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Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Roll Along Turtle

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3 Reviews

Brand: Fisher Price / Type: Learning Toy

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    3 Reviews
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      15.01.2013 14:11
      Very helpful



      a nice toy

      This lovely turtle was a Christmas gift for my youngest daughter who is just a year old.

      On the base of the turtle there is an on, off button and the option of two volume levels, I do love toys with this on as some can get rather irritating if they are loud all of the time, especially when there is more than one making a noise.

      On the top of turtles shell thee is a music button in green with a music symbol on it that sings a counting song when pressed but only one song repetitively.

      On the left side you have a triangle and a square with the numbers one and two on them, if pressed once it tells you the number but if pressed twice it tells you the shape and on the opposite side there is a circle and a heart with three and four written on them. Each of these is a different colour so I thought it might have a third feature teaching colours but sadly it doesn't.

      As with all fisher price toys this is very well made and looks like it will withstand a lot of rough play from my children.

      The wheels on the bottom allow you to push it along and I did think something else might happen with this like the head move or it play music as you pushed it but it doesn't.

      Although I think his toy could have had other features to improve it considering it is from a top toy brand my daughters still seem to love it and really enjoy playing with it, not only my one year old but my three year old too and as it is neutral colour it would suit a girl or boy.


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      28.11.2012 23:27
      Very helpful



      A friendly and strong little turtle.

      ~*~*~ Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Roll Along Turtle ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      This is a cheerful looking plastic turtle from Fisher Price, it has five buttons on it's 'shell' and is a nice, strong and sturdy toy.

      ~ What does it do? ~

      Our turtle, named Percy by my son many years ago looks slightly different to the one pictured above, out has a not as cute smile and smaller eyes and also green wheels but the buttons are mainly the same but in different colours.

      At the bottom of the toy by the screw cover battery compartment there is the volume/off switch. It has two volumes but neither are particularly loud so I tend to leave it on the highest setting. It takes three AA batteries.

      On the turtles shell you will see five buttons. A green oval button on the top has a music note symbol printed on it in white and when pressed it flashes red and tings out a little jingle, the jingle is the same every time so there isn't much variety there! Then around the shell are four shaped buttons, a yellow triangle which has the letter A printed on it - When pressed a female voice says either A or Triangle, the next is an orange square shaped button with the letter B, the next is a yellow circle with the letter C and the last one is a red heart with the letter D printed on it. Just like button A, these also when pressed have a female voice saying either the shape or letter.

      When you roll the turtle a male voice suddenly says - Baado Baapoo! I am not quite sure if that is exactly what is pronounced but that is how it sounds to me! As he rolls the oval button on top flashes in red.

      ~ Why I bought it ~

      I actually bought this nine years ago for my second sons first Christmas, he was just two months old at the time so it didn't get used by him immediately but my eldest son who was coming up three at the time found it quite good fun!
      Over the years however it did get a lot of use and I recently (three weeks ago) went in the attic to get the Christmas decorations out when I came across a bag of toys, in the bag was the turtle, and upon bringing him downstairs my son said ' Oh, you've found Percy! '!

      I thought it would be a nice toy for my littlest one to play with so I gave him a good clean with Dettol and a cloth and added three batteries to him, I was pleased to find that he still works perfectly!

      ~ Overall ~

      Despite having this turtle for nine years he is still in pretty good condition, the letters on the shapes are a little scuffed but apart from that everything else is perfect. The front wheels have a rubbery band around them which helps when pushing it along the table or laminate flooring as he doesn't slip everywhere.

      The batteries last really well, over the years despite it's use it has had three battery changes that I can remember. One when recently purchased, another when my five year old was little and another now.

      I can recall this being a toy that was dropped or rather pushed off the table numerous times and it hasn't suffered at all, it's a nice strong sturdy toy that has no visable injuries to show for it's age or use!

      He is certainly a friendly looking little chap and my littlest one is quite taken with it, as the others have been before him. He like to push him along the floor to me and then claps when I push it back, he also like to shout at it if it fails to make the Baado, Baapoo sound!

      It's a good toy for learning basic shapes too so it is educational but my children have mainly used it for fun and they have all very much enjoyed him.

      If I am remembering correctly this was bought in Wilkinsons for under £10 so it's been well worth the money!

      The newer updated version does have a slightly cuter face but looks like it has the same features as this.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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      08.10.2012 14:20
      Very helpful



      Good toy, recommended

      We have acquired this particular toy last year when my daughter was around 5 months old. It was a gift from my cousin and her boyfriend who came to stay with us for couple of week. The toy came in its original packaging with was just a small display cardboard box which meant the toy could be seen in it. The box and toy were small enough to fit into the suitcase as my cousin flew to UK to see us.

      ***What is it?***
      Learn and laugh roll on turtle is an activity toy made by very well know brand Fisher Price. We have loads of toys by fisher price which all proved to be of very good quality and this one is not an exception. Turtle is multi-coloured; it has green head with smiley face painted on it, blue shell with 5 buttons, little cute green tail and 4 yellow wheels.

      Turtle is aimed to help babies/toddler to learn number, shapes and colours lots by pressing buttons which are located on the shell of the turtle. Toy can be also useful when encouraging babies to start to crawl or they can crawl next to it once they are on the move.

      There are 5 buttons on the turtle's shell as mentioned earlier, them being: green oval button with note on it which plays a song and 4 shapes. Each shape is different colour and has assigned a number which is painted on that particular shape. So we have a purple triangle with number 1 on it, orange square with number 2, yellow circle number 3 and red heart number 4. Depending on which button is pressed, the turtle will say the shape and if you press the same button again it will say the number which is assigned to that particular shape. The song button sings:

      "Counting counting counting is such fun, count with me lets starts with number 1, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 wasn't that the best I would love to count again"

      Trust me, this is very catching song, when my daughter first got this toy it used to play all the time and because she loved it soooo much I didn't have a heart to switch it off.

      Turtle has little button at the bottom, you can either set it on low volume, loud or off. Because this toy is not too large, i was able to take it with us when we where travelling or visiting family to keep my daughter entertained.

      ***My turtle is bit different***
      For those you have read my previous reviews, I have mentioned that I my first language is not English and my daughter is being raised as bilingual as all my family live abroad. My cousin brought this toy for my daughter from Slovakia and so my turtle is bilingual and speaks/sings in both Slovak and English. It first speaks/sings in Slovakian and goes straight to repeat it in English. I was very pleased with this; we have few bilingual toys at home which help my daughter to link English and Slovak together.

      Toy is recommended for babies of 6 months of age and above. My daughter got it at nearly 5 months old and was able play and enjoy it straight away. She loved listening to the song. I used to play it and wheel it towards her whilst she was sitting up (before she could crawl) which used to make her laugh so much. Now that she is nearly 20 months old, she still plays with this toy occasionally (although not as much as she used to). I will often ask her to point the shape I want her to press so she can listen to it in English and Slovak. She likes it when we sit opposite to each other and wheel turtle back and forth towards each other. It certainly provided hours of fun for my daugher.

      Turtle came with batteries already in it and considering how much she used to play with it, I didn't have to change batteries at all yet so they do last a while. Turtle is made of plastic and its easy to clean either with damp cloth or I use baby wipe and job done.

      ***Final words***
      As mentioned above, this was a gift to my daughter so I didn't pay for it. I haven't seen it loads around shops but it is available on Amazon.co.uk for £13.95 which may seem bit steep for such a small toy however what toy is cheap nowadays? On the top of that, this is fisher price toy which is an excellent quality, we had this toy for 16 months now and it had fair amount of bashing around and I cannot point out single scrat on it!!! I would still recommend it even for this price to anyone.
      5/5 stars


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