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Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Keys

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Brand: Fisher Price / Age: 6 months / Type: Learning Toy

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    5 Reviews
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      05.02.2012 22:04
      Very helpful



      A great toy with plenty of entertainment value

      My daughter despite only being five months old, received plenty of Christmas gifts this year, one of which was this Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Keys which you can purchase on the likes of amazon for £14.99. Obviously I was aware of the make Fisher Price before, but this was a toy I had never seen before on any shelf and I was interested to see how my little girl would take to it, as it is actually aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 36 months.

      These laugh and learn learning keys are really a set of three different coloured plastic keys that are attached by a ring to a white smiley face box with three buttons that correspond to the keys. There is a blue, green a orange key.

      The blue key is all about boats and the sea, and the corresponding blue button on the main body of the toy, when pressed, tells you a little about what is on the key - ie a boat, a red boat, as well as giving some of the sounds of the sea and the horn of a boat, and finishing with two songs related to the sea. On the actual blue key there is a little moving red boat, and at the bottom of te key there is a little rattle where baby can shake some little beads.

      The green key has a picture of a yellow house, with a turning wheel inside with pictures of a puppy, and at the bottom there are two coloured cogs for baby to turn. Again, if you press the corresponding coloured button on the white body, you will hear key words related to house, as well as sounds such as a doorbell, finishing with two songs.

      THe orange key has a car on it, which can turned the whole way around the top part of the key. At the bottom of the key are three coloured rolling parts that baby can roll over with fingers to make them move. When you press the corresponding button on the white body, you will hear the sounds and words related to cars such as a horn, engine being started plus two songs one of which is 'the wheels on the car go round and round'.

      Each of the three keys can be separated from the main body of the toy, and in fact I always keep them separate as I find that the whole toy is quite heavy when all hanging together and too heavy for my little girl to lift, but she obviously can manage to lift each key, which usually goes straight to the mouth to investigate further!

      I like the fact that not only do these keys play some songs that my daughter enjoys listening to, but it also helps with language development, such as colour, as it always states the colours of the items on the keys. I also think the sounds that are related to each of the keys to be a good addition, as my daughter enjoys listening in particular to the sound of the car being started up and the sound of the sea. For some unknown reason, she loves the blue and the orange key, but has NEVER been interested in the green key. I have no idea why, as there is plenty for her to look at on the green key, but she has never shown any interest in all the time that we have had this toy. Each key also has a little coloured tab at the top which my daughter likes to chew on. She enjoys watching me turn the car round on the key and move the boat from side to side, as she is not quite able to do this herself yet.

      All in all, I think this is a very good toy for the price. On many occasions I have simply taken one of the keys with me when out and about for her to look at or chew on, and the fact that it all comes apart means it keeps my daughters interest better. Although it states it is for children 6 months plus, my daughter was 4 months when she got this and has enjoyed it since then, although she can't fully interact with the keys in that she can't turn the car etc but she loves watching me do it for her. I think there is great educational value in the music and language that goes with each of the keys, and this will provide your child with lasting fun.


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      14.09.2010 21:21
      Very helpful



      A good quality long lasting toy from fisher price

      We bought the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Learning Keys when our son was about 3 months old in December 2005. It was his first Christmas and even though he wasn't bothered we spoiled him anyway.

      We chose the keys for a few reasons; firstly they are made by Fisher Price which usually means good quality toys that are age appropriate and interesting. I also liked the size and colours and the fact that the toy was interactive and not just a bunch of keys.

      We bought our keys from a local JTF warehouse and I think I paid about £5 or £6 plus VAT. They currently (sept 2010) retail online for between £10 and £15 so it is worth shopping around.

      The Keys consist of a large white fob with three keys hanging from it. Each piece is made of hard plastic and is nice and chunky and easy for little fingers to grip and hold. Each key is moulded and has different things on it like beads or other moving parts plus a recognisable feature like a car or boat. The fob has three buttons on it and each one says a different phrase relating to the picture on it. The voice has a British accent and is easily heard and understood.

      The fob has an on/off switch but no volume control. The batteries are housed in the fob and are kept inside a secure compartment. The Keys require 3 x AAA batteries and you will need a screwdriver to replace these.

      The fob and the keys are held together by a large ring and the keys can be removed. I find this very frustrating because my children like to remove the keys which means at the end of the day I have to then find all the keys and put them back onto the fob.

      I now have four children the youngest being 5 and a half months and she is the third one to have enjoyed this bunch of keys. They are still in very good condition and do not look worn and still have all their stickers. My two year old still plays with these too because he enjoys the interactive element of the toy.

      I don't think I would have paid the full price for these as I think they are overpriced for what is essentially a baby's toy. If I had only had one child these would have been very costly had I paid full price for them. I have looked at other items from the laugh & Learn range and I would consider all of them to be on the expensive side. Something to put on your Amazon wish list so an adoring relative can pay for them!

      The manufacturers recommended age range is 6-36 months which I think is about right for the toy. It is nice and bright and inviting for younger babies but is a little heavy and older toddlers can enjoy pressing the buttons.

      Overall this is a nice little toy but I would definitely shop around and try and get it at a more reasonable price.


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      08.06.2010 15:31
      Very helpful



      A great baby toy

      It's really hard to find suitable interesting toys for young babies, so when I saw these keys I snapped them up for my son, then aged 5 months.

      The toy consists of several pieces. There is a large key fob, which is made of white plastic and houses the battery unit (accessible by a screwdriver). The key fob is about 4 inches long, 3 inches wide and 1 inch deep. On one side there is an on/off switch.

      The key fob has a smiley face on the front and three triangular buttons each with a different picture - a red boat, a blue car and a yellow house.
      When you press each button it makes a noise. Each button has six different sounds, including 2 songs such a row your boat, the wheels on the car, incey wincey spider and others.

      The volume is set at a good level. It's loud enough so that your baby can hear it clearly, but not so loud as to become really annoying!

      Attached to the key fob on a red plastic ring are 3 large plastic keys. Each one is about 5 inches long, 3 inches wide and half an inch deep.

      The blue key has a red boat on it that is on a track, so you can slide it from side to side. It also has a transparent area filled with some little balls which act as a rattle. The edge of the key is textured and will appeal to teething babies.

      The green key has a raised picture of a yellow house on it. The door in the middle rotates and has a picture of a dog on one side and a door on the other. The end of the key also has 2 spinning teether wheels.

      The orange key has a spinning blue car on it that makes a click-clack sound as you turn it. The end of the key also has 3 spinning cylinders, each with different textures.

      My son loves this toy and the plastic ring can easily be attached to stroller straps, so it is very useful when out and about. It's also very easy to clean. The fob can just be wiped with a damp cloth, but the keys can easily be removed and washed in hot soapy water.

      I paid £6.99 for this toy in B&M bargains and it has been worth every penny.


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      03.05.2010 00:34
      Very helpful



      A brilliant toy that will keep babies entertained for a long time whilst learning at the same time.

      I bought these keys for my daughter about 4 months ago when she was 11 months old. At the time we were shopping in our local Sainsburys browsing the toy aisle when I saw them, she loves keys and for £8.99 (from what I remember this is what they cost) I didn't think I could go wrong. Boy was I right, from the moment I gave her the keys she loved them, normally she will play with her toys for 5-10 minutes then move on to the next but these can keep her entertained for about 20 minutes, sometimes longer, especially in the car (although it can get annoying when your driving and all you can hear is 'row row row your boat' over and over). There is an off button however if you fancy a bit of peace and quiet, although beware the songs are extremely catchy and I find myself singing them long after the toy has finished and my daughter has gone to bed.

      There are 4 parts to the keys which co-ordinate with each other to help teach colours and first words. The main part is white, has a smiley face at the top and 3 big, brightly coloured triangular buttons. The first button is red and white and has a picture of a boat on. When pressed it goes through a sequence of words and songs. The first time you press the button it plays the word 'boat' then 'red boat' the next 2 times you press it plays boat related sounds. It then plays 'row row row your boat' followed by a song about a red boat sailing on the blue ocean. The words and songs are in a female voice. This button co-ordinates with the blue key which has a red boat on it the same as the boat on the button, the boat slides along as if sailing in the sea which is engraved into the plastic. The bottom part of the key had a clear box in it which houses small plastic balls to shake around, perfect for younger babies.

      The second button is yellow and white and has a picture of a house on it. It plays tunes and words along the same line as the boat button but house orientated instead of boat. The 2 rhymes played are 'incy wincy spider' and a song about opening the door to let puppy out to play. This button co-ordinates with the green key which has a yellow house on it like the button. The house has an orange revolving door, one side has a picture of a door and when you turn it there is a picture of a dog, as if letting the dog out. There are 2 different coloured spinning wheels attached to the bottom half of the key.

      The third and final button is blue and white and has a picture of a car on it. Again the button plays car themed words and rhymes. The rhymes are 'the wheels on the bus' (although the words are changed from bus to car) and a song about riding round in a car. The key that goes with this button is orange with a blue car on it. The car goes round in a circle on the printed on road and clicks as it goes. There are 3 rollers on the bottom half of the key each in a different colour and different texture.

      All 4 parts are connected with a red plastic ring. Now this I think is the toys only tiny fault, there is a small gap in the ring so the keys can be taken off and played with individually. This is a great idea for small babies as the toy as a whole is quite weighty and each key has plenty on it to keep a younger baby occupied for quite sometime. However my daughter can easily take the keys off and regularly throws them round meaning I spend a lot of time hunting around the car and other peoples houses for them. The clip does make it easy to clip to the front of a pushchair though or a trolley when out shopping.

      All in all this is probably one of the best toys that I have ever bought my daughter and is definately the one that keeps her occupied the longest. All other babies that have played with the keys have loved them, my sister is buying some for her daughter as she loved them so much when we last went round. It is aimed at children 6months and up which I think is the perfect age to introduce it, as previously mentioned there is plenty for a small baby and as they grow up it teaches colours and words. It requires 3 AAA batteries but these are not included.


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      19.08.2009 18:12
      Very helpful




      My boys have gone through so many toys already at their tender age of 21 months, some have been brilliant and worth every penny whereas others have been a total waste of time and money! One that comes in the first catagory have been Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Keys. I was lucky enough to find a set of these at a Bootsale and pay just £1 but if I had of paid full price for them in a store I would be just as pleased as they have been fantastic and I'm sure they will continue to please both my boys and me!

      To be honest the keys don't look anything special and would probably be hard to really capture anyones attention in a shop. When I think of toy Keys I think of rattles, but this isn't a shake about ring with keys on the end it's alot more than that.

      To start with these keys are suitable for children aged 6-36 months which I totally agree with!

      Three keys come dangling off a chunky and durable plastic case which is where you put your batteries by unscrewing the door on the back. This toy does require 3 AAA batteries and from looking on websites that stock this it doesn't actually come with them. On the front of this chunky case is three colourful buttons each in a triangle shape to nestle comfortably and neatly at the bottom so it all looks organised and together. Each triangle button is quite large and easily pressed down they require no force or strength just a simple push of the finger will do, so suitable for babies as it doesn't leave them struggling to reap the rewards from this toy.

      There is surprisingly alot of rewards and fun that comes with this toy.

      Each button has a different brightly coloured background and each has a different coloured picture on the face of it. When each button is pressed an enthusiastic women either tells you the colour, the picture name or she says a sentence with the picture name included. Let's make this simple for you, here's an example,

      On the Blue button we have a Red Boat.
      Press the button and the lady says in a clear and precise voice 'Blue'
      Press it again and in the same voice we hear, 'Red Boat'.
      Press the button just once more and you can listen to her sentence which could be, 'I have a Red Boat'.

      The woman isn't all that boring though she doesn't just say these things she even sings, which adds to the fun excitement and learning.

      You can hear exactly what she says as she is clear and has just the right volume, she is not too quiet so you question what she says but she's not loud enough to pierce yours or your babies ears either. The fact that what she says is repeated makes quick learning for toddlers who let repetition of words etc sink in like a sponge soaks up water. It was in fact this toy that taught them the word 'Car' and they even knew what button to press to hear it again, now they are 'brummer' and 'car' mad thanks to that button. If however you don't fancy listening to the words or the noise there is on the side an on/off switch for convenience.

      Now for the keys, well attached to the bottom of the white chunky case is a ring of material with a plastic circle hanging off it that has a small gap which allows your keys to hook onto to make them secure enough for young babies not to pull off yet easy for a parent to just unhook them if need be.

      Each key is plastic and has rounded edges to make it safe for children, each key has a differenct acitivity and many colours to make it eyecatching and fun for any child.

      You have a bright orange key with a bright blue car that can spin and click - introducing new movements and sounds to a child. The bottom end of the key is multicoloured rollers which can be spun - again introducing colours and new movements which is all so fun and entertaining for young children.

      The green key has a yellow house at the top with a spinning orange door, this key also has multicoloured rollers that can be spun but these spin in a different direction and are also a different shape.

      The blue key has a red boat that you can slide side to side - it slides along wavy lines which resembles waves. The bottom of the key is encased in a see through window the wave theme continues inside this with blue squiggly lines and small colourfull balls wiggle about inside. This makes noises too the way a rattle does.

      The toy is as simple as I've made it sound but it has provided so much fun as my boys have grew. At first I didn't think they would think much of it being only 7 months when I bought it but the bright colours and unusual noises pinged their attention for a few minutes at least. These giant plastic keys that dangled before their eyes were astonishing. They soon grew though and were able to move their hands and fingers exactly how they wanted as well as being able to hold things comfortably. The white casing is chunky and does weigh a little for a small toy but it is not too heavy for a toddler, for a younger baby who is just beginning to hold things I would be careful though as it may be a little weighty.

      As they gained confidence holding heavier objects they become comfortable holding this one whether the keys were attached or not. The keys were the first astonishment. They were interested in the spinning rollers that spun at a speed their eyes couldn't keep up with as well as the sliding boat. They couldn't work out why it wouldn't come off though! The spinning door on the house took their interest too and of course that car, especially when they realised it clicked as they moved it. Grr that constant clicking lol!

      I switched the on/off button to ON and that is when the fun begun, they were around 1 when they first started listening to it. They would sit for ages pressing buttons continously until even the woman got confused and seemed to be babbling rubbish. They soon started to listen carefully though and really try and take in what the woman was saying. Slowly and gradually they picked out a few words, it also helped that I spoke about cars and boats too so they instantly recognised a few words and wanted to keep pressing to hear these few words they had already heard. Before I knew it they were babbling songs singing along with the woman too.

      Now both being 21 months the fun hasn't lessened one bit, only now they understand properly what a car is, as well as a boat and they even roleplay with the keys at my back and front doors. As they grow now I know this toy which has kept their interest and captured their heats for so long now will help them learn the basic colours too.

      I have been so impressed with this toy, alot of toys I buy have been looked at in disgust and never been looked at again. This one has been different though. Reading on the internet about it and what it can teach the descriptions have been EXACTLY right. Sometimes products, especially toys come with waffling info to try buy you in which later leaves you devatated when it's crap and doesn't do half the things you expect. On most websites you are told that this toy teaches;

      First Words
      Favourite Songs

      This is exactly right.

      It began as a simple eyecatching toy just being dangled before their eyes. It must of been love at first sight though, and the feelings mutual I think lol! The toy has not only taught them words such as Car, allowed them to feel new things such as them rollers which confused them for so long and introduced them to new sounds but it has also put up with some beatings and bashings. This is some strong plastic, yes it does have the odd mark but bearing in mind it has been thrown and chucked inside and outside now for god knows how many months it is still in fantastic condition. The age it is reccomended for is spot on - from 6 months to 36 months. From 6 months onwards it is just the basics, looking and listening, it soon grows with your child though teaching them songs, sounds and how to have fun with something so simple!

      I really can't reccomend this toy enough, it is a strong and sturdy simple toy that provides so much fun and entertainment for so many ages.

      It is roughly £20, maybe more to buy brand new - if I had more children in the future I would be more than happy to buy this toy again.


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    • Product Details

      Teaches colours and first words. Each key also has an additional play feature, like roller bars. 6 tunes.

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