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Fisher Price Gobble-N-Go Hippo

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Brand: Fisher Price / Age: 9 months

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    1 Review
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      24.11.2008 17:12
      Very helpful



      Great purchse if you want a walker and ride on combined.

      Walkers are now every day toys when it comes to children so deciding which one to use was always at the front of our mind. Then we came across this - the gobble-n-go hippo. What more could you ask for when it's a walker and a ride on combined?

      It's made of blue plastic and low and behold - shaped like a hippo! They've even gone as far as to put eyes on it. The mouth is at the front and opens and closes so that it can "gobble" the peek a blocks that came with it.

      The inside of the hippo is hollow so there is room so store the blocks that came with it - always handy so they aren't floating around the room all of the time. A large yellow handle covers over the hole when it is being used as a ride on and there is a big red button that you push in order to move the handle backwards so it can now be used as a walker.

      When the hippo is pushed along the floor or used as a ride on, the hippo's head moves up and down eating up anything in it's path (well supposed to just be the blocks but it seems to pick everything up that fits!)

      I've not seen many toys around that can change from a ride on to a walker - most of them are a ride on with a handle at the back that isn't very big and often leads to arguments. I've also never seen a walker that can eat up bricks on the way! This really was a novel idea but perhaps not a flawless one.

      The hippo itself is extremely sturdy and my daughter has never tried to pick this one up and carry it around like she does with most of her other toys. This does mean it is a little on the heavier side than most, but i can only view this as a good thing. Too many toys are lightweight these days and we've had to remove to many of them from our little girl as she just picks them up and falls over with them, usually with the toy landing on her head!

      Gobbling up the bricks is great fun in our house and her newest trick is steering the hippo over cars, plastic food or anything else that will fit. Some people could deem this as a down side but i think it's great, it means she can pick other things up in the hippos mouth and still have fun with the toy rather than having to stick with the same things over and over again. It is also a bonus that the hippo came with 6 peek a blocks and you can buy more separately if you so wish. These bricks are also compatible with other fisher price toys.

      It's funny, all of these functions and my daughters favourite game is to squeeze herself into the hollow bit of the hippo and giggle to herself at what she has done. Whoever said toys were invented for specific things were completely wrong when it came to my little girl.

      As with every toy there are a couple of downsides or improvements I would have made and perhaps would have expected from this toy for the price it was sold for.

      The hippo seems to be quite wide and as a result my daughter always needs help to climb onto the hippo to use it as a ride on. She also needs help to get back off most of the time which can be a pest if you're trying to do something else.

      An improvement i would have made to the hippo would be to add some sound effects to it. When the hippo gobbles up a brick it would have been very easy to add in a gobbling sound effect to made the little ones laugh. It didn't need to be anything complicated but a sound here or there wouldn't have gone amiss.

      I've also heard a few bad reviews about this with little ones getting there hand/foot stuck in the hippos mouth. Has this been a problem for us? No. It's never been a problem for any child that's played with it at ours either although I can see how it could happen.

      When it comes to value for money I'd say we paid slightly over what it's worth and that was in the sale! Woolworth's are selling it for £24.99 reduced from £29.99 but i feel without the sound effects it would be more appropriate at around £19.99. It's worth mentioning that the peek a blocks can be bought for around £6.99 for 6 and i feel this is definitely value for money as they are extremely long lasting blocks.

      It says on the box that it's suitable from 9 months plus but you could use this as a ride on earlier. It probably wouldn't last past the age of 2 as a ride on as there is limited space but we're not at that milestone yet and my daughter still plays with it so I'll update when she can no longer use it.

      My verdict: A nice colourful and sturdy toy that your baby/toddler can have hours of fun with. If it's in a sale for around £19.99 then it's definitely worth the purchase.


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    • Product Details

      Gobble up the Peek-a-Blocks! The hungry hippos' head bobs up and down as you ride or push him along. Comes with five food themed blocks: cereal, broccoli, carrots, pie and peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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