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ELC Shape Sorter

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Brand: ELC / Age: 12 months

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    2 Reviews
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      30.10.2009 23:48
      Very helpful



      An excellent buy which encourages babies in different ways.

      I had seen this shape sorter in the ELC catalogue but never really paid any attention to it and originally went in to the store to buy something else. When we got there however this caught our eye and when we had a better look it looked like real value for money. The shape sorter has 6 sides 2 of which are the actual shape sorters. One side has holes in the shapes of a star, a cube, a cylinder and a triangle, they are all colour co-ordinated with the shapes that fit in to the holes, each hole makes a different noise when the corresponding shape is put through and makes the 2 shape sorter sides light up. This also applies to the opposite side which has holes in the shapes of the numbers 1, 2, 3 & 4. The third side has a maze with a clear plastic cover over it containing lots of small yellow balls which when the cube is turned around all move about, my daughter particularly enjoys watching this and turns the cube around to watch the balls move over and over again. The forth side has 4 buttons which make phone sounds and a removable phone, this phone is my daughters favourite part of the cube, she will drop whatever she is doing as soon as she sees it and come crawling straight over for it. The final 2 sides i feel let the cube down a bit, one has a door to collect the cubes from once they have been posted through and the other has an on/off switch, a volume switch and holds the batteries. I feel these could all have been combined on to the same side to free up another for another activity for the baby although for £16 its still great value for money. The cube has rubber grips on the handles to make it easier for babies to grab hold of and move it about, also the shapes are a good size, just right for babies to get hold of. The shape sorter has an age guide of 12 months but we bought for our daughter when she was 6 months and have had much use out of it so far. To make the sound when the shape is put through the hole there is a small button that is pressed, we use this button to balance the shapes on whilst partly in the hole and she likes to push them all through, i think this may be partly the reason why she has started to try and put the shapes in the holes herself. I would recommend this shape sorter above any other as it encourages the baby with lights and sounds, my daughter is now 9months and is already matching the colours up together.


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      30.05.2009 13:48
      Very helpful



      an shape sorter that stands out from the rest in terms of quality and functions

      We bought this shape sorter toy for your young son after he had enjoyed playing with this toy at a friends house.

      Who is it for-
      children 1 - 3 years old

      Where from-
      This is a toy from the Early Learning Centre and is priced at £15

      What is it and my sons and mine thoughts on it-
      This is a shape sorter cube that has several other functions as well.

      Two of the sides are devoted to the shape sorting.

      Side one
      This side has the numbers 1-4 in bright colours. The colors of the number outline on the cube match the plastic number eg yellow number one.

      Side two
      This side has a circle triangle square and a star in bright colours. The colours of the plastic shapes eg red star are again highlight as an outline on the cube to help your child recognise which hole to put the shape into

      The bit that is different and i haven't seen in other shape sorters is that you can place the shape into the hole and rest it slightly on a catch to allow the shape to be raised up in the hole. Your child can then push the shape into the hole and get the buzzing noise and flashing light to say they have got the right hole.
      This is part of the shape sorter that attracted me to this toy rather than other shape sorters, as it seemed to allow my son to push the shape or number down and get used to what to do with this toy without getting to frustrated with it.
      Now that he is 16 months old he can do the shape part himself but we still rest the numbers of the ledge as he struggles to get this to fit. The catch never seems to hinder him in any way in putting the shape into the box.

      Side three

      Is for the on off switch and where you put the batteries.

      Side four

      This side has the door to take the shapes in and out of. The door has a locking actioning which is easy to use

      Side Five

      Has a maze puzzle bit with lots of little yellow beads in for the child to move the balls from one side to the other. I think this must be more for older children as my son has shown no interest in playing with this part.

      Side six

      Has a yellow button and a blue phone which when press makes ringing noises. My son enjoys pressing the buttons to hear this noise and often holds the phone to his ear. The phone isn't attached to the box so what we do stop it being lost in the toy box is put it into the box with the shapes at the end of the playtime.

      The box also has nice grip handles for the child to be able to turn it around to the different sides and my son has no problems using these to turn it around.

      I think this cube is a great for dexterity development of little ones and also helps with them recognising colours, number and shapes.

      Value for money-

      I do think this is a great value toy that my son loves playing with and I can see it last for long time still as he enjoys m=playing with different aspects of it.


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    • Product Details

      The cube contains chunky shapes and numbers to sort and post through, a telephone to answer and buttons to press.

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