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Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Love to Play Puppy

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    2 Reviews
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      07.10.2015 01:19
      Very helpful


      • "Teaches your child invaluable lessons!"
      • "Plays a lot of songs"
      • "Educational whilst enjoyable"
      • " soft and cuddly"
      • "Attractive toy"
      • "Comes with first batteries free"
      • "Only £30!"


      A Great Toy Which Combines Education And Fun!

      I adore this baby toy - it is one of the best on the market for combining fun, education and affordability while maintaining style and comfort. It is a very sound investment to make as a parent if you want to give your baby the best start to his/her younger years, without breaking the bank.

      It is recommended for children above 6 months up until 3yrs, although older children can still reap enjoyment from the toy. At £29.99 it is available in most baby shops and general stores such as Argos and Amazon, as well as being able to be bought directly from Fisher Price. Fisher Price is a very good brand for all things baby related and I believe this toy is one of their best innovations. I would recommend possibly looking for the toy from their site first, as if they have an offer on you may get it discounted for purchasing another toy at the same time.

      Unfortunately the toy does require 3 AA batteries which can be expensive to keep up providing if your child is likely to use it to excess however the first set of batteries comes free with the toy, and it is worth it!

      The educational factors of the toy are fantastic as the puppy comes with a light up bone collar to help your child learn music, ten songs for your child to sing along to, teaches your baby about the alphabet, parts of the body and counting and also has labelled features to help your child learn about parts of the body. Children are advised to have toys like these to help with early brain growth and development and I believe this toy is good since the cuddly, soft exterior of the toy means the child can also have fun whilst they learn. The puppy has some very funny sayings which make my child laugh non stop, which is a truly beautiful thing to hear!

      The toy is very pleasing aesthetically and my daughter will almost always choose this toy first when she comes downstairs in the morning. I enjoy bonding with her over the toy and find it a valuable part of both of our lives.

      If you don't already have this toy for your child, I think Santa would be a great person to bring it for them as Christmas nears! 'Laugh and Learn' is truly the perfect description of the toy.


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      10.08.2013 13:21
      Very helpful



      Laugh and Learn with this Fisher Price Puppy

      The Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Puppy is one of my son's favourite toys and one of the first things he makes a beeline for when he spots it in his bedroom. This well designed, interactive and fun toy offers plenty to do and for around £15.00 I think it's been on of my best buys for him in terms of how much he's played with it and the amount of joy it gives him.

      It's a big old thing, in its seated position it reaches my sons chest when he's sat up and as shown in the picture here it's been designed as a very cute-looking puppy. It's floppy ears and large paws each have coloured discs on them which when pressed come out with a variety of phrases and songs, a hidden on/off switch is embedded into the toy's back which can be a little fiddly to get to as well as the battery compartment which requries a screwdriver to access. The Laugh and Learn Puppy needs 3 AA batteries to work and in the time my son has been playing with his toy I've not had to replace them so I would say that it's not a real battery-drainer requiring constant replacements even after constantly rigorous play sessions. It's a fat little puppy with a nicely rounded tummy, fully made from a soft fabric that is nice to the touch except from a plastic heart on the toys chest which when pressed comes out with a rather cute "I Love You" statement and all in all I would say that it's been very well made, beautifully designed and certainly looks a lot more expensive than it currently retails for.

      There's lots to do with the Laugh & Learn puppy; each paw, both of his ears, his heart and tummy all have different phrases and songs that are played when pressed and my son likes nothing more than picking it up and playing with it. There is a 'settings' button that can change the toy from 'learning' mode to 'game mode' so depending on what it's set on will determine the phrases and words it comes out with - learning mode teaches the alphabet and numbers whereas 'game' mode is more about having fun with different songs and phrases. My son will often roll onto his tummy and lift the puppy to his face so that he can nibble on the toy's ear so whilst it looks quite large it's not all that heavy and my son has no problems with moving him around. The volume isn't too loud so that it becomes annoying though when certain phrases are repeated ad nauseum they can grate after a while but that's from my point of view and not my son's as he seems to think it's rather amusing to press the same button over and over again (!).

      The toy's musical and speech discs are very responsive and sensitive to the touch (which is probably a good thing as doesn't cause frustration) so can at times become a bit of a jumbled mix up of phrases and songs if my son gets a little too rough with it as it hops from saying one thing to another, thankfully because it isn't too noisy it's not too annoying to hear and I think it adds to the fun for my son as he knows he can be quite heavy handed with it without fear of it not working. I like it's large size, it's definitely eye-catching for my son and he knows where I sit it in his bedroom so it's one of the first things he crawls towards when he's playing in there and because it offers him a lot of variety of songs and phrases it's not something that bores him after a few minutes of play.

      The voice used in the expressions and phrases is rather charming and definitely appropriate for the toy itself though I do think it's perhaps a little overly sensitive to the touch so even if you brush by it it'll activate a phrase or song. This isn't a complaint when my son is playing but as the on/off switch is hidden behind a couple of pieces of Velcroed fabric on the toy's back it can be a bit of a pain and rather fiddly if you do want to turn it off at bedtime or nap-time for example. All in all though I do like the toy, my son loves to play with it and it is one of his favourite things to pick up and chew too so it has another handy use for him.

      For £15.00 I think it's a brilliant buy and I'd definitely recommend it to other parents for their young ones, it's perhaps a little too big for a very young baby but it's very soft and cuddly and very cute so should have a wide range of appeal. It's gender neutral, very well made if not a little over-sensitive (again, not a complaint) and has the added benefit of being a learning toy and can be used to get a child used to the alphabet, numbers and colours etc. My son loves his so that's the main thing as far as I'm concerned and as a rating here it gets 5 stars from me. Perfect as a present, made by Fisher Price so a familiar and respected name in the baby toy industry the Laugh & Learn Puppy comes recommended by me and my 13 month old son. Thanks for reading my review.


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    • Product Details

      At a Glance Your baby will fall in love with the Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy. The bright colours, soft touch and fun format let your little one learn as they play with their new canine companion. Features and benefits for Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Love to Play Puppy The perfect playmate for little ones from 6 months A colourful and fun design that your baby will love By pressing each paw, your baby can learn songs, the alphabet, body parts and colours Requires 3 x AA batteries (included) Requires 3 x AA batteries (included) Mothercare loves...??the countless learning elements that have been squeezed into this cuddly puppy that your little one is sure to love and learn a lot from through interactive play.Want to know more?The Laugh & Learn??? Love to Play Puppy??? is the perfect pal to help your baby learn as they play. Pressing one of the puppy's paws lets your little one learn the alphabet, body parts, colours and a host of fun songs and phrases that your baby will adore.When they're not learning, your little one can take their Laugh & Learn??? Love to Play Puppy??? with them when they're on the go or snuggling down to sleep. The soft fabric and delightful colours will keep them amused for hours.Don't forget...Mothercare stocks a number of toy tidy and storage solutions to keep your little one's toys neat and tidy when they're not being played with. What's in the box: 1 x Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy

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