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ELC Light & Sounds Cosmic Flying Saucer

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Manufacturer: Early Learning Centre / Age: 18 months+

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    1 Review
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      14.01.2010 14:32
      Very helpful



      A great toy for imaginative play that my toddler loves

      Why this toy
      This toy was a present my son received as a gift and as he has enjoyed it so much I thought I would share our experience with it on dooyoo.

      What is it?
      This toy is aimed at children between 18 months and 4 years

      This is a plastic flying saucer it is round with prong legs to stand it up. The top has an orange handle the is meant to be the booster rocket I think and when you press the button on the orange handle is makes a whooshing rocket style noise. The base is red and silver with a clear plastic sliding part that goes over the cockpit as this opens and closes it makes a noise and the lights around the main body of the saucer flash. The cockpit area is for the two aliens that are included in the set to sit. Inside the cockpit there is several silver buttons to press when press these make more noises including what is supposed to be the aliens talking.

      Our experience
      Since our son opened this gift he has enjoyed playing with it. It seems to have captured his imagination well and though he isn't really sure what to make of the aliens he just accepts them in the same way he does any play figures. It took him several days to figure out all the different aspects to this toy. As it had come with the cockpit open all of us hadn't realised that there was a clear plastic windscreen aspect to it. However now he is aware of it he opens and shuts this a lot. I think the appeal for him is the noise and the flashing red lights that occur when this happens.

      The cockpit it self is a generous size and the aliens have a good amount of leg room! This is just as well really as my son likes to not only put the aliens inside but a selection of animals and other toy figures he has. It can end up looking like a world record attempt at times as everyone is squished in to it with the windscreen closed.

      The cockpit buttons he loves and when he press the bit where the aliens talk he answers back in a gobbled gook that he makes up. This is a very different noise to his usual speech so it is a very clear interaction and imaginative play element that he does.

      The noises that it makes are not overly intrusive and loud and only come in short bursts which means its satisfies his fun as he presses them but doesn't last so long to grate on our nerves.

      There is an on and off button underneath which stops the space ship making noise if it gets jostled in the toy box which is useful and not a feature I am afraid to say on all toys.

      The plastic that this is made of is very robust and has survived being dropped on several occasions. The sliding windscreen/door has never stuck and this is one of the few toys that I am not for ever reattaching the door. This is I think due to the sliding nature of the windscreen as it means it's firmly attached.

      Learning and educational value.
      The main educational value of this toy is its encouragement to children to take part in imaginative play. They can use this toy on its own to explore space and the world around them or with other space rocket toys in the range too. Space and aliens are a little beyond my 2 year olds imagination at the moment but he certainly loves playing with it and is imagination at the moment has it as a different form of a plane!
      There is also value in encouraging their use of fine motor skills at the younger age range of the toy as it takes some co-ordination to open and close the cockpit and the buttons inside are same for little fingers to press.

      Overall and recommendation
      I would definitely recommend this toy for toddlers upwards it has the all flashing lights and noises that toddlers seem to love. The flying saucer is very good for their imaginative play and helps with younger ones developing fine motor skills. It is robust and survives being knocked about well. I personally just have to resist the urge to role play having alien abductions with his Happyland figures.

      Where from
      This toy is available from the Early Learning Centre shops and website for £20.


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