving it a road test it seemed surprisingly sturdy, and my daughter has certainly put it to the test. It has remained mostly upright as it does not tip backwards easily and is able to hold her weight well. Sometimes she catches her feet on the back of the truck, but that is because of the size and position of the handle.

      My only downside is the size of the handle and the positioning of it. The handle is so very low, especially as it is aimed at children as young as one. My little girl has only just turned one, and she is actually a little small for her age. We have found she really needs to really bend over and reach the handle. It is positioned a little way inside the trolley rather than right at the back, which puts it into a strange position. She sometimes loses her balance as she is bent so far forward and it does worry me when she has only just learned to walk. She has become used to where she needs to put her hands, and that she needs to hold her feet back a little, but really she should not have too. It would be so much better if the handle sat at the back, but then it would not have held her weight as stably as it does I suppose.

      I would recommend this toy but mainly for the bricks and easy storage that comes with them. We have found the handle height to be a little low, and this makes it a little difficult to use as a walker. My daughter still uses it to steady herself but the bricks are certainly the main attraction. It is currently on sale for £9.99 which I think is a fair price. It is durable but poorly designed. As you receive a decent set of bricks it is worth paying the extra for this set as even just for storage the walker comes in handy.


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