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Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Bath Toys

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Brand: Disney / Type: Bathtime Fun

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    2 Reviews
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      18.07.2015 22:08
      Very helpful



      Brilliant set for Mickey fans

      My daughters absolutely love this set, it's categorised as a bath toy on the Disney Store website but actually we've never used them in the bath.

      The figures come in a round zipped bag, which is great for keeping them in. We kept the plastic insert it originally came with for a while, as they had indentations for each character, so we'd make a game of finding the right feet holes for each one, but it didn't last long as it started to rip, so that got thrown away. The zip bag is very durable though so that keeps them tidy when it's time to put them away, and has a carry handle. The bottom of the bag is a mesh material to if you do use them in the bath, any remaining water can drain out of the bottom of the bag. I'm not quite sure why they are labelled as bath toys - they are hard plastic and very difficult to squeeze, unlike most rubber duck type toys you usually associate with bath time. My daughters love playing with these as normal toys.

      Each figure is a great size for toddlers to hold, about 6 inches or so. A lot bigger than a lot of other figures aimed at young children, such as Happyland. All except the Minnie Mouse stand up on their own - Minnie is leaning quite a lot in her pose, so falls over quite easily.

      Disney Store products are always great quality and true likenesses of the characters, unlike a lot of licenced products sold at other shops.

      This set was £12 although I got it on sale for £9.50 and although that still seems a tad expensive for 6 figures, they are a good size, and as a set with the bag, they are worth it.


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      30.01.2014 19:22
      Very helpful



      fab bath toy

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Introduction ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      My 2 year old has 4 loves in his life, his ninny (dummy), his blanket, Disney cars and mickey mouse, for Christmas he got a variety of things so when it came to family asking what to get him i had no idea, sadly i dont live near a Disney Store or any real toy stops (or id probably be broke) so i normally suggest a few things from Argos/Amazon for them to pick, this year i was stumped so my sister went off to Reading to visit the Disney Store to see if she could find something that was either Mickey Mouse or cars that i hadn't already purchased. If you have read my other review on Mickey Mouse bath toys you will know they are a godsend in this house, sadly just before Christmas Oscar lost the top of his finger by shutting it in a door, his hand was bandaged for weeks meaning bath times became a nightmare, my sister knew i had already brought Oscar a Mickey Mouse bath time tub playset but it only came with 1 figure so when she saw this in the Disney Store she brought it as she thought it would add to the other playset and also make bath times slightly easier.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ The Set ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      The set is based on the Mickey Mouse characters from the clubhouse, it is a pack of bath toys that come in a lovely little storage bag so the toys can be stored away when not in use. The set is recommended from ages 6 months. The set contains 6 characters that include:

      *Mickey Mouse
      *Minnie Mouse

      All of the figures are pretty solid, with only a slight squashiness to them so that they are not rock hard, the poses are set so they don't have any movability at all, the material is strong plastic but as said above, it isnt that hard plastic, they feel very strong and solid but with no rough/sharp edges. The characters are approximately 5 inches in height so are great for little hands. All of the figures are dressed exactly the same as they appear In the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse TV programme so Oscar thinks they are the real ones. The storage bag is clear with red edging, its secured with a zip that goes all the way around the top, towards the top and the bottom of the storage bag is little pictures of the characters. When you open the bag you will see a little plastic stand with indents for each characters feet so that you can stand the characters up instead of lying them down.

      Mickey Mouse has his usual red shorts on with his head tilting to the side giving off a cheeky grin.

      Minnie Mouse in her pretty pink polka dot dress and matching bow with her arms behind her back.

      Donald looks very happy with his blue sailors outfit on and massive smile.

      Daisy has a pretty bow to match her shoes and is posing with her hand on her cheek .

      Goofy looks very confused with 1 hand on his knee and the other hand on his head.

      Pluto is just happy with his bone in his mouth.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Playtime ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      While this are advertised as bath toys they really can be played with anywhere at any time. Oscar opened the gift at my mums house on Christmas day and straight away wanted the figures out of the storage bag, everything else was pushed to the side so that he could line these up on the floor, he had them stood in the couples (i.e mickey/minnie, donald/daisy, pluto/goofy) so that they could have a conversation with each other. Come boxing day when it was bath time he grabbed the bag straight away and stood the figures on the side of the bath, he then pushed them all in and laughed, for the 1st time since the finger incident Oscar got into the bath with no problems, we still had to keep his hand dry which was slightly difficult because he just wanted to play with his toys. The toys obviously dont stand up in the bath but they do float!

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ What Did Oscar Think? ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      Oscar adored this set from the minute he unwrapped it, anything to do with Mickey Mouse is a massive hit in our house and he hasn't stopped playing with it...in and out of the bath! The set is very easy to play with and because the set contains all of the main characters there is plenty of play to be had. Oscar has played with the set in the bath by letting them float around with him and making up little stories such as them standing on the side of the bath and getting pushed in or making them all 'talk' to each other, even tho there was no added accessories or play-sets to go with this he never runs out of things to do with them. He also has the Mickey Mouse Bathtime Tub adventure playset and while these characters dont fit within that playset he still has all his Mickey bath toys out together. Oscar also plays with them outside of the bath, he currently has 6 Mickey Mouse playsets and while these figures are too big to fit inside the play sets he can still add them to the play, they are quite chunky so he can hold them easily, they are also surprisingly light when compared to his little figures that are rock hard that come with the playset, Oscar having these has also saved the other figures from paint wear in the bath as the other figures he has are not designed for the bath. Unlike some cheaper sets these figures actually stand up.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ My Thoughts ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      I was very impressed with this playset, having 2 boys we have owned quite a few bath playsets and most seem to lose their appeal pretty quickly, we have even owned bath toys that squirt water but after seeing water squirt a few times you kind of get the jist of it and my boys get bored, this set containing 6 well loved and well known characters has provided hours and hours of fun with my boys, even my nearly 5 year old.

      As soon as you look at the set it looks very cute (im 24 and even i saw 'awwww') so that immediately drags you in, Oscar recognised the characters right away and while he cannot talk except a few basic words he shouted 'mi-eee' which is what he calls both minnie and mickey. Turning 2 in November his hands are still quite chunky so he sometimes has difficulty grabbing things, he also has the Mickey Mouse playsets with the characters and most of those playsets are 3+ with only 2 of them being 2 + but all of the figures are the same size, which he can hold but does struggle if doing something in particular, with these because of the size he held them with no problems at all.

      What you see is what you get, 6 figures, so i was worried it would be another one of those toys that gets played with for 5 minutes then pushed to the side in favour of something else, i was wrong, and i think thats massively helped by the fact that you can play with the figures outside of the bath. As said above, we also own the bath mickey playset but that really needs water to make certain things turn so is simply designed for bath use only, because this is just figures it can be added to sets or played with alone, there really is lots of play value, weve had bath time with them, playing with the figures alone as well as adding them to other mickey playsets.

      My boys love figures, Oscar also owns a toy story talking woody and he occidentally caught me on the nose with woodys nose and of my goodness the pain, it made my eyes water, so im pretty weary with figures now as ive found them to be pretty hard with some not so soft edges (woodys sharp pointy nose being one of them!) but while these are made from strong plastic there are no sharp or rough bits for your little one to hurt them self on. The feel is pretty solid and when you squeeze them they are not very squashy, my 2 year old cannot squeeze them so to Oscar they would feel very solid, but there are also no loose or movable parts that can break off so id have no problem at all with someone younger than Oscar using them, they are more than durable.

      We used to own the Disney Cars set which was from the same range but they were a massive let down when compared to this set, with the cars set water would get into the inside of the cars and because they were un-squeezable the water would stay n there meaning they could only be used for bath times, this set there are no holes at the bottom so water cannot get in.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ My Thoughts ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      I am overjoyed with this set....and it isn't even mine! Both Harvey and Oscar have had hours of fun, using them in the bath and out of the bath, i was surprised at how much the toys can be used, and id definitely buy them for another little person. They are well built, durable and lots of play value.

      They have been in and out of the bath most days since Christmas, Oscar has severe Eczema so we have been advised to try and cut back on his bath times but that hasn't stopped Harvey using them in the bath or Oscar using them during his normal play. Even with all the bath play they are still very vibrant and colourful with no colour wear.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Price And Availability ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      The set is exclusive to the Disney Store at a price of £12.50, other sets can also be purchased such as: Disney Cars, Disney Princess, Jake and the neverland Pirates and Monsters INC. The monsters inc set only has 5 characters so can be purchased even cheaper than the £12.50. They are currently reduced down to £10.


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