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ELC Shape Sorting Car

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Brand: ELC / Type: Cars & Vehicles

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    3 Reviews
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      09.02.2014 18:51
      Very helpful



      I believe the car is well made and extremely durable as well as reasonably priced

      ELC Shape Sorting Car:

      I bought one of these on a post Christmas visit to the shops as they were in the 25% off sale and a new shape sorter was one thing my grandson did not get for Christmas. I bought this to keep at my house, as I am accruing more and more items to keep here.

      The Principle Facts About the Car:

      The car is a bright chunky mostly yellow multi-coloured plastic toy that is designed as a shape sorter to aid dexterity and to be pulled about to help with co-ordination. The car has eyes that move as the car moves and a smiling cheery face. There are four shapes to slot into place. It seems quite robust as had been a big hit when the family came down this weekend.

      Marketed as suitable for 12 months onwards.

      The car does require 3 x AA batteries to operate.


      The box is dark green rectangular featuring name of the car along with the ELC logo with the front being cut away to enable good vision of the product before purchase. The car is packed in well using the twisty ties and minimal packaging.

      The Car in More Depth:

      Cleverly the eyes move up and down as the car is pulled and the bonnet moves up and down a tad as well due to the way it is set up to increase the appeal of the little car. I say little, it is actually quite big and is an ideal size for little people to push and pull about without thinking they can sit on it. The plastic shapes are slightly small and covered in stickers with letters on to add appeal and they slot nicely into their gaps which are actually the car windows.

      The shapes are removed from the car by opening the boot and you can see the little speaker in there.
      The on/off switch is on the top of the car and slides from side to side along with the child friendly shaped buttons that activate the different coloured lights or make noises. These buttons are a ideal size ideal for little fingers to press.

      The nylon pull along cord is around 30cm long.

      In Use:

      My grandson soon got the hang of the sorting, loved the moving eyes and face (bonnet) and as he gets older we will use the alphabet on the shapes as well. The music and beeps is an added bonus (?) hehe! That I think could soon become annoying, my poor little dog certainly thinks so! He soon got the hang of and loved pressing the different buttons and watching the coloured lights that came on and learn't the cause and effect from it.

      I cannot wait until the summer when we can play outside - I did find this car quite loud and noisy indoors. Or is it just me no longer having children at home? I'm not sure, but it really annoyed one of my dogs too! I think it will be great in the summer when we will also get the drums and other loud toys out to play with in the garden. Unfortunately the shapes do fit in a dog mouth and one has been a little chewed already, however it is robust enough not to matter and has been thoroughly cleaned.


      The car has two noise settings (not levels) one being music - which is a variety of nursery rhymes and the other a mechanical voice announces the shapes as they are pushed through their slots, so that is a useful aid to talking and learning.


      Being plastic I just wipe it down with Dettol antibacterial cleaner before putting away. I don't know how long the alphabet stickers will last though as they are uncovered and I suspect I will end up removing them a few years down the line.

      Price and Availability:

      Available from Early Learning Centre and Mothercare in store - normal price is around £15.00. I was lucky to use a £10.00 voucher and buy in the sale from Mothecare for £10.00.


      The car just keeps on giving. When I picked it up I thought "Yes, a shape sorter and a car - great". But it also plays tunes, talks and has moving parts and creates so much fun whilst learning. I would have gladly bought this at full price when I was running a pre-school and I am happy to highly recommend for toddlers as I believe the car is well made and extremely durable as well as reasonably priced. The batteries seem to be lasting well, despite the amount of use it has had and the level of sound.

      A cheerful bright toy that will give hours of fun to under five's.

      Stars 5/5


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      08.02.2014 22:24
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Excellent toy car and shape sorter

      My brother bought this for my little boy when he was seven months old for Christmas. My son has played with this so much over the last year, he is 20 months old now, and loves this little car. He is into his vehicles, but this one is much more than just a toy car. I have seen this in The Early Learning Centre for £15, and it is very well priced. I would definitely pay this myself if I was buying it.

      This is a really cute, bright and colourful car. I think it is a lot bigger than it actually looks in the picture, it is a decent sized toy car. The car has eyes on the front which move up and down when the car moves along the floor, and also when the car moves the bonnet moves up and down slightly too. At the back, there is a flap for the boot, which opens and shuts, which is my sons favourite part of the toy. He loves opening this flap and putting things inside the car and then driving them about. The flap is easy for young children to work. There isn't much space inside the car, but you can fit very small toys inside.

      This toy is also a shape sorter. There are four shaped holes in the car, two on each side, a square, triangle, circle and heart. It comes with the shapes to put through the holes, and there is a button that the shapes press when you place them in the holes, and it either plays tunes or says the name of the shape, so it is a great educational toy too when your little one is learning shapes and words.

      The shapes are quite small, and my son finds them a little too small and fiddly at his age, they could do with being bigger. The stickers on them are starting the look rough and peel off at the corners now too.

      The car has a string on the front to pull the car along, but I accidentally hoovered over this once, and it just snapped off, but my son never really pulled it along much anyway!

      There are buttons on top of the car to press too, with car noises and music, and also two different settings to choose from. My son loves pressing the buttons and playing the music, it keeps him entertained for ages! He loves lining this car up in a line with all his other vehicles too, and does use it as a car as well as a musical toy and shape sorter.

      I would highly recommend this toy, for boys or girls, it is bright, colourful, strong and well made. The music is cheerful and catchy, and the sound is loud and it keeps my son entertained every day!


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        29.08.2013 22:42
        Very helpful



        A nice way to get your child learning whilst having fun

        For Christmas Jayden received a large range of different toys from our friends and family, one item he was bought was the Early Learning Centre Shape Sorting Car.  He already had a couple of other shape sorters one of which he keeps at my parents house, however this one is a little different to his regular shape sorters as it has other features as well.
        The ELC Shape Sorting Car comes in a rectangle dark green box, it has the name of the product on it along with the ELC logo, the front of the box is totally open so that you can see the car inside clearly.

         The back of the box contains all of the relevant information that you need to know about this product including how the shape sorter can benefit your child and also how it works.  The car is secured in place inside the box with small plastic ties around each wheel. these can simply be removed with a pair of scissors.  

        The Car
        The ELC Shape Sorting Car is basically a chunky bright blue plastic car, the windows are made from yellow plastic as is the windscreen, positioned on the windscreen are the cars eyes, the car also has a smiling mouth near the bonnet.  The bumper on the car is bright red and the wheels are green with orange patterns on them including swirls and stars.

         There is an on off switch on the top of the car which can be slid left and right to either change the settings or turn the car off.  There is a reasonably long string on the front of the car which allows your child to pull the car along with them.  As I have mentioned this car also doubles up as a shape sorter, there is a different shaped hole cut in each window with a small button positioned inside it, as the shape is pushed in the car will tell you what the shape is, with the car you get the following shapes, a heart, a square, a circle and a triangle, these are made from different coloured plastics and have a sticker on the top of them with a, b, c or d on it.

         The boot of the car pulls open which allows you to remove the shapes from inside the car, this is also where the speaker is positioned.  As you child pulls the car along the eyes on the front of the car move from side to side and the bonnet which is also the cars mouth moves up and down.  On the roof of the car there are also 3 different shaped buttons including an orange star, a red flower and a green oval, these are also lights and make different sounds and say different phrases when they are pressed.  

        There are 2 settings on the ELC Shape Sorting Car which have different features these include
        * One of the settings is more of a music settling and the car will play different tunes and melodies when the various buttons are pressed, you can press the same button more than once and this one button will play several different tunes.  A lot of the tunes and melodies are recognisable as various nursery rhymes.
         * The second setting on the Shape Sorting Car is more about talking, when you press the different shaped buttons on the car a voice tells you what the different shapes are and when you press the button more than once the car says different phrases, some of which I think are a little odd.  Also when you push the shapes into the relevant holes the car says what the different shapes are.
         You can switch between these two settings by sliding the switch on the top of the car.
        The ELC Shape Sorting Car is suitable for children from 12 months onwards and playing with the ELC Shape Sorting Car is also educational as well as fun, by playing with the car your child will help to develop their hand eye co-ordination through pressing the different buttons and putting the shapes in the corresponding holes.  This car will also help to teach your child the name of different shapes as well as colours and letter (written on the shapes)  

        Price and Availability
        The Shape Sorting Car is available from the Early Learning Centre and costs £15.00, personally I think this is excellent value for money.  

        My Opinion
        Although Jayden had his Shape Sorting Car for Christmas I think it has only been the last few months that he really has got into playing with it, he is getting quite good at doing his other shape sorters now (with a little help) so he can get more use out of this one as well, he also loves pressing the different buttons and watching the coloured lights, he loves the music and will stand and dance to it.

         The buttons are of a good size making it easy for little fingers to press, the shapes are a little hard to get into the holes they do not slide in as smoothly as the shapes on his other shape sorters, however with a little help he can manage it.

        I personally like that fact that this toy is teaching Jayden something whilst at the same time being fun.  He has taken to dragging the car around with him by the string.

         Personally I think the car is very reasonably priced and well worth the money, the car is well made and extremely durable, Jayden does from time to time put the car on the chairs and then pull it off by the string, his car has no damage on it at all and is still in perfect condition.  

        If I had one criticism about this toy it is that it is loud, a lot of his toys have 2 volume settings however this one does not and the volume is very loud, however this does not put me off this car and Jayden loves to play with it.  I would definitely recommend the ELC Shape Sorting Car to anyone looking for a fun yet educational toy for their child.  


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    • Product Details

      At a Glance Pull along talking and rhyming car with shape sorter activity Features and benefits for ELC Shape Sorting Car Requires 3 x AA Batteries batteries (included) Pull along talking and rhyming car with shape sorter activity.Requires 3 x AA batteries. What's in the box: 1 x Shape sorting car 4 x Shaped alphabet blocks

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