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Early Learning Centre Bounce Back Tiger

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Brand: ELC / Type: Baby Toy / Type: Learning Toy

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    1 Review
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      14.02.2012 12:18
      Very helpful



      Bounce back tiger

      We got this toy for our little boy for Christmas to be a novelty toy that is just fun, no learning potential about it like a puzzle or a game, just a silly, fun, laugh out loud toy.

      Bounce back Tiger is basically a blow up toy plastic tiger that stands up at about 2 ft high. He has a rounded bottom part to him so the fun part of him is that if you push him and try to actually push him over, he will bounce back at you. As an adult I've tried really hard to push him over but he just doesn't, he has such a wide centre of gravity that he will just bend quite far back and then come and stand straight back up again. This is the absolute funniest thing in the world to my little girl, she loves it when she pushes him and he bumps back into her, she just laughs and think its the funniest thing. This toy is for babies 6 months plus so my three month old isn't playing with it yet but my two year old loves it. The reason though that it is for babies 6 months plus is that it is said to encourage your baby to stand up and move. I can see how this would work and I think in a few months my little boy will love it as Tiger is quite an imposing figure and one that he does like to look at when his sister is playing with it so I can see how it would encourage him to stand up and want to try and push Tiger over. 

      Tiger is light enough though that if your little one pushes him and he comes back to hit them he is not heavy enough to push them over which is great. He's really only full of air and a bit of plastic so he is incredibly light. When you first purchase Tiger he comes deflated in a cardboard box but he's really easy to blow up. There is a little valve on his bottom, just above his tail that you use to blow him up, only takes a few minutes a bit of puff and then you can stick the valve into the toy so that it is flush against the toy and will not be susceptible to little hands playing with it. The valve is like the valves that you get on blow up pool toys such as arm bands or swimming pool toys and does look like a swimming pool toy although this toy is not recommended for water. 

      Tiger has a really big friendly face and a big smile on it. His arms are outstretched as if he is looking for a hug and I think this makes him look really inviting and fun. He has a big round belly and is orange and yellow with blue tiger markings on him and red ears with a red nose. As well as being light to push Tiger is also light to pick up as well. We keep him in the side of the room but find it really easy to put him in the middle of the room when the kids want to play with him. Also my little girl finds it easy to pick him up and move him too and we often find him following her around the house as she goes although she is also nearly the same height as him so its really funny to see her lift him.

      Even though Tiger is light and easy to move he is still quite durable and made of a good quality plastic that will not puncture or rip when little hands are playing with it which is good. 

      The Tiger costs £10 and is available from the Early Learning Centre and is a lot of bounce back fun. 


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