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Fisher Price Dancin' Bandstand

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5 Reviews

Brand: Fisher Price / Age: 6 months

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    5 Reviews
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      31.08.2010 20:35
      Very helpful



      Excellent item, fun and entertaining

      This is an excellent product! I was given this when my daughter was about 7 months and I have to admit that the first time it started playing she cried. We left it a week or so and got it out again and she was hooked. The bandstand has a dancing monkey which dances to one of 5 tunes selected using the piano keyboard. Whilst the music is playing, you can use one of the other instruments to make that section stand out more. The other sections are percussion, brass and strings. There is another mode that adds in the different musical sections as you select them and takes them out again if you select it again.

      My daughter loved this toy, especially the dancing monkey. When she was learning to stand, she would pull herself up using this toy and pull on the monkey while he was dancing. It must be quite durable though as she's not managed to break him yet. She really loves music and will dance to this for ages. She can activate all the controls herself which means she can play with it independently.

      The toy has lots of pretty lights to entertain as well and can be activated by stepping on the mat, which can be quite annoying if you do it accidently while they're sleeping! It does have two volume settings though which is very useful. It is also quite a bulky item so you need a lot of space to keep it.

      Overall I would definitely recommend this toy for hours of fun.


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        30.04.2010 20:50
        Very helpful



        Fun musical toy for babies and toddlers

        We bought this for our 1st child when aged 9 months. She was able to play with it straight away and loved it!
        The bandstand has a built in dance mat, so even if your child doesn't press any buttons, just by sitting them in front of the keyboard they will activate the music. The whole thing comes alive with funky steel band type music and flashing lights. It's not as annoying as it sounds for parents though - partly as there is a discreet volume switch underneath, so it can be kept at a reasonable volume! Once your child is able to press the keyboard they can alternate the tunes that are played and play a few basic notes. There is also a guitar at the side of the keyboard that changes the music and is easily operated even by the smallest of hands.
        Behind the keyboard there is a drum. When your baby bangs on it it causes the monkey to dance around.
        It's such a fun toy and once your baby grows a bit, the height of the bandstand can be adjusted so they can stand up and play with it.
        We've had ours nearly 4 years now and are now using it with baby number 3. It must be fairly robust as it's only sign of wear is where I had to glue the monkey's head back on after my toddler got particularly excited with it one day!
        It is quite draining on the batteries and I do have to replace them fairly often - but that's partly because it gets so much use.
        I paid around £20 for this and have definitely had my money's worth.


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        30.05.2007 15:14
        Very helpful



        Lovely childs toy, which will entertain for ages.

        Suitable from 6 months of age this is an adorable childs toy. It encourages youngsters to dance and move, improving their hand eye co-ordination. my little ones loves it and will happily spend their time playing the music and dancing in the crazy way babies do, I dont mind listening to the songs either as they have a carribbean style which is refreshing in these toys.

        It is easily assembled, with the dance mat already attatched to the base, the instrument section then pops on the top of the legs. It has 2 height adjustments that can be changed by pulling a lever on the stand. the height differnces allow babies to sit or stand to use it, depending on their stage of developement.

        The toy has 3 settings, changed by turning a simple dial/knob on top of the keyboard section.
        1-Press instruments for classic songs such as "heads,
        shoulders, kness and toes" and "if you're happy and you know it"
        2-Press instruments to gradually introduce intruments to the song, this function starts with a simple rythm and as the instruments are pressed their sounds are added. there are 2 wonderful carribbean style songs on this setting(this is our favourite setting)
        3-Press instruments to construct your own melody

        The instruments include-
        Rocking trumpets, up & down slide guitar, Press down drum with lights and keyboard with coloured(flasing lights) keys.

        On the very top is a cute little red monkey, he dances by either pressing the hand and feet symbols on the dance mat(like the older kids/adults computer dance mats) or simply by playing the instruments during the songs.

        The sound quality is really good, the lights flash colourfully and is very eye catching. maybe a bit too eyecatching for the monkey though as he spends more time being attacked by excited 2 year old hands then dancing, he's withstood the assaults until now though so i'd say he's pretty tough.

        It is quite a large set up and not easily hidden away, the legs are quite wide and cannot be folded in to suit space restrictions. It takes 3xc batterys, the compartment is easily accessable under the instrument section and I've found so far that the batteries have a good life span despite frequent use.

        it retails at £39.99 and is available from toys r us and large woolworths stores

        This is a really popular toy in our house and see's a lot of use, the tunes are adorable and the little ones love making their own melodies or dancing along with the monkey


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          22.06.2006 22:05
          Very helpful



          Great toy!!

          This is a great interactive durable toy by fisher price, which encourages baby to stand , move and dance. It costs around £37-£40, Baby can sit or stand whilst playing with the bandstand.

          My daughters great gran bought her this for christmas and she loves it!!

          ======Setting up======

          This is fairly easy to fix together, a Philips screw driver is needed, there is the dance mat and base which you attach to the legs, and the band centre clips on the top of the stand, the horns attach on the left hand side next to the keyboard and the guitar attaches to the right hand side, the monkey was a little tough to fit into his dancing slot.
          It also has a height adjustment, but it would have been better it this could have adjusted a little bit higher, as Aimee tends to lean over when playing on the bandstand.

          ======Operating the bandstand======

          You switch the bandstand on by the button which is under the main music centre this is also the volume control with the options of high and low volume.

          The battery compartment is underneath the band centre. Three C batteries are included but these aren't really that good as they are cheap batteries, you really do need some good brand batteries to make the bandstand work to its full potential. And for them to last any length of time!!

          ========Modes of play========

          There is a knob to the left of the bandstand which you can select the mode of play, there are three modes which are:

          1) Song mode: this plays complete songs while the monkey does his moving and grooving. play any of the instruments to hear a solo from any of them.

          2) Build a song mode: this is where baby can make up his own songs by playing the individual instruments on the bandstand. When baby moves about on the mat some of a song plays as monkey dances along with the flashing lights. Baby can play the keyboard, hit the drum, slide the guitar or move the horns and add the instrument to the song.

          3) Solo mode When baby moves about on the mat a a lively beat plays and the monkey starts dancing along with the beat and flashing lights, baby can play any of the instruments and whichever instrument he plays he will hear a solo from that individual instrument.

          =====Four colourful instruments to help with=====
          hand and eye coordination.

          1) The drum which is centred underneath the monkey, this flashes in coordination with the music and can also be tapped and bashed by baby.

          2) There is a light up piano with five keys that flash in coordination to the music and baby can also play the keys.

          3) It has a set of three horns that can be pushed and pulled.

          4) A guitar with a lever that baby can slide up and down to give the effect that the baby is playing the guitar .

          =====The fun begins=====

          There is a colourful interactive dance mat with a picture of the dancing monkey, hand and footprints which change the tune when baby dances or moves. It has Seven Caribbean calypso style tunes which really are lively and gets my daughter grooving quite merrily. I recognise two of the tunes, one is head, shoulders, knees and toes, the other is if your happy and you know it.

          There is a handle that Aimee pulls herself up with and holds onto whilst she goes into a wild frenzy, bopping up and down, wiggling her bum and shaking her head like a goodun to the music, she really is hilarious to watch.

          There is the groovy gyrating dancing monkey which Aimee has attacked from time to time, it makes a loud rattling noise when he stops the monkey from moving, it did stop working once due to Aimee pulling at him but my partner fixed it quite easily.

          ======Keeping clean======

          Cleaning the bandstand is fairly easy, the mat has a tough wipe clean surface which you can clean with a soft cloth water and a mild non abrasive cleaner, gently wipe the rest of the bandstand with a damp cloth, making sure that it isn't too wet.

          Do not immerse the dancin bandstand in water.


          Room is needed to put this as it doesn't fold down and it is rather bulky, apart from that is really is an enjoyable and exciting toy for baby and a great joy and entertainment for the parents to watch whilst your little ones move to the groove.

          Manufacturers recommended age is 6 months plus

          I hope you enjoyed the read and found it helpful!


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            29.12.2005 23:13
            Very helpful



            Good baby toys with a poor battery life

            Seeing as though this toy was advertised quite a lot before Christmas 2004 and it looked like fun, the Fisher Price Dancin’ Bandstand was our choice for Jon’s main present. Costing around the £40 mark, it can be bought in Argos, Toys R Us or anywhere that sells Fisher Price toys. On Amazon it’s called “Dance Baby Dancing Bandstand”. Not sure where they got that name from.

            The first thing that attracted me to the Bandstand was the dancing monkey on top. While the songs are playing the monkey spins round and wiggles from side to side. Instantly it catches the baby’s attention and makes the toy interesting. Of course, the first thing Jon did when he saw the monkey moving was to grab it. The toy seems to stand up to this kind of (mis!)use and although the monkey makes a not very healthy clicking sound when it isn’t allowed to turn round, there doesn’t seem to have been any lasting damage.

            Underneath the monkey is a flat yellow area that baby can hit and use as a drum. When this is pressed (or bashed) it starts flashing, again gaining baby’s attention. To the left are three brightly coloured horns that can be moved around, again roughly if that’s the way your child likes to play. They are very sturdy and would take a lot to break. To the right is a guitar and baby can pull a piece of plastic down over the pretend strings. And across the middle are five piano keys. Bright and chunky, perfect for baby fingers, they also flash when pressed.

            The toy is switched on by a small switch underneath the main body of the toy. There are 2 volumes, bearable and too loud if kept on for too long, depending on how far you move the switch along. Once the toy is switched on, we are treated to If You’re Happy and You Know It in a sort of calypso style. Whenever one of the “instruments” on the toy is activated, the song changes it’s focus. For example, hit one of the piano keys and the tune is then mainly played by the tinkling piano. Bash the drum and drum sounds become more prominent. I think this is an excellent feature because the baby can change the sounds easily, therefore keeping their attention and making them realise that they can interact with the toy. And also it’s teaching them early sound recognition. OK, so they might not know what the instruments are yet, but they certainly learn very quickly that the different things they hit produce a different sound.

            The other songs are Caribbean versions of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and Looby Loo. Three songs might not sound very much but they do play for quite a while and to be honest, they are quite funky so you don’t really notice their repetitiveness.

            There are 3 Levels of play. The first level plays the songs and focuses on whichever instrument is activated, the second plays a tune very quietly and as the baby hits more instruments, it build up the sounds. So it will play just the drum beat until the guitar is pulled and then you get the guitar and the drum. This is OK but the monkey dancing on top can be quite loud and it is not drowned out by the music. Level 3 requires a lot more interaction from the child. All you can hear on this level is the monkey until an instrument is played. Then you get a brief snippet of that instrument before it goes quiet again. The idea is for the child to make up their own songs by mixing the instruments together. They have to keep setting the instruments off for the song to continue. The piano also plays “real” notes in this mode.

            Attached to the base of the stand is a dance mat and movement on the mat also sets the music off. This is a great idea when baby is playing with the toy and wants to get it going again, not so great when the toy has not been played with for a while, has gone into stand-by mode and then big brother comes along and “accidentally” walks on it so that we’re all treated to yet another rendition of If You’re Happy and You Know It, calypso style! Going anywhere near the mat does see to set the toy off though, so watch out of you’re minding your own business while walking past. One slip of your little toe and you will wake this toy up.

            The Bandstand is quite a bulky toy and isn’t the easiest thing in the world to store. It is built with a standing baby in mind and so the base is quite wide so as not to topple over. The height is perfect for a sitting baby to get the most out of the toy and I expect to get a bit more use out of it once Jon is standing on his own as the height adjusts to grow with your baby. Keeping it clean is easy as it’s all plastic and easily wipeable, including the mat.

            The toy comes complete with 3 C batteries (except from Toys R Us where they have to be bought separately for some reason) and the obligatory screw driver is needed to get into the battery compartment as is the same with all young children’s toys these days. I have found the battery life of this toy to be very disappointing. It was first played with on Christmas Day and just 3 months later they completely ran down. And the toy hasn’t been used for extended periods or even been on every day. Just shows that dancing monkey must use some energy! The sound started to go a bit “wobbly” after only 6 weeks or so which when you consider the price of batteries makes it an expensive toy to keep running.

            So is it worth parting with 40 of your hard earned pounds? Probably, just about. As with a lot of baby toys, it didn't keep him occupied for long periods of time but it is a fun toy to have around and, as it grew with him, he found more and more to do with the toy.

            Recommended age for the toy is 6 months+ which is right considering that the baby really has to be sitting unsupported in order to be able to use the toy. It kept Jon’s interest until about 18 months so a year out of a toy in the baby stage isn’t too bad at all. Having said that, there was plenty about the toy to entertain his older brother who is 3 years older so it's likely to get more use over the coming years. It’s certainly built for the roughness of young babies and is very sturdy. I just wish the batteries lasted longer.


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          • Product Details

            This musical play center encourages baby to dance and move! Inspiration comes from the interactive dance mat, which senses whether baby is sitting, standing or dancing. There are four instrument-themed activities, with wiggling horns, drums to tap, a slid

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