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Wilko Play Drop and Spin Slide

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2 Reviews

Brand: Wilkinson / Type: Baby Toy

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    2 Reviews
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      13.07.2012 22:03
      Very helpful
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      A relatively cheap, fun toy that provides plenty of play from about 12 months

      The Drop and Spin Slide from Wilko is a relatively cheap toy at £5.99. My husband bought it for our baby because it reminded him in essence of a game called Marble Madness that he used to really like. Basically this is a game where you drop a ball on the top of the slide and watch it roll around each level until it plops down to the level beneath and wends its way down to the bottom where it rolls out onto the floor. You get three balls in the set.

      * Packaging and assembly
      The slide comes in pieces in a cardboard box with no fiddly extra packaging within other than plastic bags around the pieces. Some minimal assembly is required: there are five different coloured levels to the slide which have to be slotted together. Instructions for this are on the box: "Position holes in different places so the ball travels around the slide before falling through the holes." The instructions also refer you to the picture of the toy on the box so it is very clear what they mean. Assembly is very easy and once done the slide holds together well and can be moved around as a single entity. We keep ours on a shelf in one piece so we do not constantly have to slot it all back together.

      * What age is it aimed at and why?
      The drop and spin slide is aimed at children 12+ months and claims to stimulate senses- as most toys do in some way- and co-ordination. The senses they speak of here presumably being sight, touch and hearing: the levels of the slide are respectively blue, green, red, orange and yellow. As the ball rolls eye-tracking will be given practice. The balls are filled with beads and rattle as they roll so there is an auditory element, and the co-ordination is of course developed by the baby being able to put the ball on the slide.

      * Does my baby enjoy this toy?
      Yes she does, most definitely. She is 13 months/ 10 months and really enjoys it when she manages to put a ball on the slide. She has recently grasped that you have to let go of the ball when you do this.. She quite often pulls the slide towards her as if to see where the ball has gone when it initially disappears from view and of course this means the marble does not complete its run. When one does manage to complete the journey she is delighted to see it emerge from the bottom at her feet and picks it up to put straight to mouth, bash against something or place back on top of the slide.

      * Is it worth the price?
      As always I think it is a little steep for what it is though I do think the manufacturers have made an effort with the balls. They are a good weight and made of transparent plastic. They are filled with beads that drop from one side to the other at varying speeds as they negotiate the maze that has been inserted inside the ball. So they are quite interesting in themselves for a young baby to examine.

      * Best features
      The interesting balls. The overall chunkiness and simplicity. Since our baby is tiny we have taken off the top level so that she can reach the top more easily, and it does not stop the toy working, so- adaptable for differently sized babies!

      Overall, a fun toy that will help coordination.


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        16.02.2012 10:03
        Very helpful



        Needs supervising closely when we play with this.

        This is a review of the Wilko Play! Drop and Spin Slide, suitable for 12+ month children. Wilko is short for Wilkinson's who sell virtually everything from home, garden and I didn't realise until now, children's toys!

        What is it?
        The drop and spin slide is like a giant marble run. You get three balls and they roll around each level and drop through the holes and you repeat to infinity. It reminds me of a helter skelter a bit and is easy to play with.

        This toy comes in a surprisingly large box for the size of the toy but the moulded plastic pieces are all the same size so don't slot together at all. The box suggests this toy will 'stimulate senses' and develop coordination.

        The toy comes with five levels that click together. The picture shows the holes under each other but it's better to swizzle them around a bit so you get maximum rolling time before you have to run after a wayward ball. It is really easy to fit together and we tend to pack ours away when not in use as the levels tend to separate and I found one wrapped around my foot when I wasn't looking where I was going.

        You can buy this toy from Wilko's for £5.99. We were bought ours as a gift for Daughter's first birthday.

        Value for money
        This does attract my daughter's attention and she immediately began playing with it properly (when she wasn't trying to fit the ball in her mouth). I would class this as a value toy as it doesn't really do much and we quickly bore when playing with it.

        My thoughts
        The balls in the toy are around the ping pong ball size and resemble cats toys with little noisy bits inside so they rattle. They are clear in colour and since playing with this toy we discovered our one year old daughter can fit the toy in her mouth perfectly so it's a 100% supervision game.

        I think this is an OK present if you are struggling for a little gift for a one year old that is not clothing. They are quite difficult to buy for as everything seems to be for +36 months due to small parts. It kept my daughter entertained for around five minutes but I must admit it's not one of our favourite toys.

        Final word
        This toy is bright and colourful and sturdy. You are scuppered if you lose the balls though so you need to keep an eye on them when they roll. Unless you have a cat who has those cat toys they get in stockings that they don't play with anyway... you really have to be careful with your child with this toy as the balls seem to be mouth sized (unless my daughter's got a particularly big mouth). It's better to play on carpet so the balls don't roll away so much, this toy would be a nightmare on a wood floor!


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