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Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Storybook Rhymes

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5 Reviews

Brand: Fisher Price / Age: 6-36 months / Type: Books

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    5 Reviews
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      27.09.2013 13:46



      Excellent first book for babies

      I purchased this toy for my 6 month old baby. The recommended age is 6-36 months which I would agree with. The book is not your traditional story book as it is made entirely from chunky plastic. It is suitable for either a boy or a girl.

      The "spine" of the book is a friendly caterpillar who has a red flashing nose and 3 buttons down his body. One button for 1,2,3, a button for a,b,c and a button for shapes. The pages are attached to the caterpillars body and the book stands upon a piece of blue chunky plastic which is where the off switch and volume control are located. There are 2 levels of volume control.

      There a 6 pages in the book, each containing a song. I went to the animal fair, the ants go marching, row row row your boat, one two buckle my shoe, hickory dickory dock and pat a cake. All classics.

      Once you have switched the book on the caterpillar will sing the songs in the correct order as you turn the pages. And if you press the buttons will also tell you various letters and colours that correspond with the rhymes.

      The pages are nice and chunky so easy for a baby to turn, the flashing nose also gets a lot of attention and when pressed also sings the rhymes. My little boy loves it and so does my 3 year old. Pat a cake and row your boat are the favourites even if they do get a little repetitive!

      As it is made entirely from plastic it is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

      Definitely a favourite toy and I won't be parting with it anytime soon, keeps the children entertained for ages.


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      05.01.2012 12:26
      Very helpful



      Great product, maybe better for babies once they can sit up by themselves

      The Fisher Price story rhymes book is Fisher Price's usual sturdy plastic construction; it is marketed for children 6-36 months. I bought this as part of a set for my son who is 6 months and he loves to listen to the six different rhymes.

      This product is not just to entertain my son it also introduces him to letters, numbers, colours, shapes and greetings.

      This book is plastic with a green book worm in the middle with a red nose that lights up and says "hello" when pressed. There are also 3 learning buttons down the bookworm's body that can be pressed.

      The buttons are;

      * Top one is red with blue numbers on, when pressed it says the number of animals, cakes, boats ect that are included in that particular pages rhyme.

      * The middle button is blue with a lighter blue letters on, when pressed it gives examples of the letters A, B, C that are included in that particular pages rhyme.

      * The bottom button is yellow with 3 shapes on, a blue circle, a green triangle and a red square, that when pressed gives examples of those 3 colours that as above are included in that particular pages rhyme.

      The book worm stands on a blue base that contains the on / off switch and 2 sound settings. The book contains four thick plastic pages in different colours that have a sticker covering each side of them with a different rhyme and related picture on each one.

      The rhymes are;

      * I went to the animal fair.
      * The ants go marching.
      * Row, row, row your boat.
      * One, two, buckle my shoe.
      * Hickory, Dickory dock.
      * Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake.

      As you turn the pages of the book the bookworm opens its arms which light up above the page that is currently playing making it easy for my son to know which page / rhyme is playing so that he can follow the words once he's a bit older.

      The book requires 3 AAA (RO3) 1,5V alkaline batteries that can be changed by unscrewing the bottom of the blue base.

      I have found that this product is a bit heavy for my son to hold by himself at 6 months, as he likes to throw things about and I worry he could hurt himself if not supervised by hitting himself on the head, although a plus point is the pages of the book are rounded so no sharp corners.

      I also found that the sticker on one of the pages has an air bubble under it so wonder just how long these stickers on the pages will last as my son likes to chew / slobber on everything.

      Although as mentioned there a few negatives with this product I feel that most of them are down to my son only being 6 months old and believe as he get older he will get more enjoyment out of this product, but at the moment he his more than happy to turn the pages, listen to the music and watch the lights as I sing along to the rhymes with him.


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      20.11.2010 11:38
      Very helpful



      5 out of 5!!

      One of the best early toys I bought my daughter was the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Storybook and it was only a last minute purchase as I couldn't find anything else! I was shopping in Woolworths during their closing down sale and had chosen two of my 3 for 2 items but nothing else was jumping out at me so I decided to pick this toy up and I am so glad that I did as it was one of my daughters favourite toys for a long time.

      The storybook is a sturdy plastic nursery rhyme book, and it is bright and colourful so it is instantly appealing to your baby. In the centre of the book is a long green caterpillar with a cute smiley face, bright red button nose and three buttons going down its body. A blue button showing 123 is the top button, a yellow button showing ABC is the second button and a red button showing three shapes is the third and final button. The caterpillar appears to be holding the book at the top and has a light on each hand which will light up showing the child which side the rhyme is being played.

      When turning the book on, the caterpillars nose flashes and as you turn the pages the corresponding songs will sing. Each page has very colourful pictures along with a nursery rhyme:

      * I went to the animal fair
      * The ants go marching
      * Row row row your boat
      * One two buckle my shoe
      * Hickory Dickory Dock
      * Pat a cake, pat a cake

      With each rhyme there are very cute, well drawn pictures that help tell the rhyme to the child when they are listening to the song play. An alternative to just listening to the songs is that the child can press the buttons and various different things will be said. For example if your child presses the 123 button, they will hear counting - on the Ants go marching page the ants will be counted.

      Both my daughter and myself just love this toy, and although she will be three at Christmas she is showing no sign of giving this up at all. Her favourite song is definately I went to the animal fair, and she will press it to play over and over. After playing with the toy so much my daughter has learnt the words to all of the songs and I also think it has helped to develop her counting skills.

      The Laugh and Learn Storybook is available from most toy stores and you can expect to pay around £12.99 which I think is a great price for such a fun toy. It is recommended for age six months plus but a younger baby can enjoy listening to it with a parent pressing the buttons for them. The battery life of this toy is amazing, it takes 3 AA batteries which I put in as soon as i bought it and almost 3 years later they are still going strong despite plenty of play!!

      A fantastic toy that I would recommend to every parent!

      Thank you for reading my review :)


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        26.10.2010 13:14
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        not my choice but the boys love it

        My youngest son received the Fisher price storybook rhymes for his first birthday this year. He instantly grabbed out for it unlike most of his other presents where he was more interesting in the wrapping paper. I have to admit to thinking it was a bit silly as I had a nursery rhyme book and often sat with my boys singing them to them. So the price you pay for one of these I did think it was waste of money. But it's the children who count with this and both my sons love it. My youngest laughs and claps when it is playing.

        This toy looks bright and colourful the bookworm which is the spine of the book looks so friendly any child would be attracted to it. The book has three double page spreads. Each spread has two well known nursery rhymes they are:

        I went to the animal fair
        The ants go marching
        Row row row your boat
        One two buckle my shoe
        Hickory, dickory dock
        Pat a cake, pat a cake

        To play the rhymes there is two ways as you open the pages each spread plays three songs or when it is closed you can press the three buttons on the bookworm, 123, ABC or the shape button and each one plays two rhymes. MY son prefers to open the book. At first he did struggle to open it as it was a little stiff but he soon got the hang of it. I often find him sat on the floor nodding his head to it. When the book is playing a rhyme the nose on the bookworm lights up.

        As it's made by Fisher price you can imagine how well made it is made. It does take batteries as most toys do now. It takes three AAA batteries. We have had ours a couple of months now and like most toys in our house they get bashed about. This toy has lived up to this very well and it looks just like it did when it came out of its wrapping. So that proofs it is a tough old thing.

        The on off and volume button is at the bottom of the bookworm. It slides across to the setting you want. There are only three settings off, low volume and high volume. There is like difference between the volumes but it isn't a load toy which to me is great. My youngest son still hasn't got the hang of this on off button but my eldest is only too happy to show him!

        The illustrations are lovely and bright throughout the book. They are eye catching for a young child. The age range is six months plus on this toy so the pictures are quite babyish. The text for each rhyme is bold and clear for a child to read if they wished too.

        The nursery rhyme book will cost you £13. Although when it first arrived I did think I would never buy it I can see why it has been so popular in our house. The boys just love it and it would make an excellent present for a young child. I just prefer a nursery rhyme book. I must be old fashioned on this one!


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          10.09.2010 10:22
          Very helpful



          A great colourful toy, making it fun to learn nursery rhymes together!

          I decided to buy this lovely bright colourful toy, while browsing around my Tesco's a few weeks ago. It is very eyecatching ( and thats even before it's been switched on!).

          Starting at the bottom you will find a blue half moon shape stand which has a yellow switch, which turns the toy on/off and also controls the volume ( which is a handy thing to have as it turns it on to quiet play!).

          Sitting in the middle is a long green bookworm that has 3 large buttons on his tummy. The top button has 123 written on it and when switched on and pressed it will relate to whatever page you are on and will count out different things for example; When on the page of "Row row row your boat" it will count out the boats.

          Next is the the centre button which has ABC and this does the same as the above button by saying "B" for boats ect....

          The bottom button has a blue circle, red square and green triangle on the front and when pressed it will reveal a "blue boat" ect.. ( which I was rather surprised at as I thought it would relate to the square, circle ect..)

          When switched on the bright red nose of the bookworm flashes and when opening the pages you will see that he is holding the top of each page and a green light will flash on his hand depending on which page he is on.

          Each page is very colourful and has each of the ryhmes very clearly written out, with lovely pictures showing the rhyme that's being played. There are six rhymes in total which are;

          "I went to the animal fair"

          "The ants go marching"

          "Row, row, row your boat"

          "One, two, buckle my shoe"

          "Hickory dickory dock"

          "Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake"

          This is a very fun toy and the female voice is very clear for the child to listen to and learn the words. This is said to be from the age of six months which my grandson nearly is and I must say that now that he can roll himself over it does catch his attention when he has rolled himself over onto his front, it isn't something that he can play with on his own at the moment ( maybe in a few months when he is able to sit up unaided) and does need mum or dad to interact with him.

          As I said earlier I bought my one from Tesco's for £12.97, but I do believe that it can be bought in many different shops and also online. This does take 3 AAA batteries which come with the toy and so far we haven't had to change them yet. This toy is made from a very sturdy plastic, so is perfect for wiping over when it has had sticky fingers all over it!

          So I will give this toy 5 Dooyoo stars as it does make it more fun to learn musical songs and does have a a volume control so it can be played a bit quieter if baby is nodding off!.


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