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Fisher-Price Go Baby Go Poppity Pop Musical Dino

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Brand: Fisher Price / Type: Musical Toy / Age: 6 months

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    2 Reviews
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      09.02.2014 10:21
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      Not as good as I had hoped...

      This was a joint present I bought for my daughter and nephew to keep up my Mum's as they spend a lot of time there on weekends. This cost me around £30 and I got it in Toys R Us.

      The dinosaur is for children aged 6-36 months and requires 3 x C batteries which are included.

      The dinosaur is a large toy measuring 46.2 x 32.4 x 20 cm. It is made from bright blue plastic which is robust and sturdy. In the centre of the dinosaur is a mesh type platform which the balls can be dropped into, the dinosaurs tail is a ramp for the balls to come down and his mouth opens to allow the balls to roll out. On the front of the dinosaur is a roller which contains multi coloured beads which can be spun by your child.

      Also in the set you get 6 balls which are like ping pong balls but slightly thicker plastic and they are all different colours.

      This is a rather bulky toy and it takes up a fairly significant amount of floor space. When I bought this my daughter was 9 months and my nephew was 20 months so within the recommended age group.

      The dinosaur works by your child dropping balls onto the mesh which causes the mesh to bounce and play music eventually the balls will roll out through the dinosaurs mouth and across the room. This annoyed my daughter no end as the balls were rolling under the sofa and under other furniture so she was unable to get them herself cue lots of running around by myself and other family members. My nephew was not interested in anything but the balls which he removed and played with separately.

      The dinosaur plays 8 tunes which are repetitive and annoying it is also loud. There are also some noisy side effects when the roller is spun at the front.

      This toy got cast aside after a few hours and within a few weeks of it being out the balls had depleted in numbers and now two years on we can only find 3.

      Overall this was a disappointment there isn't much scope for creative play with this as it really doesn't do a lot. My daughter hasn't played with it for months and my nephew was not interested at all. In the end it was just gathering dust so we took it to my daughters nursery and donated it as it was in great condition.

      I wouldn't recommend this toy it is expensive for what it does and there are cheaper toys that my daughter has enjoyed more.

      I would only give this 2 stars it is noisy, bulky and pretty boring.


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        16.01.2014 19:47
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        A good toy, my son loves it

        I bought this for my son for Christmas last year when he was only seven months old, he is now 20 months old and he still regularly goes to this toy to play with it. I got a really good deal on this toy at the time, I found it on offer in Tesco for £14, so bought it straight away! I had it in my Amazon shopping basket for months thinking I will buy it when I have enough vouchers, but it was £32 on there! So I snapped it up in Tesco for £14! It is still selling on Amazon for £32, and I really do think this is well overpriced for this toy.

        This is a bright blue dinosaur which sings and plays 8 different tunes. It has a hole for the dinosaurs belly/back which is open and you place the 6 balls it comes with in there. It bounces them up and down and plays music at the same time. It has an on/off switch at the back.

        This toy is a very noisy toy! It has two sound settings on the back, and even the low sound setting is too much for me to listen to sometimes! The musical dinosaur starts playing music as soon as it is touched, even ever so slightly, it sets off straight away. The music is fun and catchy and my son always dances to it, he loves it, however I find it quite annoying! I don't find any of my sons other toys annoying, even when I have to listen to them all day, but this one the music is just so repetitive, but the songs are always really happy and bouncy.

        This comes with six different coloured balls that you place into the dinosaurs belly, and the belly vibrates and plays music, which makes the balls pop up and down. They don't actually lift very far off the floor of the toy, in the picture they are in the air quite high, and mine have never gone very high. You can start by putting the balls at the tip of the tail of the dinosaur, and then the ball should roll, down the tail, through a flap into the belly, and then through a hole in it's neck and out of it's mouth. My son loves sticking his arm up the dinosaurs mouth to try and get the balls, he loves putting any toy he finds in its mouth!

        My son is fascinated by the vibrations the belly makes, he often sits on his knees and puts his face right in, I think he loves it hitting his nose! He will sit with his face in it for ages! He also puts his hand in the middle to try and stop it vibrating, he is just fascinated by it.

        The actual balls are quite small, a lot smaller than those you would get in a ball pit for example. They are all bright and fun colours, and really easy for young babies to grip. They are so light, and durable, after over a year these balls look in perfect condition still.

        The toy itself I am not sure will be so durable, the flap that separates the belly and the tail my son pulled off within a few days of having it, and whenever I put it back on, he just pulls it straight back off! So we can't use this part anymore, it could do with being fixed tighter!

        The bottom of the belly, where you put the balls into, is actually made of fabric, which is absolutely filthy now due to my son putting all sort in the dinosaurs belly to jump about! Food and all sorts have stained the fabric and there is no way of getting it off to wash it. I have tried wiping it with a cloth, but it just looks dirty now.

        The actual dinosaur is sturdy and well made though, there are no scratches or dents anywhere, it is in brilliant condition. This toy is quite heavy, although my son at 20 months old can lift it, but not for very long. He does love carrying it about with him, but does struggle with it.

        This required 3 C batteries, and I have only had to replace them twice in the year I have had it, they do last a long while.

        I don't leave this toy out all the time for my son to play with, just because once it is turned on, the music can start playing at the slightest movement of it. Even if my son runs about near it, it just sets off playing and he hasn't even touched it! I just get it out now and again for him to play with and he is always excited when he sees it!

        The dinosaur is finished nicely, there is some nice detail on it, like the little bumps along the tail and then round the back, and the little yellow feet. The face looks fun for children to look at, and overall it is just a brilliant looking toy. It also has a small roller on the front as a nice little extra which my son did play with when he was younger, but doesn't bother so much with now.

        Overall, this toy is not worth £32, the price I paid for it is much better, and I think I would have felt slightly ripped off if I had paid full price, although my son does love it, the balls don't pop up like I thought they would. It is a gorgeous toy, bright, bold and very loud and fun, brilliant for boys or girls and I would highly recommend!


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