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ELC Electronic Activity Cube

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Brand: ELC / Age: 12 months+ / Type: Activity Toys

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    1 Review
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      19.02.2010 20:47
      Very helpful



      A great baby/toddler toy

      Early Learning Centre Electronic Activity Cube

      Fun at One (Plus!)

      One great thing about having children is finding your own inner child, and how better to do this than play along with your child with their toys...for their sake only of course!!

      The other great thing is baby and toddler groups. Different toys for them to play and explore and you pay nothing to see whether they enjoy the toy before actually going and buying it yourself. This was one time that this proved very useful. I have taken my daughter to one of the toddler groups a few times and each time she sets her sights on this particular toy from Early Learning Center. Perhaps father Christmas may get it her this year!

      *****THE TOY*****

      This electronic cube toy is perfect for toddlers, stated from age 1 and up, though my daughter has been playing with this toy at toddler group since she was about ten months.

      There are as many things to do with this toy as there are sides to the cube. Everything on this toy helps your child to learn skills such as hand/eye co-ordination etc. The toy itself is a good child size at approximately 20cm cubed - great for little hands as well as little chance of loosing it in small spaces that children always seem to find! Around the cube there are four handles which are in a material which aids easy grip and the whole of the toy is in bright colours which even that alone keeps the baby/toddler/child amused.

      Let me guide you through some of the activities you will find on this toy and you may start to get the idea of why it is so popular.

      Two sides of the cube are made like a shape sorter, one side with numbers and the other side with letters. Each of the shapes which can be easily slid into these holes are soft to the touch. When the shapes are put into the correct holes, lights flash and a fun noise can be heard, one thing my daughter loved - making her want to play more!

      One side has a phone with buttons that when pressed gives off other fun noises. Phone is easy to take off and put back on using magnets - another aspect of the toy my daughter loves. It is easy to hold for the child, though be warned - it is completely detachable and so this part of the toy can be found in the most unusual of places - such as in the fridge!

      Another side hosts a clock which the hands can be turned around easily. When the hand points to 12.00 the door opens up to reveal a small area in which my daughter enjoys putting small things in and then closing the door again.

      On yet another side you have a maze like game with brightly coloured beads to push around the maze

      This toy requires batteries which are put into the toy on the bottom of the cube in a child-safe area which needs a screwdriver to open. Also located here is a brilliant feature that no toy should be without - the volume control!!!

      I have found this toy to be very indestructible. Not only has my daughter and other toddlers thrown this around, it has also withstood hitting with other toys, falling from heights, juice being poured onto it and so on.

      The sounds and noises are actually much nicer than on many other toys my daughter has, and even if it does get annoying, it has a volume control as mentioned above with two settings plus that great off button though it never usually gets on my nerves which is good.

      *****AGE RANGE*****

      The age range states that this toy is suitable for 1-3 years old. As mentioned above, my daughter has played with this toy since she was about 10 months old and had lots of fun with it, though at that age some parts, such as fitting all the shapes into the right holes, were difficult and she got very frustrated. She is now just over 2 years old and still loves this toy. Now she can get the shapes in the right holes easily, which is made easier for her with them being soft. She 'talks' on the phone and has a lot of fun with the maze and clock. My friends son is nearly 4 years old and also enjoys playing with this toy, though not so much now as he is in to bigger things!

      *****THE PRICE*****

      As many parents will know, toys do not come cheap. My daughter has a few shape sorter toys which were all cheaper than this, though do remember that this toy is much more than the usual shape sorter.

      Early Learning Center has this for £15.00 at the moment, which is about average for a lot of toys of this nature, especially for Early Learning Center. I usually find something in ELC and then look in other places such as Argos or Woolies as quite often they have the same toys but slightly cheaper.

      *****FINAL WORD*****

      As you have probably already guessed, this toy is a complete success in my mind. Forget those simple shape sorters, this is well worth paying that little bit extra.

      It is fun and exciting for the child, as well as durable and safe. The only thing that is slightly on the negative side is the time spent having to hunt down where your little one has now hidden the phone!!

      *****OTHER INFORMATION*****

      To find this in Early Learning Center use the number below, visit www.elc.co.uk or your nearest store.

      Catalogue No. 103623

      Thank you


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