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Discover 'n Grow Lion Ring Rattle

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Brand: Fisher Price / Type: Baby Toy / Type: Baby Rattles

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    1 Review
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      09.07.2012 16:17
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      A nice little rattle that Jayden would recommend

      With Jayden being nearly 3 months old I decided it was time to start buying him a few toys, during a recent shopping trip I spotted the Fisher Price Discover and Grow Lion Ring Rattle, it was brightly coloured, cute and ideal for a young baby. It was reasonably priced and will be ideal for him as he grows and learns.

      The Fisher Price Lion Ring Rattle didn't come with a huge amount of packaging, the top half of it is attached the a rectangle card with the bottom half having no packaging around it at all. The card is white with a red strip top and bottom and the name Fisher Price written inside a red rectangle and "Lion Ring Rattle" written just below in blue. In the other 3 corners of the card are three circles, one says "Easy to Grasp", the other "Clickety Clack" and in the other it states what age group this product is suitable for. There is a small amount of information on the back of the packaging but this literally consists of how to care for the product, the only other information on the back of the packaging is contact details should there be any problems with the rattle. The rattle is attached to the card with clear plastic moulded around half of the rattle.

      The Lion Ring Rattle
      The Fisher Price Lion Ring Rattle is made from chunky plastic, it basically consists of two plastic rings with a lion in between the two of them. One of the rings is textured plastic and is black and white stripy, this then has two small ring on it one is a blue ring with bobbles on it and the other is a slightly thicker ring and is purple, these can be slid up and down the black and white ring and make a noise as they go over the bumps on this. The second ring is yellow on the back of it and the front is clear, inside the ring is silver and has a series of small coloured beads inside it, these rattle and slide around the ring and can be seen through the clear top, they also reflect on the silver mirrored background. The two main rings are joined together by a yellow plastic rectangle with Fisher Price engraved on it. The plastic that joins the two main rings together cannot be seen from the front as it is covered by a plastic lion, the lion has a small body and a large head giving him a cartoon character look, he has a red and yellow main with pink bits in his ears, pink cheeks and a purple splodge on his tummy, he has a smiley friendly face making him appealing to children. The lion doesn't actually do anything other than spin around but it does make the rattle a bit more interesting.

      The two smaller rings on the black and white ring have to be slid to one end in order to spin the lion around which gives young children something to think about and work out as they play with it. The Lion Ring Rattle is very well made, there are no real small parts to it other than the small beads inside the rattle, however these are secure inside the main ring and cannot be released. The packaging states that this rattle is suitable for 3 to 18 month old children, Jayden is almost 3 months and whilst he does pay attention to the rattle when I shake it and will focus on it he is a little bit young to play with it on his own, however slightly older babies would be able to play with this unaided.
      The rattle is bright and colourful which will grasp a babies attention and the coloured beads in one of the rings makes it noisy, again to capture your babies attention when it is rattled. The rattle is described as being easy to grasp with the chunky plastic shapes and the two main rings being quite large so easy for little hands to fit around.

      Care Instructions
      There are some care instructions on the back of the packaging, this basically consists of washing the rattle before the first use and then washing it after every use with warm soapy water, rinsing it and then drying. As the whole thing is made from plastic washing it is not a problem and does not affect the rattles appearance or performance.

      Price and Availability
      The Fisher Price Lion Ring Rattle was an item that I saw when doing a bit of shopping in a large Tesco store (one of the stores that sells everything) Fisher Price toys are available in a variety of toy shops and shops such as Argos, however I have only seen this particular item available in Tesco. It was very reasonably priced and was being sold for £4.94, however it is currently on offer for £3.71. Personally I felt this was good value for money as it is very well made so will not fall apart after a few months and it is something that is suitable for him to play with for quite a while.

      My Opinion
      I have been very pleased with the Fisher Price Lion Ring Rattle, it is ideal for babies as young as 3 months old, is is cute and colourful and perfect for getting Jayden's attention, the chunky plastic and large rings makes it perfect for small hands to hold and play with. The rattle is not too noisy but just enough to keep your baby amused. The lion character in the centre makes it cute and friendly looking. Caring for the rattle is very easy and it is strong and hardwearing, ideal for the rough play it is likely to go through with a baby. Although Jayden is only 3 months he enjoys looking at the bright contrasting colours of the rattle and listening to the noise it makes. The rattle was reasonably priced and well worth the money for such a good quality toy. I would definitely recommend this product and would consider purchasing similar Fisher Price items in the future.


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