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Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Musical Pony Gift Set

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Brand: Fisher Price / Type: Gift Set / Type: Playsets

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    1 Review
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      29.11.2011 14:25
      Very helpful



      A cute ride on toy

      For my daughter's birthday the first port of call was Toys R Us. We really had no idea what we wanted to get her for her first birthday so we hoped a few things would appeal. During our visit we noticed that Fisher Price were having a 3 for 2 offer on selected toys which was great as some of the selected toys had already been reduced so we decided to go with this offer and buy three items.

      One item that we came away was the Fisher Price Musical Pony gift set. I didn't much decision making when looking at this toy. It was a pony and that was it, straight into the trolley! Now the Musical Pony gift set combines two Fisher Price toys, the Pony and the doll which I think is known as 'My 1st Doll' or something along those lines. In the gift set the doll can obviously be played with but can sit on in the pony's basket and ride round or at least that's what the marketing wants you to think! Fisher Price claim that the Musical Pony can held your child's fine motor skills as well as encouraging early role play. The textile surfaces help to stimulate visual and tactile skills.

      The gift set comes in a long narrow cardboard box which can be easily put in any car. The part I found awkward was actually trying to get it out of the box as the pony seems to be within another cardboard frame within the box and trying to pull it out is a bit of a challenge let alone the little items it comes with such as the screws, instructions and handlebars. Once out of the box its fine especially as the Pony is 95% made, all you need to do is put in the screws and the handle bars which takes all of about 5 minutes. This is pretty self explanatory once you see your packet of screws but there is an instruction manual should you need it.

      The Pony itself is a pale pink in colour and has a textile mane and tail which is made from a really soft pastel striped fabric. As lovely as the fabric is I am slightly concerned that the more my daughter plays with it the dirtier it will become especially if she has just eaten something and then touches it! The handlebar is a pale lime green colour and is inserted at the top of the pony's head just below the mane and is obviously there for the child to hold on and to keep their balance as there is no back support/rest - it does needing screwing in for it to become safe. The wheels are already in place when you take it out of its box and are pink in colour.

      The pony comes complete with a pink 'saddle' or seat which is shaped like a saddle which is obviously in keeping with the product itself. Not exactly comfortable as it is hard plastic but I guess when your derrière is cushioned by a nappy then it probably won't be so uncomfortable! At the front of the pony there is a pale yellow basket which is to hold the doll or anything else your child wants to put in it. My daughter's basket currently contains various teethers and bits of biscuit! If the pony's cheeks are pressed there are a few melodies that play and there is a switch that can either turn the music off completely or offer two volumes which is definitely a good thing!

      The doll is completely made of fabric and is dressed in pink to match the pony. My daughter has shown absolutely no interest in the doll whatsoever which is a shame but since opening the box on her birthday the doll has remained in my daughter's play box and has never seen the light of day since. The doll is soft and as I said completely fabric made wearing a sweet pink outfit and hat. No doubt should this get dirty you could easily wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

      My daughter although a bit wobbly can just about reach with her feet to push herself along the floor and knows that she needs to hold onto the handlebars to keep herself balanced and secure. She did have a few days where she kept going backwards and after we showed her how to go forwards there has been nothing stopping her! The can also push it along the floor whilst she is sitting which seems to entertain her! The basket of course provides entertainment especially if I have filled it with a few treats for her to find when playing which is nice to see an immediate smile light up her face!

      Because the pony is plastic it is incredibly easy to clean but I have no doubt that the paler colours of the pony will start to get a bit grubby after constant use no matter how many times you wipe it clean but this is the nature of any toys but at least it does wipe clean easily. The ears, mane and tail all of which are fabric are a bit harder to keep clean but can be cleaned with a damp cloth. So far my daughter has covered the mane and ears in mushy biscuits and I have managed to get it off fine.

      Despite my daughter having another ride on (see my previous review on the Disney Ride On) which she does seem to favour a bit more due to the flashing lights and music it provides the Musical Pony does get played with on a daily basis but it really is quite limiting in terms as to what it can do and my daughter does after a while seem to get bored and goes back to the Disney Ride On. I think after around 18 months of age this will be out of favour simply because it isn't stimulating enough as apart from the melodies (which there are no variety) the Musical Pony doesn't offer anything else.

      In my opinion it is a cute toy but after a certain age my daughter will get very bored of it as it just isn't stimulating enough. A lovely first ride on designed toy but I would have liked a back support as we all know children around the 1 year old mark are wanting to do bigger and better things and a support would keep them a bit more secure especially with learning how to balance themselves and move themselves forward. Overall, a sweet toy which certainly has its uses but is just too limited as to what it can do. I give it 3 stars.

      ~ Useful Info ~

      Brand: Fisher Price
      Price: £89.99 (Amazon) to £29.99 (Toys R Us)


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