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Fisher-Price Activity Puzzle

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Brand: Fisher Price / Type: Jigsaws & Puzzles / Age: Newborn

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    1 Review
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      06.02.2014 07:45
      Very helpful



      Great toy

      Most of the presents I bought for my kids were purchased months before Christmas, as throughout the year if I saw things I knew they would like and were affordable, I would simply put them down. A lot of toys became discounted just before Christmas, so this was the perfect time to grab afew last minute bargains. I bought this while doing a grocery order on Tesco.com for £5.00 (originally priced at £10.00 ).

      Why did I buy it?

      I bought it because the actual look of it caught my eye followed by the price! It looked very appealing and affordable, and only when I looked at it even more, I realised my daughter didn't really have any toys like this, so I thought it would be an ideal present.

      What is it?

      It's a shape sorter of such first of all. Different shaped pieces that slot into specific areas of a board. Each piece also has a sensory element to it e.g touch in regards to texture, sound, see etc.

      What is this toy good for?

      It helps young children with hand and eye coordination and provides a sensory experience as already mentioned.

      Suitable from age 12 months.

      How does it look?

      This toy contains 7 pieces. One piece is the main board that has the relevant shaped spaces ready for the other pieces to go into, and the other 6 pieces are the shapes themselves.

      The board-

      Yellow in colour, quite robust in feel and its overall dimensions are length is just over 9.5 inches, width is 9 inches ( at its widest point ) and the depth is 0.5 inches. Although the board is flat, it does have some texture to it in the form of patterns almost embossed into it. There are various swirl shapes, a sun, lines that appear to mimic grass and two lines of squares. In the middle of this detailing are 6 shapes actually taken out of the board. One shaped as a house, a cat, a dog, a bird, a frog and a love heart. These spaces aren't completely void, they each have a picture in them which mirrors the pieces that are meant to be placed into it by the child. These pictures appear to be stuck on and are completely flat.

      The shapes-

      Each of these shapes are very chunky in look and feel and all made from some form of plastic. Similar in sizes.

      The dog is brown in colour with white detailing of the inside of his/her ears and around the nose .Red bell around the neck. Appears in a sit down position ( from the side not head on ) and is smiling. When you shake or move him he makes an almost bell type sound, and you get the sensation he contains a small ball that creates the rattle effect.

      The bird is bright blue in colour with a yellow beak. Tail is at the side and his/her wings are out stretched. The wings are made of fabric and can be moved and played with.

      The house is the largest piece out of the six ( but not by much ) It has a blue roof and chimney, a white front to the house with a cute small cottage type look to it and has a bright red door. The door itself is real, and is hinged to the house so can be opened and shut. When shut you can see behind it a small little mouse looking through the window of the door. When the door is opened you see the mouse laying down with some cheese.

      The frog is green in colour and is in a crouching position. In the tummy area you can see its clear and contains 6 very small multi coloured balls in it, so when shaken makes a rattle sound.

      The love heart is red, and on the front of it the inside is a mirror.

      The cat is orange in colour and in a sitting position. His head is slightly tilted in position. He has a blue colour that when pushed makes a high pitched squeaking sound.

      Each of these pieces slot into their own areas, and when placed in them do protrude and don't lie flush with the board due to their depth.

      What does my daughter think?

      She enjoys playing with this toy. She loves how it looks because its eye catching and can place the different shapes in the relevant places in the board unaided. If she gets bored with one piece of the toy she can play with another. I think its these elements that she likes the most rather than placing them in the board. She loves shaking them, throwing them, banging them...and shows great pleasure in being able to tell me what the shapes are e.g ' mummy, look at the dog, woof woof! '.

      What do I think?

      This is a great toy. It's the perfect size for young children, the colouring is bright, bold and fun to look at and each of the shapes are chunky, easy to hold and easy to place in the board.

      This is geared towards young children as you can tell how the shapes are designed, quite cartoon like and slightly exaggerated. I love the fact that each toy has a different element to it. This is a perfect if you had more than one child of a certain age because in a fact you have 6 toys in one.

      I think it's such a good idea that each slot has a picture of the shape inside it. It gives children a bit of a helping hand to identify the shape and the actual toy that needs to be placed into it so a very good reference point to them.

      This is very durable. My daughter has taken it upon herself to bang these shapes into walls and throw them to the floor, and they haven't broken or been damaged in anyway.

      This doesn't take up too much room so can be stored away easily.

      Anything that could be improved?

      I would've liked this to have come with a bag. The shapes only stay in their own areas when the board is lying flat, so if in storage or you wanted to take this out and about, it would make more sense if it could be placed into something,

      Would I buy this again?

      Yes I would, especially at the price I paid because I felt it was a very good buy. This toy is fun, eye catching, helps children with recognition and coordination and gives them lots of opportunity to play because of the 6 elements to it.


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