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ELC Buggy Activity Centre

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4 Reviews

Brand: ELC / Age: 3 months / Type: Activity Toys

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    4 Reviews
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      10.01.2009 22:32
      Very helpful



      It's ok but I've seen better

      We have lots of toys for our 4 month old baby. This Activity Centre for a buggy was given to us by a friend. We do not have a buggy but we are still making use of this activity centre by attaching it to our baby's chair. He looks at it a lot but does not reach out for it.

      This toy says from 3 months but we put it in front of our baby from a month. He has gazed at it ever since but not shown much interest. It is plastic and I think smaller babies prefer softer feeling toys. Also, the bits are quite big and our son only touches things that are quite small.

      It looks quite nice but to be honest I think it is too big for a small baby and by the time the baby is bigger, it is going to be a bit boring because it does not do that much. The parts move and it does have a mirror, which always interests babies but to be honest I have seen buggy activity toys that do more and look a lot nicer.

      It is ok as a secondary toy but I would not use it as the main toy on my baby's buggy.


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      20.10.2008 18:09
      Very helpful



      A good quality entertaining toy that last and lasts

      I bought one of these for my sister during her first pregnancy and once old enough her son really loved it.
      I then bought another when I was expecting my first child and all three of my children still love playing with even though the eldest is now four.
      It has a very sturdy desugn and it cannot break or snap even with the most boistrous toddler.
      The colours are bright and vivid and inviting to baby.
      It has three seperate activities on it one is a ball containing beads that make a noise when the ball is turned. The other is a spoked sort of wheel that turns and the centre one clicks when you turn it and it has a mirror on it.
      It clamps on easily to the frame of a standard pushchair or buggy.

      My nephew and all mine love the mirror and push their faces right onto it. The ball is also a favourite because of the noise it makes when it is turned.

      Althought it is plastic it is quite difficult to clean as there are lots of moveable bits.
      It is quite wide and when fitted never seems to sit centrally in front of the child.
      Because of the way the clamps fit to the frame it isn't really suitable in a double buggy containing two toddlers as it is wider than one seat.

      Overall I would say this is a good quality toy that last well and is worth the money. I keep ours in the car and they hold it on their laps if they want to play with it.


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      08.09.2008 01:17
      Very helpful



      Use your imagaination and it will be fun

      Beep beep I'm a jeep! The first time this was attached to my little boys buggy he proceeded to beep everyone out of teh way - very useful in a busy shopping centre! Turn it on using the key and using teh different leavers and switches activate the car noises and music. Encourage your childs motor skills by using the different turning, pushing, pulling and pressing buttons, and develop their imagaination when they turn the steering wheel to drive them through busy crowds - ok it doesn't really steer the buggy but they don't know that, and it is so much fun.

      The practical stuff:
      It is easy to clean
      It can attach to most things with the crocodile clips, sometimes need to be a bit creative as to what to attach it to as it is quite long (depends on your buggy).

      It is a colurful and easy to use buggy play attachment which is sure to keep your little one happy for a while!



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      06.03.2006 21:06
      Very helpful



      Great for keeping your little one occupied!

      In the early days when I used to take Oliver out in the pram I was always guaranteed that within minutes of setting out that he would be fast asleep. It didn't last long and when I switched him to the buggy at six weeks I found that he started getting quite grizzly.

      I set out to find an activity bar in the hope that it might keep him entertained whilst I did the shopping.


      This is a bar which attaches to your buggy and gives your child something to play with when you are out and about. It is about 40cm across and has a clamp on either end.

      There are three main toys on the bar and two smaller yellow and orange rattling rings at either end. The main toys are:
      - a clear plastic globe, with a spiky part inside which picks up and moves lots of little coloured balls when you spin it
      - a fish-shaped safety mirror being held by a large orange cat which clicks when you spin it
      - a yellow and blue wheel with D-shapes coming off (think watermill shaped)

      The clamps are hinged where they meet the bar and swivel about 180 degrees, then they are hinged again about halfway down and again swivel about 180 degrees - this allows you to add width or height depending on how you adjust them.

      The actual clamps can be opened or closed by twisting the cheery red screw. There is a serrated bit at the end of both pincers for extra grip.

      -- Age Range --

      Though this is suitable for ages three months onwards, my Oliver has been using it for a few weeks now and he is only just ten weeks old.

      -- What It Does For My Child --

      ~ Stimulates his senses ~
      Because the ELC Buggy Activity Centre is colourful and noisy it is a lovely multi-sensory experience for Oliver.
      ~ Helps hand to eye co-ordination ~
      This toy helps my boy learn to use his hands more effectively and helps develop better reflexes.

      -- Cleaning --

      It's fairly easy to clean with some disinfectant diluted in water - the mirror is particularly prone to greasy finger marks. There are quite a few nooks and crannies for dirt to get into, but I should imagine that Oliver will have grown out of this before he reaches the age where he enjoys painting his surroundings with whatever it is he is eating.

      -- PRICE --

      This cost me £12.50.

      Obviously this exact model is only available at the Early Learning Centre, but a quick search shows that you can get similar products from about ten pounds upwards.

      -- PACKAGING --

      This comes in a lilac box which is open at the front, allowing you to 'try before you buy'. It has Buggy Learning Centre in lowercase white writing on the front.

      -- WHAT I THOUGHT --

      This is a great toy! The bright colours really catch Oliver's attention and the toys are chunky enough for him to grab hold. I actually cried (it's a mum thing) the first time I let him play with this as he was getting really excited grabbing and spinning the toys and 'talking' to himself in the mirror.

      The really great thing about it is the fact that you can attach it to more than just the buggy. I've used it on his car seat, his changing table, and his bouncy chair - I am sure that it would go on a crib too!

      The clamps are a bit stiff to use, especially the second hinge which can take some manipulating before you get it into the right position, but the screw mechanism is easy to use and the pincers really grip the sides of the buggy/car seat/bouncy table. Just make sure you do them up tightly enough as I found that Oliver was really whacking it with quite some force and if it wasn't attached correctly it tended to move about quite a bit.

      I have also found that I usually have to clean the mirror after every use as it gets covered in greasy fingerprints and in baby saliva!

      I would have liked to have seen some softer toys on this bar as they are all made of pretty hard plastic, which I am sure must sometimes hurt Oliver's hands when he hits them. Different textures would have also encouraged more sensory stimulation.

      This is a very sturdy toy which I am sure will last Oliver through his buggy days, and through that of any consequent babies that I might have. It's not going to break anytime soon!

      Some people might find it hard to find an Early Learning Centre locally, so getting a hold of one of these may be a bit more difficult than finding those of a more widely stocked brand like Fisherprice, but it is available from the ELC website (www.elc.co.uk) although there is a £3.95 delivery charge for orders under seventy-five pounds.

      -- CONCLUSION --

      I am going to give this product a massive five out of five stars as, although I have a couple of niggles about things like textures and stiffness, it is a great toy which was value for money considering how much fun Oliver has with it now and how long it is going to last.

      -- Good Points --
      - Sturdy toy, should be long lasting
      - Easy to use/clean
      - Good value for money
      - Can be used on more than just the buggy

      -- Bad Points --
      - Availability (only in ELC stores)
      - Hinges can be a bit stiff


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    • Product Details

      Colourful activity centre clips on any buggy to keep baby occupied.

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