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Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Camera

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Brand: Fisher Price / Type: Baby Toy / Type: Learning Toy

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    4 Reviews
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      25.08.2013 16:14
      Very helpful
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      Great pre school toy

      When it was my daughters first birthday, we didn't actually plan anything to celebrate it, except the family spending the day with each other, and enjoying the company of my two children. I was very conscious that with her being so young, that spending silly amounts of money on a hundred and one different toys made no sense, so I made sure she got afew nice toys, suitable for her age, that she should use and enjoy and when Christmas came when she was alittle older, I would buy her afew more things to add to the toy box. I bought this from a discount store, such as Home Bargains/Quality Save for around the £5.00.

      Why did I buy it?

      I never bought my son a toy camera like this, so I knew it wasn't a repeat purchase. I saw this and thought the look of it was good and eye catching, I assumed it would be fun to use for my daughter, the brand name of Fisher Price is reliable and the price was perfect for my budget.

      What is this toy and how does it look?

      Suitable for ages between 6-36 months, this toy is shaped like a camera. Made from some form of plastic, the main body of the camera is white. At the front on the left hand side, there is a blue and red cylinder which when pushed can turn ( it has a small thin rod running through the middle which means its attached to the camera, but has enough space to move ). Right next to this, there is a bright yellow circular shaped ball, with a cute smiley face painted on it. This must sit in some form of cradle at the back/middle of the camera, as this can be moved about, and when moved shows two different faces ( one winking and one just smiling ) depending on what side comes up. This section can only move up or down, not side to side. When you move this ball around its says different phrases such as ' lets be silly ' ' Im happy ', sings ' if your happy and you know it ', and sings another cute mini song. All of these phrases and songs are geared towards being happy.

      Directly around this ball shape, there is a further circle but this is an actual part of the camera. This section has the numbers 1-10 in a clockwise direction, in different colours and set on a purple back drop.
      On the far right hand on the camera is a large red section that lights up. This lights up when the buttons or the smiley ball is moved/pressed.

      On the bottom you can see a round area with holes in it that basically the sound comes from like a speaker

      On the top you have the on/off/volume adjusting button, in orange, that needs to pushed to change setting. This button is right in the middle of the toy. On the left of this button is a larger button, but rectangular in shape, and slightly raised on one side. When this section is pressed down, the camera says afew phrases such as ' hello ', ' on ', ' off ' and ' goodbye '. It also makes a little sound in between the ' on ' and ' off 's.

      On the far right on the top of the camera is a large protruding button, purple in colour, that when pressed downed either sings a song that contains number, or it says ' say cheese ,' then this is followed by a camera clicking sound, and it also sings a song about colours. It also says ' smile '. Each phrase or music is very short in time and quite catchy.

      On the back, where you would expect a view finder on a real camera, is one of sorts, but a pretend one. Its large and measures just short of 3 inches by 3 inches. In this area is a picture, cartoon style, of a dog wearing sunglasses, appearing to be very happy and enjoying the blue sky and warm sun. Behind this is also the area where you insert the batteries

      On the left of this camera, on the side, is a green handle so children can carry this around with them. The handle is ribbed in away that allows your fingers to sit in the spaces so makes it easier to grip onto.

      Takes 2 AA batteries which come included.

      Camera is 6 inches long ( including handle ), just over 3.5 inches high and 2 inches deep ( 2 3/4 inches deep if you included the ball shaped smiley face at the front ).

      What do we think?

      When my daughter first got this, she played with it for abit but it didn't grab her. She obviously got excited over the look of it as its bright and bold, but she didn't fall in, love with it. I think the reason for the was she didn't understand what it was supposed to do. Now that the kids have had a good dig around the toy boxes that fill the house, shes rediscovered this toy and loves it! At the age she is now ( 2 ), she knows what a camera is in regards to what it does and how it looks, so it makes much more sense to her.Her hand and eye co ordination is a trillion times better than what it was when she first got this, so she finds it much easier to use. In regards to using it, she does require help to turn it on and off, as the button that you slide to change this setting, although not too small, does require a decent amount of pressure to push.

      Shes so used to seeing people around her take pictures on their camera phones, her brother has a camera himself, so the fact there is no view finder I think stumped her alittle bit, but shes a girl with a vibrant imagination and loves role playing and pretending, so she soon got over that.

      What do I think? It's a nice toy. I like the fact that the main body is white, with pops of colour in specific areas, as I think this makes the camera stand out more, and clearly defines each section/piece of this toy.

      The weight of this toy is fine, although being a shade lighter would do no harm, but still easy to carry around as this is the type of toy kids will move around with. Its chunky build means its easy to grip onto, very tactile. This toy is quite strong, and made of good quality materials, that I find don't scratch or damage easily.

      Lots of different functions to keep the children amused-from the light, the songs, the spoken words telling you you have turned the camera on or off, the section on the camera at the front that sounds round when touched. Good mixture of commands and words/phrases, that express emotion which is a huge part in any childs learning journey.

      Being able to adjust the volume ( 2 levels available ) is great. Some toys I think are just too damn loud and annoying, others make me wonder if I need to go and buy a hearing aid, so the volume on this is perfect regardless which setting its switched to, because I can hear it!

      Would I buy this again? Yes I would. It's a simple toy but really easy and cute on the eye, it screams pre school children but in a good way. Its fun, easy to use, good mix of functions but not going too overboard or over complicating what it does. Well made and was available at a good price.

      Available in many places, such as Amazon, who are currently selling this for £8.99 plus free p and p.

      Great pre school toy.


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        31.01.2012 21:20
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A great toy for taking out and about

        We brought this for my daughter on her second birthday she loved trying to steal mummy's camera and I knew this would be perfect for her we paid about £5 for this from our local b&m store and they usually retail at around £10 - £15 which is rather good for an interactive toy like this.

        What is it?

        This is a lovely camera made of solid plastic that is bright colourful and stands out straight away to grab little ones attention. There are a few different features all which keep little one entertained.
        On the front is a smiling face with numbers 1-10 surrounded around it there is a button to click just like a real camera and 4 different songs that play.
        The camera is really light although a good size it is rather chunky and very easy for little one to hold all the features are spread across the camera making it easy for little one finds what each one does.

        How to play?

        There is lots to do on this camera all the baby can do by themselves the only thing I needed to do was turn the toy on but little ones soon pick this up themselves too.
        The smiley face at the front is a ball that little one can push and it rolls around it is very easy to do as are most functions on this toy.

        When you press the button on the top as you would to take a picture a little voice says smile and then 1 of 4 songs begin to play. The songs all sing about colours numbers and can become quite catchy I find myself walking around singing the songs. There is a volume control on the top of the camera but it is not over bearing so I do not need to use this most time unless we maybe take this toy with us in the changing bag to a restaurant.

        There is a flash light on the side and this dance's to the music when it plays which my son found rather amusing although I thought this would bore him he seemed to enjoy it. On the other side of the camera are toggles for little one to play with and move around.
        On the back of the camera where the screen usually is to view a picture baby has their very own picture to look at a small picture of a cute character puppy with lots of bright colours and small details.

        Our opinion

        It is a simple toy with lots of little things to do it helps catch little ones attention by bringing them something different to do on each place they lay their hands.
        My children think this is a lovely toy lots to do and it is great to carry around as it is so small it can be easily transported out and about with us to keep little man entertained while mummy gets on with day to day things.

        The toy is not one to keep a child entertained for long periods of time maybe 5 to 10 minutes at a time but they do seem to come back to it a lot and it has lasted extremely well over a year now and not a scratch. It is easy to clean as it just needs a wipe down which is essential with young children.


        My only downside if anything with this toy is they could have included more camera noises clicks or something to make it a little more like mummy's. It dies say smile and then sings a song but my daughter always asks me why it does not click like my camera.


        It is suitable from 12 months plus it recommends a highest age of 3 which I think is about right as my daughter loved it at first but it was more suited to my son who seemed to enjoy it more and he was only around 8 months when we got it. It requires 2 AA batteries which are included when you purchase this toy.

        All round this is a fantastic toy that all 3 of my children like. My youngest son maybe uses it more than my two older children but I think that is because the concept is very simple yet lovely at the same time. I would recommend this toy as it gets a fair amount of use and although it does not do as many things as it could my children love it and that is what matters.


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          27.01.2012 10:43
          Very helpful
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          lovely learning toy

          We bought this Fisher Price Camera for my son in the recent toy sale at Sainsbury's, where we paid around £5 for it. The current retail price is £10, so we got a pretty good bargain! The toy is suitable for babies from 6 months of age to 36 months.

          The camera is a handheld toy and made of thick plastic. There is a purple plastic handle on the side for baby to grip onto (I think the colour of this can vary). On the front, where the lens of the camera would be, there is a bright yellow ball. This can be hit and turned by baby's fingers to reveal two smiling faces - one with a broad smile and one with a narrower smile and one eye winking. Around this is a sticker with the numbers from one to ten on. There is also a red and blue bead with shapes etched on that can be twisted and turned. On the back, where there would be the screen on a digital camera, there is a brightly coloured sticker of a cartoon dog. On top of the camera is a green plastic push button - to 'take the photos' and an orange sliding switch to turn the camera on and off and select one of two volume settings. There is also an orange push button on the top left hand corner. On the front left hand side of the camera is a red light that flashes when the camera is switched on. It is worth noting that the colours of the features (particularly the buttons) can vary.

          When first switched on the camera says 'smile' and snaps. When the left hand button is pressed it says 'on', 'off', 'hello' and 'bye'bye'. If the right hand button is pressed, the camera plays four songs - including songs about being happy such as 'if you are happy and you know it' and counting songs. This also says 'say cheese!'. There is also a song about colours.
          This toy is really well made and my 9 month old son loves to hold this and push the buttons. He especially likes turning the yellow ball on the front around using the palm of his hand - this also makes the camera talk and say things like 'I'm happy!' or 'let's be silly!', which he loves. The songs are really nice and clear and are great for teaching him about colours, numbers and feelings. They can get a little irritating after a while from the adults point of view though as there are only four tunes, so it is repetitive! The voice is clear and friendly though so baby can learn easily from it.

          I think the wide age range of this toy is justified as my son and his 3 year old cousin both enjoy playing with this and get different benefits from it. His cousin enjoys it more as a play camera and uses it for imaginative play, whilst also enjoying the music. My son loves to investigate it thoroughly, pushing all the buttons. It does not hold his cousin's attention for long though as it's use as a camera is limited, it is more suited to younger babies as the flashing light and music holds their attention well.
          The camera has educational benefits (introducing numbers, simple words and greetings, emotions and colours) as well as developmental benefits (fine motor skills) and is also fun to play with. It is well made and quite sturdy - our camera has withstood a fair amount of bashing. The only thing on the camera that is showing any wear and tear are the stickers - particularly the large one on the back of the camera. These have peeled away and faded ever so slightly, making the camera look pretty well used and old. This is the only clue that the camera is cheaply made, other than this, the camera still looks in very good condition.

          We have had quite a lot of use out of this camera and I can see my son benefitting from it further in the future. For the price paid, this is extremely good value and I would not hesitate to recommend it.


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            25.01.2012 19:34
            Very helpful



            A great toy camera but she still wants mine!

            My youngest daughter is obsessed with phones and cameras basically anything you wouldn't want her to be playing with! We decided we would buy her both a toy phone and a toy camera for christmas in the hope that she will stop trying to pinch ours.


            This camera is part of the laugh and learn series by Fisherprice and as such can really be picked up from just about anywhere that sells toys, I personally bought this when Argos had the 3 for 2 offer on their toys but I have also seen this in Tesco, Asda, Toys r Us and on Amazons website so it certainly isn't hard to get hold of. The camera costs in the region of £15 which I think is a fair price as it does teach quite a few different things and I obviously paid less than this anyway having bout it on the offer.


            The toy is created by Fisherprice so you do expect just from the name that the camera is going to have some educational value, the camera is supposed to be suitable for children aged 6-36 months which seems about the right age to me although at 6 months I may have been a little concerned incase my daughter hit herself over the head with it, my daughter is 15 months old and has no problems playing with the toy.


            The camera comes packaged in a white cardboard box which is open at the front so that you can have a little play with it before purchase, the box displays the Fisherprice logo and the age limit it is expected to suit. The box states on it that this camera will help teach your child numbers, counting, colours, greetings, feelings and more. The camera is secured into the box with the usual entwined pieces of covered wire so wasn't too difficult to unpack which is great as some things this christmas have been near on impossible to get out of the boxes.

            The toy

            The cameras itself is white in colour and made of hard plastic, there is a green carry handle on one side and then a little cylindrical piece which is blue on one side anmd red on the other which spins round, this piece has little shapes raised up on it, there is a circle a triangle and a square. The main bit of the front of the camera is a bright yellow sphere shape half of which sits inside the camera but the sphere spins and on one side there is a face with a smile and a wink and on the other side there is a face with a bug cheesy grin, surrounding the sphere there are the numbers one to ten written in different colours. The last bit on the front of the camera is a flashing light which is red in colour and flashes as the camera speaks or sings. On the top of the camera there is a purple circular button to pretend to take pictures, a slide button to turn the camera on and provide two different volume settings (always good in my opinion for once the toy becomes annoying) and a orange rectangular button that clicks from one side to the other. As I hope you can tell from my description the camera is made up of brightly coloured pieces which helps to attract your child to play.

            When the camera is switched on there are many different ways for your child to interact and play, when the sphere is spun the camera will makes different noises such as singing if you're happy and you know it, saying "i'm happy" and singing a song about being happy. When the purple button is pressed there is another song the camera will sing, it says "say cheese", it sings a song from one to ten and finially says "smile" and gives a little click sound as if a photo has been taken. The orange side to side button says hello, on, off and bye bye. As you can see there are a number of different things the camera will say and sing which keeps my daughter amused for ages and when the camera says hello she joins in and repeats hello back to it.

            Our Thoughts

            Although my daughter is a little too young to know her numbers (she still only says about 5 words) we sing the one to ten song with her which she seems to find funny, she puts the flaqshing red light up to her eye as if she thinks this is how to take the photo and she repeats the word hello back to the camera. I like that the camera is small enough to be taken out with us to amuse my daughter and has enough functions on it to hold her attention for quite some time. My eldest daughter was also bought a camera for christmas although hers actually does take pictures but my youngest will follow her sister and pretend she is taking pictures with her which I think is really cute. I would recommend this camera although i'm not so sure this toy would amuse a 36 month old for very long.


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