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Chicco DJ Piano

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Brand: Chicco / Age: 12 months / Type: Musical Toy

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    2 Reviews
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      25.06.2012 03:49
      Very helpful
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      A cool piano from Chicco.

      ~ Chicco DJ Piano ~

      Initially this was bought for my now 5yr old when he was a baby yet it has come in handy once again for his little brother.
      I like it when a toy lasts, it's a sign of great quality and this is definately one of those toys!
      I think we paid in the region of around £30 for this and it was money well spent in my eyes.

      It's a nice bulky toy but this does mean it is quite heavy. The dimensions of the piano are 40.7 x 19.5 x 25 cm.
      As the piano is more suited to being played with on a solid surface, such as the table or floor the weight and size doesn't posses much of a problem.

      The piano is nice and bright to look at and is quite an attractive toy. On the top you will see a bright red carry handle and whilst it is quite slim I can just about fit my hand into it and my 5yr old is able to carry it around with no problems at all.
      The main body of top of the piano is white with the underneath being blue. It is under here you will find the battery compartment. It takes 3AA batteries and the compartment is accessed by unscrewing a small screw, the covering them comes off with ease.

      So back to the piano and the playability. There are various buttons on the top of the piano as well as a roller ball, a turning wheel and a lever stick. You will also see the power knob there is the off position and two different volumes. On the opposite side to this is another red knob this has three different functions - free-style keyboard, 8 pre-recorded melodies and follow-me.
      Inbetween these two knobs is where you will find the microphone, this has an on/off switch of it's own.

      Each of the four corners of the piano have an activity function of their own as mentioned above.
      The top left hand corner has a roller ball which is coloured in a nice bright lime green. When spun it lights up the keyboard in various places whilst also making sounds. The top right hand corner has a turning wheel with a little knob attached for little hands to grip onto, when turned this also lights up the keyboard and offers little sounds.
      The bottom left hand side features an orange coloured drum pad (button) when tapped this makes drum sounds and again lights up the keys.
      The bottom right hand side has a lever which has four separate functions of it's own. These are up for clapping (round of applause) to the right for a trumpet sound, down for a whirring sound and left for a boing sound, all four features make activate the lights in the keyboard.

      Above the keyboard are six more little buttons, all yellow in colour with the instrument sound they perform printed onto them in blue and white. There's a piano, a bell, xylophone, guitar, flute and trumpet. Pressing any of these buttons will make the keyboard sound like what ever button is pressed, the piano will make the keyboard sound like a piano, the bell will make the keyboard sound like a bell and so on.

      The key's of the keyboard are coloured in lovely attractive bright colours, yellow, red, orange, green, blue, pink, purple and yellow. They all feature their own little cute character - a dog, a cat, a monkey, a frog, a duck, a pig, a cow and a chick.
      Each key is made from a clear coloured plastic which allows the orangey/yellow light to shine through.

      In Freestyle mode the keys simply follow a scale of notes and can be pressed in any which way you please.

      The next mode is the 8 pre-recorded melodies. When each key is pressed a new melody is performed. Some are just random melodies yet there are a few melodies there that I am familiar with such as row, row, row your boat.
      Whilst the melodies are playing, pressing the keys will activate an animal sound, with the sound being whatever animal is on the corrosponding key.

      The next mode is follow me. Turning the knob to this last feature makes the keyboard lightup prompting you to press the flashing key, a song is played out and again the animal sounds will also activate and bark/meow/croak through the melody with you.

      The microphone is a lovely little feature which can be turned off if your child so wishes, however my 5yr old loves to sing into the microphone and really thinks he's in a band! Your voice does come out of a speaker but you do have to be quite close to the microphone in order for it to work properly.

      The piano is aimed at babies 12 months + yet my son is now 10 months old and he plays with it just fine. There are no dangerous bits that could pose a choking hazzard so I have no problems in letting him play with it.
      When we originally bought it, my son was 8 months old and he used it from then.

      My little one is captivated by the flashing lights and the jolly little melodies, he jiggles on his bum and bashes away to make it come back on!

      My 5yr old also like to use it still and shows his little brother what to do and likes to teach him how to use it.

      In the years we have owned this toy it has had a lot of use and it shows no signs of wear at all, the hard plastic makes it easy to keep clean and the bright colours are still nice and bright.
      It's nice and sturdy, has no loose bits and was well worth the money.
      I can see this being one of the toys that will still be going strong in years to come even after plenty of use.
      It's quite good on batteries, they last well and I think in the years that we have had this they have only been changed three times!

      After having a quick look on Amazon I have seen it available for £22.95 with a p&p of £4.92.

      This is a toy I would highly recommend, it is noisy but the volume can be turned down to a less annoying lower level.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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        18.05.2012 19:34
        Very helpful



        A grteat piano my daughter loves

        My Mam who always thinks it is great to buy noisy toys bought my daughter this piano for her first birthday.


        My Mam bought this piano from Toys R Us and it is a toy that I haven't seem being sold anywhere else, the RRP of the toy is £29.99 and I have looked it up on trusted Amazon and of course they sell it since they sell just about everything and it currently sells on there for just over £28 with free delivery.


        The piano came in a bright green open fronted box displaying the Chicco logo since that is the company which make the toy, the box had a bright red arrow on it stating try me and the toy is totally open to allow you tyo have a play with it before you buy it which I think is a good idea although I would probably have been a little embarrassed playing with this in a shop since it is pretty noisy. The piano was secured into the box with the usual plastic covered wires which just needed unwrapping to release the toy so it was easy to get out of the packaging. The box states that this toy is aimed at children aged 12 months and up, my daughter at 12 months loved this toy and she still loves it at 20 months, my elder daughter who is nearly 5 likes playing with this toy too so it amuses a great age range.

        The Piano

        The piano is quite a large toy measuring 15 x 9 inches, the main part of the piano is white in colour and on the top it has a bright red handle. I don't find the handle very good really as there is only a small space to get your hand in so it is not really suitable for an adult to use the handle but then the toy is too heavy for a small child to carry and my 4 year old struggles getting her hand in at the correct angle to use it.

        The piano has lots of buttons which I will go into but the basic layout is that it has a large button of some variety in each corner and then it has a large grey microphone on the top of the piano, there are two bright red twisting knobs either side of the microphone to turn on and off and select different settings. There are 6 bright yellow buttons each displaying a picture of an instrument and in the shape of the said instrument and finally there are 8 brightly coloured keyboard keys. The keyboard is very brightly coloured and this of course encourages your child to play and it has many different options and is a really great yet noisy toy.

        The Bright Red Knobs

        Like I said above there are two bright red knobs, one of them is to turn the piano on and it provides two different volume settings which to me is a really good option to have on a childs toy, the other know has got three pictures of three different musical notes. The second know is used to select how the keyboard plays, the note on it's own is for the keyboard to play as a normal keyboard and sound the note for the key your child presses on, the double note plays songs to your child and the keys light up as they play so that your child is able to follow the song. The last picture is a note drawn with little lines to show it is supposed to be making a noise and this one will flash a note at your child and then when they press it it sounds an animal noise and then flashes another note so that your child can follow it. The knobs are quite stiff to begin with but as time has passed and the toy has been played with they have loosened and now my daughter is able to turn the toy on by herself which is great for me as when my daughter is unable to turn things on she has a bit of a temper on her and she likes to throw things at me.

        The Larger Buttons

        There are four large buttons of some description and they are coloured orange and green so are nice and bright, one of the buttons is shaped like an only joypad with the controller sticking out from the toy and there are four different little pictures around it and when you push the stick to each of the pictures the piano makes a noise, there is a spring, a spinning top, a round of applause and a fourth sound but I have no idea what the picture is supposed to be. My daughter likes holding onto the stick and whizzing it around in a circle sot hat the piano plays the sounds over and over and all merged into one and this becomes very noisy.

        Another of the buttons is a bright green wheel with a little knob on it for your child to spin around, when spun the piano makes a sort of squeaky barking noise. The wheel is textured with loads of little circles of all different sizes and when the wheel turns the keys on the keyboards all light up. My daughter doesn't like this one very much as I think she struggles to get the coordination to get it to go around in a circle as she either tries to pull it up or down which doesn't always work depending on how it is positioned. On the opposite side there is a bright green rollerball which only goes one way which is up and down and as that seems to be the way that Emily likes to do things she can use this one easily and likes this function, the piano makes a noise and all the keys light up again with this ball.

        The final large button is bright orange and has a picture of a drum on it, the button is curved in the middle and when your child presses it the keys light up and you get the sound of a drum which I would say is what you would expect however the noise of the drum is very quiet even when the volume is turned up so the children are not impressed with this one and neither am I although it of course may just be a fault with this piano as none of the other buttons are quiet.

        The Instrument Keys

        There are 6 small yellow keys each with a picture of of either a trumpet, a recorder, a guitar, a mouth organ , a bell and a keyboard. The pictures are all printed on the yellow in blue and white and personally I think there are some pretty strange instruments that are not really the run of the mill sounds you usually have on a childs toy. Each of the keys plays a little tune of only about 5 notes but it is made to sound like each of the instruments is playing the notes. I like the variation of the sounds and it just shows how different the same notes can sound and my daughter likes to play with these buttons too although she presses then all in quick succession and makes it into more of a racket.

        The Keyboard

        The keyboard is made up of 8 notes all brightly coloured, there is yellow, red, orange, green, blue, pink, purple and a second yellow at the opposite end. There are 8 keys which means there is a full octave for playing tunes with and you can play little tunes on it such as Merrily We Roll Along. Each of the keys is coloured yet see through and there are lights inside so when they are pressed they light up and each one has a picture on it of an animal which are a dog, cat, monkey, frog, chick, pig, cow and duck. The pictures of the animals are quite funny as they are all dressed up, the monkey looks like a cool due striking a pose with his fingers and wearing a cap and the cat is wrapped in feather boas. When you have the keyboard set to the following games the noise from the keys is the animals sound rather than the note sound. My daughter likes playing with the keyboard which didn't surprise me she has always liked toys that light up and make noise.

        The Microphone

        The microphone stands out from the keyboard and has it's own bright red sliding switch on the back of it, for some reason neither of my children seem to be able to remember that the switch is there and then get annoyed when it won't work. The microphone is actually a fully working piece and so amplifies my daughters voices, as Emily doesn't really talk yet that provides a lot of noise and she likes to shriek down it so I do leave it turned off as much as possible.

        Emilys Opinion

        Emily loves this toy, she enjoys music and likes to dance around and she loves coloured lights so there was no way she wouldn't have loved this toy which is good as I think £29.99 would be a little too much to pay for a toy if you weren't sure it would get played with. Emily also finds it funny to set the tunes off and then spin round and round in circles to it giggling at herself and then even finds it funny when she falls on her bum. Emily plays with this toy most days and unfortunately not only can she turn it on but she can turn it up too so sometimes I do hide it when I want to watch something. Emily is a little too young to play the follow games on the keyboard but if I point to the note and tell her to play it she will so she is learning how it works. I know Emily would recommend this toy.

        Sophies Opinion

        Sophie loves the microphone on this toy and even though she can speak and sing she copies her sister in that she just makes noise into the microphone which can get annoying. She likes the follow me game and she has started trying to remember some of the notes to the songs it plays and thinks she is really clever when she manages to play a bit of the tune herself. She finds it amazing that I can play a full tune on the keyboard but I did play the real keyboard when I was younger. Sophie still gets a lot out of this toy so I think from that aspect it is really great value as the play of this toy in my house is spanning 4 years and she still isn't getting bored of it either.

        My Opinion

        This toy is great value and gets a lot of play in my house so there is a reason to not be happy with the toy, the toy comes with 3 x AA batteries which it needs to function and we haven't had to replace them yet since last September, when they do need replacing they are hidden under a panel on the underneath secured by a screw so a screwdriver will be required. The toy turns itself off after a couple of minutes of not being played with which is great as I hate toys that end up sitting playing to themselves although when your child then goes back to it there are only certain buttons such as the instrument buttons that bring it back to life either that or turn it off and then back on again. I like that my daughter can play with the toy independently and it is a bit too heavy for her to fling it as she does with many of her toys when she gets annoyed with them and of course the two volume options is great. I rate this toy 5 stars as apart from a little design flaw with the handle there are no bad points.


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