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Chicco DJ Mixer Guitar

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Brand: Chicco / Type: Baby Toy / Type: Musical Toy

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    1 Review
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      23.07.2012 13:39
      Very helpful



      A lovely electric guitar toy, if only my son was as keen as I am!

      - Why We Bought -
      We purchased the Chicco DJ Mixer Guitar as part of a mixed bundle of toys on Ebay. There were eight or so items in the bundle which I won for around £10.00 but it was this guitar that attracted me to the listing in the first place. I knew they sell for around £25 new so it was worth it for this toy alone.

      - The Guitar -
      This toy is a brightly coloured plastic guitar which can play various sounds and tunes. It is approximately 38cm in length so it is a decent size toy which is ideal for a child of around 12 months. The main body of the guitar is white and blue with quite a few of the detail in orange. This toy really does have a lot of different features and I'm still not 100% sure of what each button does but I will try to explain it. The main activity is on the neck of the guitar where there are five piano style keys each with a different colour and animal: yellow dog, red chick, blue cat, purple pig, green frog. These make sounds/music when pressed but it depends what setting you are on. So the first setting to decide on is selected by a red dial with three options: short tunes, pre-recorded songs and follow me. So if short tunes is selected are you press a piano key the keys will automatically play a tune that lasts about five seconds. Pre-recorded songs results in a long tune of about 30 seconds. In my opinion follow me is the most fun. The guitar will light up one of the keys and you have to press that key. If you have got it right a short tune will play with the animal on that key barking/chirping/ribbeting/ oinking/ meowing along. There is also a little green dial where you can select the musical style you want all of the above tunes from. The choice is rock, pop or blues. You can add to these tunes with the use of a big purple drum button, a grey leaver that makes a screeching electric guitar noise and orange balls that makes a little sound. Finally there is a big green button which when pressed produces a few short tunes. This sounds a little like when a musician is testing his guitar is in tune. Two AA batteries are required. A screw driver is needed to access the battery compartment on the back of the guitar. A brilliant feature of this guitar is the on/off/quiet model dial. I love a toy that has quiet mode! Overall the toy is cute, colourful, well made and definitely looks like it would appeal to little ones.

      - Being a DJ Mixer -
      My son had this guitar from around seven months but only really showed an interest once he was ten months old and he started to enjoy pressing the keys and rolling the orange ball. I have to say this is not one of his favourites but I'm not sure why. He will play with it but seems to lose interest quite quickly and prefers other toys. I would have thought there would be enough to hold his attention as it is colourful, noisy and has lots of buttons. I think it is great but I'm not sure he would agree! I think it has a few educational aspects as it helps improve motor skills, sensory development, musical skills and creativity. It could also be used to teach colours and animals. I think the follow me game is great and at 14 months my son can manage to press the correct key most of the time. The guitar could be used for pretend play with older children. I think it has a great amount of features and seems really fun to me, it's just a shame my son only thinks it's ok.

      - Age Range -
      The age recommendation for this toy is 12 months plus which I think is accurate as my son showed very little interest before he was nearing this age. I think it has the potential to be used for a couple of years, if your child enjoys it of course!

      - Price and Availability -
      This guitar is available from Amazon, Tesco and House of Fraser where it is priced between £20-25. I have also spotted it in TK Maxx on a few occasions where I think it was slightly cheaper. I would say it is probably worth spending a maximum of £20 as there are many similar toys priced between £15-20. I'm glad I paid very little for our second hand one.

      - Would I Recommend? -
      It is hard to say whether I would recommend this as I think it is great but my son is less enthusiastic. I do think it is well made and the wide range of features is great but it is quite expensive. At the end of the day what my son thinks is the most important thing to me.


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