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East Coast Nursery Tiny Love Activity Ball

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Brand: East Coast Nursery / Age: / Type: Activity Toys

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    1 Review
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      02.12.2008 22:45
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      I purchased the Tinylove Activity Ball as a first birthday gift for my little boy and it has certainly been a big hit. I bought this item from Amazon (via East Coast Nursery) at £15.44, although the price has now been increased to £17.61. East Coast Nursery also despatch a Thomas the Tank Engine book with this item, although I have stored this away as it is a paperback and not entirely suitable for a child of my son's age.

      The Tinylove Activity Ball is rather reminiscent of the Popple popular in the 1980's. This is what initially attracted me to the toy as I was a big fan of Popples as a child.

      Although called an activity ball, this toy is in essence and alien soft toy. It's blue shell or body is spherical in shape and has stitched markings similar to that of a football. Partly submerged in the body is the head of the alien. The head has two brightly coloured antennae, the very tops of which make a crinkling sound when pressed. The face is green with two bulging eyes and a smiling mouth. When the head is pulled upward, the long neck stretches out making a mechanical clicking sounds as it stretched. The neck is made from pieces of brightly coloured fabric arranged in a concertina fashion. When the head is then released it vibrates as it moves back into the body and a rattling sound can be heard, presumably from beads situated in the head area.

      The Tinylove Activity Ball, or alien, has two arms. The right arm is made from striped fabric and just like the tops of the antennae has a crinkle effect. The hand on the right arm contains a magnet hidden inside. This magnet makes the hand attach to a lady bird situated beneath it on the body of the alien. The ladybird has two protruding string antennae. The left arm is made from polka dot fabric and again has a crinkle effect. The arm on the left side is attached to the body all the way along with this time only the hand protruding. The left hand holds a loop of plastic with four plastic cogs threaded onto it. Each plastic cog is slightly different in shape and has a textured surface.

      On the stomach of the activity ball is a butterfly with a crinkle effect and two protruding string antennae. Beneath this butterfly is a Velcro flap which contains the control box. The flap has the Tinylove tag at the side so that it is clearly visible that this is a Tinylove toy.

      The feet have rattling beads inside and both legs, made from brightly coloured pieces of material are joined together and threaded through the body, so that when one is pulled outward the other in subsequently pulled inward. The legs contain elastic so that they are pulled in and submerged within the body on both sides.

      At the back of the alien there are yet more features. Towards the top there is a plastic loop. I have found this very useful when attaching it to the straps of my son's car seat when out on long journeys. Towards the bottom there is a transparent plate with various shaped beads inside which rattle. The beads are rather interesting, some are spherical, some are squares and the remainder are hearts and leaves. Next to this is a flower, possibly a sun, with a crinkle effect on its outer fringe.

      When he Tinylove Activity Ball is tapped it makes five different sounds. On a recent car journey my son became a little upset, I tapped the ball to activate the sounds and he began giggling away at it!

      This toy is fantastic in design and function. It is packed with exciting features for your little one to explore. My son adores it and it is a firm favourite of mine too!


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    • Product Details

      Playing ball has never been so exciting and full of discovery! With the Tiny Love Activity Ball, your child will be amused and entertained for hours with all the different features.

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