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Fisher Price Go Diego Go Talking Rescue Radio

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Manufacturer: Fisher Price / Age: 2 Years+

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    1 Review
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      18.11.2009 13:48
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      A great basic toy

      Children's toys are so expensive and they usually become outgrown, neglected and forgotten about after a few months. With this in mind, I put a lot of thought into purchasing toys to make sure my son will get plenty of use out of them. However whenever I see little toys on sale I am usually quick to buy them as I don't like to miss a bargain! Children seem to enjoy and play more with cheaper toys, I don't know why but they do!

      A few months back Amazon had a clearance sale on various toys and one of them happened to be the Go Diego Go Talking Rescue Radio which is usually £14.99 but at the time it was on sale for £2.88 - an absolute steal. So I wasted no time in ordering one for my son. Although the recommended age for this toy is 24 months, my son was only 18 months at the time when I purchased it, but I knew that he would like it and I would be supervising him with it. I was confident that it would be good quality as it is a Fisher Price toy, so I didn't hesitate in ordering one.

      Along with the radio you also get an exclusively marked baby caiman figure (a caiman is an alligator native to the South American region) it was fairly small so not something my son could really play with, even though he is 24 months of age this is something that stays in the drawer and only gets played with when he is sitting with me as he likes to put toys to his mouth and have a chew. The solid figure is of good quality and is a nice little extra. In the box there is also an animal fact card which isn't much good for a 2 year old, and is something that will just be lost.

      We was only interested in the radio, all toddlers like 'noisy' toys and especially things like phones and remote controls are always popular with toddlers, so I was sure that this would be a hit with my son.

      > Who is Diego?

      The radio itself is from the hit children's animated TV show "Go Diego Go!" in which the young character Diego goes around rescuing various animals in the rainforest. Diego is the older cousin to Dora the Explorer and like during that programme the emphasis is on helping your child to learn new things such as about the various animals that Diego helps and also to a small degree the Spanish language as well. During the show Diego will use his radio to help locate and assist the animals that are in trouble.

      > What does the Diego Radio do?

      The radio is nice and chunky and after having a good tug at the aerial and the clip on the back I was confident to let my son play with it by himself. It is nice, bright and very colourful, with just one button on the front. The large screen on the front has a picture of Diego swinging from a rope with an animal in each corner.

      With each press of the button an animal sound is made and then a phrase to follow. My sons favourite is the baby jaguar, the sound of a jaguar is made and then Diego says The baby jaguar needs our help My son will press the button several times until this animal noise comes up as he finds it hilarious for some reason. He will sit and press the button repeatedly just the right amount of times to hear this animal sound.

      The product description states that this radio has phrases in animal, Spanish and English. Each press of the button activates a different phrase or sound. There is also a LED light that lights up just under each animal as the sound is made. There are four different animals pictured on the screen which are a jaguar, a dolphin, a monkey, and a caiman. The phrases are said in a Mexican voice which I had to listen to carefully to catch what was being said. The only Spanish phrase which is said is '"Hola, my name is Diego'" so I wouldn't exactly say it has Spanish phrases, of course this didn't bother me as such, but I don't think one word constitutes to Spanish phrases, so some may be a bit disappointed with this.

      The radio comes complete with a clip which enables you to attach it to your child's belt as they go on an adventure looking for wild animals to rescue. A toddler will need help to clip it onto their belt and they may also need help in taking it off again. My son is only 24 months old so he is a little young to understand the concept of having it clipped to him to play a game so this was not something that we really used to any great degree. He is more content with pushing the button and seeing how durable it is by standing on it and dropping it. Thankfully with all Fisher Price toys I have found them to be robust and they can take heavy handed toddlers.

      The Radio takes 2 AA batteries which are included, and are housed in the back of the unit, they are screwed in so your toddler won't be able to take them out. The batteries have lasted well however this only gets played with for about 20 minutes at a time before my son moves onto another toy. It is a nice size for little hands (5.8 x 20.3 x 22.9 cm) and it isn't too heavy for little ones to carry around with them (354g)

      This is a great little toy that will be more suited to a 3 year old in my opinion as it will promote role play as your child goes on an adventure saving wild animals. My son enjoys playing with it and it keeps him amused and entertained for a while. However I wouldn't pay the general retail price of £14.99 for this as I think that is quite expensive for what it is unless your child is a fan of Diego. The play value is quite limited for a 24 month old child and in my opinion Fisher Price have far better toys in their range that are more suited to this age that they will get more play out of.

      I think it is overpriced for what it is but of course with all merchandise that is spawned from popular children's shows you are going to be paying over the odds for it. It can be found on-line on Amazon.co.uk or from places such as Toys 'R' Us.

      A great basic toy, but I wouldn't pay full price for it.


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