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Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Peek a Boo Cuckoo

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2 Reviews

Brand: Fisher Price / Type: Toy Cuckoo Clock / Age: 6 months + / Type: Learning Toy

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    2 Reviews
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      21.08.2011 20:27
      Very helpful



      A great gift but not something you'd probably buy yourself

      In a way I am quite lucky, my daughter was born when my one niece was around 14 months old and this enabled my daughter to receive nearly new and never used toys simply because my niece had a wide range of toys and my sister in law kindly stocked me up with toys. I was incredibly grateful and my daughter is still using them today at now 10 months old.

      Like most children she goes through phases which toy she prefers over all of her others and most sit redundant in her play box until she gets bored and wants something else. Currently she has two favourites and one is the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Peek-a-boo Cuckoo. I received this brand new in the box from my sister in law as my niece had received two. It is now one toy my daughter adores.

      The Laugh & Learn range from Fisher Price are toys basically designed to help a baby and toddler learn the basics whilst still having fun. The Peek-a-boo Cuckoo helps to teach the ABC's, numbers, counting, opposites, greetings, times of day to name just a few. Now the toy is aimed for ages 6 months to 36 months and now I don't expect my daughter at 10 months to suddenly recite the alphabet it can do no harm her listening to it (I learnt my timestables whilst at junior school listening to a tape over and over again!).

      The Peek-a-boo Cuckoo is a medium sized mainly plastic toy and looks exactly like the picture on Dooyoo. The main body is purple at the back is purple and the front of the toy is bright red and has blue feet which helps support the toy to stand up. At the sides there are two different objects for the child, one side features a green little wind up handle which simply just makes a rather loud wind up sound and on the other side there are three plastic little rings which can go up and down the handle (my daughter personally likes to chew these!). At the top there is a bright green round button which when pressed the light up cuckoo pops out the front. Next to the green button on the one side is a little yellow wheel which when turned will turn into daytime or bedtime mode and the melodies will reflect this (sun/moon dial).

      The front of the Peek-a-boo Cuckoo features a face made out of items of the toy. So the nose features the two arms of a clock and then around this area there are the numbers to help tell the time and the arms move to whatever time you'd want it to be - this part of the toy is bright yellow and numbers are multicoloured. The button which is basically the nose when pressed lights up red and flashes whilst the melodies are playing or when the cuckoo clock is talking. There is a little mouth at the bottom which gives it more of a cartoon look about it. At the top there is a little door where the light up cuckoo pops out of and above the little door is the multi-coloured alphabet.

      The Peek-a-boo Cuckoo basically has a variety of greetings, songs and activities which claim to keep a baby busy by Fisher Price. It does have more than 10 songs and tunes which play in both the day and night modes not to mention the numerous greetings and phrases. On the front of the toy there is a small switch can adjust the cuckoo to either be turned off, number mode and alphabet mode - there is also a volume control to enable 'quiet play' and for me after a while this is definitely needed! The Peek-a-Boo Cuckoo does require two AA batteries and so far after around 5 months of continual use my batteries are still going strong!

      It did take a while for my daughter to figure out how to get the cuckoo to pop out of its little house by pressing the big green button on the top. The cuckoo is orange in colour and lights up when it emerges and my daughter seems to really like this. However, my daughter now bypasses the big green button and just manages to open the door herself to see the cuckoo! When the cuckoo appears melodies start to play which is quite nice although now I hear is the little plastic door banging shut over and over!

      My daughter however did learn quickly that by pressing the large red button at the front (the nose!) that it will light up and tunes start. She really seems to like this and does manage to turn the clock arms and this seems to keep her occupied for quite sometime. She likes when she has a toy which flashes colours and this does although only red and orange she seems to really enjoy it. I think as my daughter gets older she will understand more about the daytime and night time so this function on the toy is a little wasted on a child at the younger end of the suitable age range but she still enjoys turning the dial at the top and hearing the different melodies and phrases.

      I have to admit that the alphabet melody is a bit wasted on my daughter at the moment and so is the clock but in time I am sure they will become something that is a learning tool for my daughter but at the grand age of 10 months she simply enjoys the tunes, phrases and the flashing lights. Oh and of course chewing on the plastic that this toy is made from! But it keeps my daughter amused and it is actually quite a sturdy toy which is all that matters to me. It probably wouldn't have been my toy of choice but as it was free I'm certainly not going to knock it.

      Any negatives? Yes - despite the toy being quite sturdy it is top heavy and despite having blue 'feet' acting as a base it is easily knocked over which my daughter doesn't really seem to mind but I would have liked it to be a bit more stable so she could play with it properly but she seems perfectly happy with it when its flat on the floor. Fortunately, she knows the way it should be facing so she can play with the features.

      Would I recommend? Well yes I would. It's a toy that does no harm and for most babies the flashing lights and music will be engaging. It will no doubt help enhance language skills with the sing along songs and greetings and help start them off with telling the time, learning the letters and numbers. Despite not intending it to buy it myself I am quite happy with it. No doubt my daughter will favour something else in time but it keeps her entertained and the tunes are not mind numbing as some toys. Definitely worth a shot and even better if you get it as a gift!! I'm giving it 4 stars purely because there are better toys on the market and at the younger end of the age scale it can be a bit useless.

      ~ Useful Info ~

      Availability: Boots, Amazon etc

      Price: Seems to range from the £18 mark up to £29.99


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      04.02.2011 09:26
      Very helpful



      A less than average cuckoo clock from Fisher Price to aid your child with counting and the ABC

      Since having children, family members seem to buy ad hoc gifts, usually toys. Fisher Price toys seem to be a popular choice and we have had some great presents, which are very much gratefully received. However one of the more disappointing presents has been the Fisher Price Peek A Boo Cuckoo.

      ***What is it?***
      The Fisher Price Peek A Boo Cuckoo is a cuckoo clock shaped toy which lights up and plays music to help children learn , numbers, counting ABC and about the times of day. It is a toy about 30cm high by 30cm wide. The toy clock is multi coloured plastic, with stickers stuck onto it. The clock has blue plastic feet as a base so the clock stands up. On top of the clock is a green button when pushed a cuckoo pops out of the centre of the clock. There is a clock face with pointers that spin around. There are also rattles, and two twin round features on the side of the clock. The packaging states that the clock plays over 10 songs and requires 2 x size AA batteries.

      ***Suitable for***
      Fisher Price state that this is suitable for children ages 6 - 36 months. My boys were given this at 10 months old and seemed to be quite interested by the sounds and pop up functions but are too young to understand the learning features just yet which are more suitable for older toddlers. For a 6 month old baby I personally think the bright colours and light up features would be the main attraction as the buttons on the clock are quite difficult to press.

      The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Peek a Boo Cuckoo is available from a number of large retailers, including Mothercare, Argos, Tesco, Toys R Us and Smyths.

      This was bought for my children as a present. The price of this toy varies, when I checked online the lowest was £16.99 in Mothercare up to £30. Personally I think this is very expensive and would have only put the toy at around the £10 mark.

      ***Using it***
      The multi-coloured design of the Fisher Price Cuckoo clock makes it very attractive to children. My boys immediately crawled over to check it out. Something I did notice about the toy as soon as I took it out of the outer packaging was that the clock felt quite flimsy and although made from plastic, it did not feel as durable and hardwearing as some of the other Fisher Price toys that we have in our collection. It was apparent immediately that the toy is badly designed because the base of the clock (which allows it to stand upright) is too small and narrow. As soon as my boys attempted to press the button on top of the clock to reveal the cuckoo the clock fell over. I initially thought that this was due to standing the toy on laminate flooring, but after attempting the same task with the clock on the rug, the same issue occurred.

      For younger children the toy can help with coordination to press the top button and spin the pointers on the clock face; however this is slightly flawed by the design of the toy and the fact it falls over far too easily. When my boys now attempt to play with the toy they know to press to button on the top of the clock to reveal the cuckoo but as they press down on the button the clock usually falls over. The boys lose interest as soon as this happens and crawl off to play with something else.

      For older children there are a lot more learning features to the clock, in terms of learning to count and learning the alphabet. You can set the toy to ABC mode or musical mode. The musical mode has songs about night and day and greetings. The ABC mode teaches the alphabet and counting. The songs on both modes allow children to copy the songs and rhymes and although these are educational, the words are not very clear and I feel a little fast for young children. Even for older toddlers I feel this is a frustrating toy as it is so unsteady and you have to press down on the buttons very carefully in order for it not to fall over. Even for an older child I think this is a little too difficult.

      There is a switch to operate the mode which can be set to off, ABC or music mode and a volume switch to have the toy on half or full volume. Full volume is quite loud so personally I ensure this is on half volume. The volume switch is quite well hidden on the side of the clock, something that I did not discover immediately.

      I often have friends with older toddlers over to visit and their children play alongside my boys with their toys. I have noticed that the older children (who are between two and three years old) do not seem interested in the clock after having an initial survey of the toy which usually ends up falling over on the floor. The learning features the toy boasts do not get used by the older children and even if myself or one of my friends have sat and attempted to get the children to play with the clock, they look less than impressed and look for something else to play with.

      Generally I have found Fisher Price toys to be good quality, durable toys. However in the case of this particular toy I do not think this is the case, in fact I was actually surprised this was a Fisher Price toy. After 3 months of light use the stickers on the face of the clock have started to peel off. The boys do not pick at these (mainly due to the fact their interest in playing with this toy is very limited), however the corners of the stickers have started to raise upwards. I have tried to stick these back down, however this has made the toy look slightly tatty, not something you would expect from a relatively new toy, especially as I wouldn't consider the Peek a Boo Cuckoo to be cheap. I also have reservations about the pointers of the clock being made from very flimsy plastic, my more destructive twin seems intent on tugging on these and I believe once his coordination improves, the clock pointers will be pulled off!

      ***Overall ***
      Personally I would not recommend the Peek a Boo Cuckoo from Fisher Price and I am very pleased this was bought as a present rather than spend my own money on this toy. For what it is I think this is quite expensive and would not be willing to pay over £10 for it.

      The overall quality of the toy seems quite flimsy in comparison to other Fisher Price products and although it has not broken it is majorly flawed by the fact the base of the clock is so small/ narrow. For younger children and toddlers the toy constantly gets pulled over and does not stand up, which is frustrating for children because it interrupts play and frustrating as a parent as you keep having to stand the toy up or keep hold of it so your child can play with it.

      A very poor product from Fisher Price!


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