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ELC Fly 'N' Go Jumbo

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Brand: ELC / Age: 2 Years+

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    5 Reviews
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      20.07.2011 09:11
      Very helpful



      An excellent quality, well made Jumbo from ELC

      I may have mentioned in a number of my reviews, that my twin boys get a "little something" very regularly from relatives in particular from my parents. A large number of these toys come from ELC and those that are included in the "money off" section seem to be a popular choice. One of the toys which is in our toy box which comes under the "little something" category is the ELC Fly and Go Jumbo.

      ***ELC Fly and Go Jumbo***
      The ELC Fly and Go Jumbo consists of a white smooth plastic plane which is about 30cm long and 20cm wide (from wing to wing). It comes with three figures to place inside of the plane. The underside and inside of the plane is made from blue plastic making it a bright and attractive toy for toddlers. At the front of the plane there is an open section with space for the pilot figure to sit in. When the figure is pressed down into the front section this makes a sound (when the toy is turned on). The main section of the plane has a large cut out section with space for the two remaining passenger figures, with space for both figures to securely fit inside of the plane. The two passenger figures are wearing brightly coloured clothing and have a very distinctive "holidaymaker" look to them. On each side of the plane are two circular windows. There is also a pull down section to store the two small moulded suitcases which come with the figures. On the bottom of the plane are four wheels which allow the plane to be pushed along. On the wings there are two red engines which when the plane is pushed along flash.

      The plane has a red on off button on the bottom of the plane. This is similar to the on off function for many ELC toys where there is the off position and two on positions, one with the option of full volume and the other with half volume.

      The Fly and Go Jumbo is available from ELC and Mothercare stores and it is also available online at www.elc.co.uk and www.mothercare.co.uk. The RRP for the toy is £16.00 which is averagely priced if you compare it to other vehicle toys from ELC. The toy often has a money off offer on it. My mum purchased this for my boys for £12.00 which I think makes this quite an attractive value for money toy.

      ***Playing with it***
      Like many other ELC toys the Fly and Go Jumbo has excessive packaging and as a parent is a challenge in itself to remove from the packaging due to the number of ties holding the figures and pieces in the packaging. It is advisable to remove from packaging away from your children as it takes around 10 minutes to remove.

      The plane is great for young toddler to play with. It is large enough to easily play with and put the figures in and out of the plane for uncoordinated hands but it is also not too large and heavy so toddlers can still pick it up and swoop it around and push along the floor. The plane moves easily on carpet and laminate flooring when pushed along. The figures are also very bright and attractive and my boys love to hold these and place them in and out of the plane. As a toy for imaginative play this is a great toy. When my boys first starting playing with this toy at 12 months old they simply just liked to explore the various parts and functions of the plane. At 17months they are starting to push the plane along and chatter. When my friend's older toddlers come to play and pick this toy up they really seem to take pleasure in pretending they are flying a plane and taking the passengers on holiday.

      The toy has the usual on/off switch that most ELC toys have. There is the middle off button and two on settings; one on half volume and another on full volume. Personally I always set the button to half volume because as a parent the sound is loud enough for your child to hear it but not so loud that it makes excessive noise. On full volume the sounds made by the Fly and Go Jumbo get very annoying!

      The plane has two main noises. When you press down a figure in the front section of the plane (or just press the button where the figure slots into) it makes the sound in a clear English accent of "this is your captain speaking, please fasten your seatbelts for take-off" which is very realistic. The second noise is the main issue for me. If you tilt the plane back it makes a take-off engine noise. This is fine if your child only tilts the plane back for a short time. However what often happens is my boys knock the plane over then crawl off to play with something else. This leaves the plane in "take off" mode meaning the engine noise is constantly sounding and does not go back until it is placed flat on the floor.

      Aside from the noises and "take off" function" the plane in my opinion has two disadvantages. The first being that the hatch at the back of the plane where the suitcases go is difficult to open for young a toddler which causes some frustration for my boys. You need to put your finger under a small ridge in order to pull the hatch open. This takes some skill for an adult so for a child under 2 almost impossible. This in our case has resulted in the two suitcases that come with the toy being lost in our vast collection of toys. This does not have an impact on the function of the toy but a minor annoyance as I like to keep the parts of various toys together.

      The plane and figures are extremely durable. My boys play rough and the figures have been constantly chewed for the last 5 months and there are no teeth marks on the figures. The plane has been dropped from the sofa onto wooden flooring and no damage was suffered, and the plane is still intact and fully functional noise wise. The plane is very easy to keep clean and you can wipe it over with a damp cloth. Because of the sections within the inside of the plane dirt can get trapped inside of the plane.

      The plane takes 2 AA batteries which come supplied with the plane. After 5 months we have not yet had to replace these batteries even though it is played with daily. I think this is impressive as a number of our ELC toys require the batteries changing after around 3 months.

      I would not say this is the best ELC toy in our vast collection, however I would say the Fly and Go Jumbo is one of the better examples. It is well made and designed for younger and older toddlers to play with. It is large enough to make it easy for small hands to put the figures it comes with, in and out of the plane seats but not too large that a young toddler could not pick up. The sounds and features of the toy makes it a great vehicle for imaginative play and my boys at 17 months old love to place the figures in and out of the plane. Although the passenger figures no longer have plastic suitcases. Because the suitcases these two figures come with are so small they are very easy to lose, but not so small that they present a choking hazard to young children.

      For parents (and other adults) the on/off switch is a saviour when it comes to this toy as it does get VERY annoying when the take-off sound gets stuck on. As much as my boys love playing with this toy, the whirring sound of the jumbo "taking off" does get pretty annoying and is probably the main disadvantage of the toy!


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        06.07.2010 11:16



        elc fly and go jumbo with lights and sounds

        My son has this plane and enjoys playing with it and pretending he is the pilot and taking everyone on holiday. The pilot which it comes with sits in the front of the plane to fly it and the two passengers sit in the back where there is plenty space for both of them. Once turned on using a switch at the bottom of the plane it makes take off, landing and braking noises and also says 'prepare for take off'. There are lights are either side of the plane on the engines which flash. The passengers luggage can be put in the luggage hold which is at the rear of the plane and can be opened and both bags can be put in. The only down side is that the luggage hold door can come off very easily but fortunately it can be clipped back on with no problem. There is wheels at the bottom of the plane which makes it easy for children to move around and play with on the floor or a table without scratching any surfaces.


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        06.05.2010 12:06
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Too fiddly and frustrating for the 1-3.

        ~The toy~
        The Jumbo aeroplane consists of a plastic aeroplane about 20com long. Consisting of a Cabin with toy pilot and seating with 2 passengers (one male, one female). There is a luggage area at the back and 2 toy suitcases.
        The aeroplane has 2 sets of moveable wheels so the toy can be pushed along the ground. It also makes noises (which can be turned off) which alter with the angle of the aircraft. It makes both engine noise (and engines flash red lights) and the captain says 'get ready for liftoff'.


        The door of the luggage area comes off REALLY easily and is too fiddly for a little child to put back on. It is also quite small and easily lost.
        The toy is too heavy and cumbersome for a small child to 'nee nah' it in the air themselves. So interest in the toy soon wans.

        Also the sounds are repititive and my child gets frustrated when it wont make the right sound, as it cant respond quickly enough.
        The Captain can not be removed like the other people, which can cause frustration. My little boy cant understand why he cant get him out.

        The suitcases with the people do not fit into the little characters hands, which I think is a shame, as role playe with the people putting their cases on the aeroplane etc. is limited.
        The suitcases ONLY just fit into the cabin, so little children cant do this themselves.


        This toy tends not to be used by our little boy of 2 and a half as its not that interactive and he tends to lose interest.
        May be more suitable for older children


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          26.05.2009 22:12
          Very helpful



          a great plane for children to enjoy

          We bought this for our son on his first birthday in January from the ELC along with a few other toys to take advantage of the ELC birthday club 20% discount. He has loved this toy since he first got it and has played with it more and more over the year

          Who is it for- the ELC centre website and the toy packaging said 1-3 years though I do note that here on dooyoo the blurb says 2 years why this is the case I am unsure.

          What is it- its a plane with a cockpit for the pilot to sit in and when the pilot is pressed down into his seat he tells the passenger to prepare for take off. The main body of the plane is open with two seating holes for the two passengers to sit on. The passengers are bright and cheerful people even if they do look a little like american tourists. The plane its self has three sets of wheels like normal planes and two engines. When tilted the plane makes take off sounds and the engines lights go red. There is a luggage hold for the two suitcases that also come with the plane to be placed in.

          The plane has and on and off switch so you can turn it off. The engines sounds continue until the plane is upright which can be annoying.

          Where from- have only seen this in the ELC website and shop bar second hand ones on Ebay at £15 I do think it is good value as it sometimes my son enjoys playing with and I can see that the toy will gradually develop with him in to pretend play with people going on holiday

          I think this is a great toy for little ones bar two things. For our little one we have taken the suitcase out of action at the moment as I think they are a bit of a choke hazard as he could easily chew the handle of them. Maybe this is the reason on this website the age group goes from 2 rather than one on the ELC website. The other problem is the at times the hold door comes off however it is easy to reattach. I think it would be great for children to play with prior to their first holiday on a plane to help them understand a little bit about flying


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            15.08.2007 15:12
            Very helpful



            Great toy for imaginative play

            My 2 year old is absolutely fascinated by anything that moves; planes, trains, diggers, cars, lorries and tractors etc all make her scream with glee, jump up and down and demand a running commentary on their manoeuvres (arghh). So last Christmas a fair proportion of her presents reflected this interest and her haul included this plane from the Early Learning Centre.

            As I have said on previous reviews on ELC products, there cant be many people who are unaware of this company. I have fond memories of visiting ELC stores when I was a child (I only ever wanted to play in the Cosy Coupe) and when we return to the UK the ELC is usually our first port of call. Their toys have a reputation for sturdyness, for appealing to children and for containing some creative or educational element. Their wooden toy section in particular has been the source of some of my daughter’s best loved toys, and she plays everyday with her ELC plastic fruit and veg.

            ELC say this toy will help your child to enjoy their imagination and will help your child use their hands effectively and develop good reflexes. The one thing they don’t say is that this toy may well drive a parent crazy if misused!


            The plane arrived in a large white box with part of the front cut away so you can see and touch the plane. It is wired firmly into the box, as are all the little people so if you are buying this as a present either do the unwrapping first or be ready with the pliers. It took me ten minutes to release all of the ties and I was rather red in the face and close to swearing by the time I had finished. This is not a place for a discussion on toy packaging but really this was excessive, unnecessary and just plain wasteful.


            25 cms from nose to tail.
            21 cms from wing tip to wing tip
            17 cms from floor to highest point.

            These measurements are approximate as my measuring was being ‘assisted’ by my toddler

            ***The Plane***

            This is a chunky white plane, made of strong shiny plastic. There is a cut out section on the top allowing access to the blue plastic inner section, which has two moulded ‘seats’ for the figures. This section also has two round windows at either side. At the front is an open section with a blue plastic hole for the pilot to be slotted into; the blue plastic depresses when pushed as it is a button to make the noises. Under each wing is a red engine, the centre of which lights up when the noise is activated. At the back is a small flip down section for placing the two suitcases. The red ‘On/Off’ switch is located on the bottom of the plane, as is the battery panel which is held in place with a screw. I believe the plane came with batteries installed so it could be tried out in the shop, so that is one less thing to think about, although if you have young children you will probably have new batteries on hand anyway. The plane is designed so that if you press gently on the tail of the plane it rests easily in the ‘take off position’ on the floor, and a smart push on the tail end when the plane is in the ‘normal position’ sends it a satisfyingly long way on our tiled floors.

            ***The All-Important NOISES***

            When the pilot is pushed down a very efficient voice will boom out ‘This is your captain speaking, please fasten your seat belts and prepare for take off’. As the plane is moved and lifted into the air it produces an engine noise that changes as you taxi the plane, take off and then swerve and bank around the room. The engine lights flash at the same time. Its quite an effective noise and does sound quite like a plane and it does encourage the child to run around swooping and diving with the plane. However, my problem is with the ‘captain’ voice, more specifically with the fact that there appears to be no limit to the amount of times the button can be pressed. If I was designing a toy like this I would only make it possible for this noise to be produced after a certain amount of time or after a certain amount of movement. Fair enough if you press the button again while the captain is speaking it doesn’t cut in and start again, but there is no explaining just how psychologically damaging hearing that same phrase over and over again can be. Maybe I am just a miserable humourless cow, but it sets my teeth on edge!

            If you press the plane just a little and leave it sitting before ‘take off’ it makes a repetitive engine turning over sound, which also tends to grate and leads to me to give the plane a swift kick until it stops or makes the take off sound. At certain times the plane has even been hidden to save my sanity.


            As well as the pilot, you get two gaudily dressed tourist figures and two little plastic suitcases to go in the luggage area at the back. The figures are firm moulded plastic with the requisite hole in the bottom to allow them to stand in the moulded plastic holes. They are about 8cms high and are reminiscent of the Little People range of toys. We also have the Mighty Digger from the same range and the construction workers from that set get to have lovely holidays on the plane as they also fit in the seats.


            Its £15, which surprised me when I found out as I would have put it at £20 + , having seen similar toys available at higher prices which do less.

            Catalogue number: 113857

            ***Age Range***

            1-3 years old

            ***My Impressions***

            As you may have guessed this plane is the bane of my life when the switch is placed in the on position, but in the off position it is one which makes my life much quieter and more pleasant. My daughter will happily play with it, even without the noises, for 30 minutes or more without any input from me and loves to pretend to make it take off and fly in ways that make you pity the passengers. I mocked up a landing strip out of a piece of card and Olivia made a few buildings out of duplo to make an airport, so it can be the centrepiece of a more imaginative scenario. The little boy I look after is happy to spend twenty minutes or more running around at top speed with the plane, burning off lots of energy and is the one toy he always asks for when he arrives, so its definitely popular here!

            I believe we got another figure with it, a smaller figure in a tie and blue hat who resembles a flight attendant. He doesn’t have the same hole at the bottom as the others but I am 99% sure he came as part of the pack to stand on the ground by the plane. Having looked at the ELC website this extra figure is not mentioned, so it could be that he has been discontinued, but he is a source of infinite frustration to my daughter who is forever trying to jam him into the holes!

            I would certainly recommend this toy as a good item to stimulate imaginative play in young children. It is strong and chunky, with no fiddly little bits to lose or struggle with and the noises can be turned off thank goodness. The luggage bay door has come off several times and seems to be the weak point on the plane, but it also easily clicks back into place without too much of an effort. Fully loaded it is weighty, but not so heavy that my 2 year old struggles to lift it and swoop it around, less than a kilo I would say. If toys with noises bother you the on/off switch is great (although my daughter has worked out how to turn it on), but the option of taking the batteries out completely is also there. The price is excellent for a toy of this type and it is a good quality item that, apart from the noises, was a very welcome and appreciated present.


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            Jumbo plane with pilot, passengers and luggage