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Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Lantern

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2 Reviews

Brand: Fisher Price / Type: Learning Toy

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    2 Reviews
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      07.05.2012 14:16
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      A 4 star toy

      My youngest daughter was bought this by her Great-Grandmother for her first birthday and as soon as I saw the box displaying Fisherprice I expected this to be a great educational toy.


      I haven't actually seen the toy in many places and with it being a present I don't know where it was purchased from however I have looked it up on the internet for the purpose of this review and you can buy the toy for £15.99 from Amazon which I think seems about the right price for a childrens educational toy like this.


      The toy came packaged in a cardboard box which was open at the front which means you can have a play with it before you buy it, personally I always think this is a good idea as you can get an idea of what the toy can do. The toy was secured from the bottom with plastic cable ties so it was simply a case of untwisting them to get the toy out which is easy enough to do, inside the box along with the toy was an instruction manual although instructions are not really necessary.

      The Toy

      The toy is made to look like a lantern hence the name of it, the main body of the lantern is green in colour and there is a moveable carry handle which is purple, on the side of the lantern is an orange little butterfly which can be moved up and down the side and makes a clicking noise as it moves. The top of the lantern has a bright orange button which is used to bring the lantern to life when it is turned on and the front of the lantern is bright yellow and lights up once it is turned on, the yellow has a big smiley face on it which to me looks really cheeky and fun. The final bit of the toy is a roller on the front right at the bottom which shows night time pictures on one side such as the moon and stars and daytime pictures on the other which are the sun and a couple of bright butterflies.

      The toy is aimed for children who are aged 6 months and up over which I think is probably about the correct age as a child this age would be able to play with the toy although your child will probably get more from the toy the older they get. The toy has two different volume levels which is a great option in my opinion especially as I have two young children who both like to have noisy toys going at the same time so our house is always full of noise. The toy requires 3 AA batteries which we haven't had to change since September so I think the battery life of this toy is pretty good, when you do need to change the batteries they are under a panel at the back of the toy which is secured with a screw so a screwdriver is required which generally all disappear in our house as soon as one is needed.


      There are three different functions for this toy which are controlled by a small sliding button at the bottom right hand side of the toy, the button is small and in a place that a young child wouldn't realise it was there or even be able to use it of their own accord. The functions are night time, learning time and music time and when you move the button along it will tell you which function you are on in a really cutesy voice.

      When on the night time function the toy is quite calming, when you spin the roller you get some little animal noises which are a frog which my daughter tries to copy which I find really funny, a cricket and an owl. When you press the bright orange button the toy will play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, play a snoring sound and the voice says night night and plays the sounds of night all together. This setting is really quite soothing although I haven't let my daughter have this toy to sooth her as I don't want to encourage her to need something for soothing as the dummy is going to be bad enough to get rid off. This function doesn't seem to be my daughters favourite which I think is because it is too calm for her as she is a pretty hyper noisy toddler.

      When you turn the slider to learning time and roll the roller at the bottom the toy plays four songs the first is called Hear the Cricket which I had never heard of but is basically about different animal sounds that you may hear, the second song it plays is peekaboo I see you which again is not a song i've heard before, there's a third song encourages your child to count to ten and the fourth song is about colours and points out that the sky is blue. All the songs are sang in the same really cutesy voice from before which I find annoying after a while although the songs are all pretty catchy and my daughter dances to them. When playing in this function the orange button on the top is used to turn the lanterns light on or off, when you are pressing it it tells your child the opposites of what is happening so when the light comes on you have hello, lights on or simply on and when the light turns of you get goodbye, lights off or simply off. I think this is quite a sweet idea but don't feel my daughter has learnt anything from the button.

      The final function is music time which as you would expect is different music, the roller at the bottom plays the tune of Home on the Range and Do Yours Ears Hang Low which I find to be quite strange tunes for a childs toy but my daughter loves the tunes and dances along with them, it is easy for her to set the songs off herself too which is great as I am not getting a toy flung at me every ten seconds when the song ends. The orange button on the top plays a song about all the little animals you may see if you go outside such as dragonflies and butterflies, there is a second seong which explains the sun is up in the morning and in the afternoon but when the night comes you see the moon. I like how this toy teaches your child through song and they don't even realise they are taking in new information.

      Our Opinions

      I would never have expected there to be a toy which teaches your child about what they will find at night time but this toy does just that, I like the look of the toy as it is friendly and has little extra such as a frog hidden at the bottom front and little caterpillar hiding on the back of the toy. The toy has catchy tunes and songs and my daughter enjoys dancing to them, I'm sure she will sing them in time but she is slow at speaking so singing may be a little too advanced just yet. Emily is able to select the toys she wants to play with from the way her toys are set out and she will often select this toy and she likes rolling the roller at the front and she likes to cuddle the toy although I have no idea as to why. This toy is very durable and has been dropped and thrown many time yet there is no damage to the toy and it still works perfectly. Emily loves the fact that she can carry this toy around by the handle and will walk around with it for ages putting it down to do something else and then picking it back up again when she is finished. I will rate this toy 4 stars out of 5 as I find the voice and songs a little annoying after a while and feel there could have been further scope with this toy with numbers and colours.


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        18.04.2012 12:12
        Very helpful



        A great toy for younger children

        We brought this for my son's birthday last year and although it is recommended from 6 months plus he did not receive it until he was one and still loves it.

        **The product*
        The toy lantern is rather small not tiny but a perfect size for younger children to use I has volume settings as well as an on off button but to be honest it is not terribly loud in the first place. The songs do get stuck in your head but I find this to be the case with most children's toys the catchy songs for their attention grab mine also.

        There are lots of ways for the lantern to attract little one it has a sweet little voice that sings to them and the front of the lantern lights up illuminating a friendly eyes and smile that make up an appealing face on the front on the lantern.

        There are 2 ways to play the child can either presses a button on top of the lantern which sets of the light and songs or by rolling the roller available on the front of the lantern. The roller has pictures of day night and animals on it and depending where it falls a related song will play.
        There are 3 different modes of play which you can switch on the side of the lantern although parent needs to do this as it is just a small button my older children can do his independently but I need to do it for my son who is coming up to two.

        There is also an on/off button and 2 volume levels on the toy which is great as at night time we can turn it to the lower option.


        Song time

        When you switch to this mode however little one interacts with the lantern a different song will play there are about 6 or 7 in total some about animals others are nursery rhymes but there is a good variety so that little one never gets bored and can always find something different. The lights also dance rather than being on steady and all the songs are really upbeat and fun.

        Night time

        The light is a little softer with this option and the songs are all soothing nursery rhymes along with animal sounds nothing is too upbeat and all the songs are a lot calmer although you do have to keep interacting with the lantern for the songs and light to play so it does not work as a full night light it is a great addition for play before bedtime.

        Learning time

        This sings songs about numbers, letters animal's noises again a great variety to keep little one interested rather than getting bored after 5 minutes. It also includes little one with the songs for example it will sing count the stars up in the sky look up and down so when little one grows up they can grow with the lantern and follow what it is saying.

        **Durability **

        The toy is very well made with durable thick plastic that keeps the toy protected from soft play but at the same time very light and child safe with rounded edges it is perfect for young children. We have had this since last may as we brought it for my son's birthday when he was one and it has been dropped a lot since then and still works fine. As my son was only a year old when he received this he does not exactly play nicely with his toys and he has been very rough with this poor toy but as it is made from fisher price it seems to be just as good quality as all of their other toys and has lasted fantastically well there is not a mark on it. The batteries we first received with it are also still going strong which I think is fantastic as it does receive a lot of use.

        **Our opinion **

        The lantern is very light s it can be used from the early age range it is suggested for as they do not need to be mobile to use it. It can be carried easily by the plastic handle at the top which is a good size for little hands to use and get a good grip on.

        The button on the top of the lantern is also nice and big so even small baby hands can catch it easily and set the lantern off as they slowly learn what needs to be done to make it work. Again the roller is nice and big and has nice colourful stickers on it so it attracts little one towards it and keeps them interested with the toy.

        What we love about this toy is it has so many songs and noises that little one never gets bored and we can choose different options o play depending how my children are feeling. It helps teach little one lots of different things not just the usual 1-10 and abcs but also it has peek-a-boo songs teaches them hello and bye, please and thank you which we think is fantastic as it is something a little bit different to other toys and is a nice change.

        It can be cleaned easily just give it a wipe down with a cloth and it is as good as new again which is great as my youngest son loves to carry this everywhere.

        Although it is suitable for children from 6 months plus my three year old and four year old also love this and play with it just as much as my youngest son. He plays with it for a lot longer periods at a time but the others join in with the interactive songs more than he does too.

        This toy is fantastic we really love it and for the £15 we paid it is worth every single penny it is coming up to a year since we first brought it and it is still just as popular as when we first brought it with all three of my children.


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    • Product Details

      Ready to learn, ready to play? A musical lantern lights the way! Seven sing-along songs, fun phrases, nature sounds and activities keep baby busy while learning about numbers, counting, animals, day and night, and more. Requires 3 AA batteries. Playful for daytime, soothing for bedtime! Daytime: Lively sing-along songs & tunes, Dancing lights and Animal sounds. Bedtime: Soothing songs, Soft glowing light and Nature sounds. Teaches: Numbers, Counting, Opposites, Animals and Greetings.

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