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Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Table

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2 Reviews

Brand: Fisher Price / Age: 18 months / Type: Learning Toy

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    2 Reviews
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      02.11.2010 06:59
      Very helpful



      Very good.

      We bought this toy for Lewis when he was about eight months old and he really enjoys playing with it. Our front room is now so full of big toys it is unbelievable, add to this mix the cacophony of gadgets that my wife and I have accumulated over the years and our front room looks like Dixons and Toys 'R' Us got together and had a baby.

      There is a very similar learning table produced by Leapfrog which has a musical instruments theme, although the other table is bi-lingual my wife and I preferred the look of this one as the colours are bolder and we already have a lot of musical instrument toys (Also we found it at a better price).

      Lewis has had this now for about six months and has always enjoyed playing with it, when we first got it he was holding onto it to stand up and it really helped him to get his confidence on his feet. Now Lewis is walking he still enjoys playing with the table, we recently cleared out a few toys which he no longer played with but there is no chance of this one going in the loft for at least a few more months.

      This learning table has a food theme and there is a wide variety of activities for your little one to play with. It is recommended as being suitable from six months and if your baby is not standing the legs can be left of and the table used for floor play. As with many of the 'Laugh & Learn' toys there are two settings, 'Learning Time' and 'Music Time'. On the different settings the activities have completely different sounds or songs.

      There is; a pizza with three buttons that does colours and shapes or is a mini keyboard, a napkin with peekaboo peas, a salt and pepper shaker, crunching cookies which count one to ten, fruits which teach food and colours, a cup that does opposites and manners, a bowl of alphabet soup that sings the alphabet and a spoon to stir the bowl which is also a rattle.

      The alphabet bowl is in the centre of the table and has flashing lights underneath it. Lewis enjoys music and dances when he hears any but I think that 'Learning Time' is better on this toy than 'Music Time'. There are grips on each side of the table with different textures that make it easier to hold onto for support.

      There are two volume settings, the quieter one is much less obtrusive and will not detract from your child's experience. The voice on this toy is very clear and has an English accent, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the American accent but hearing 'goodbye' over and over again from one of his other toys started to grate a little.

      One thing I do not like about this table, and I have not found a toy or kids C.D. that this is not a problem on, is that the alphabet does not sing out phonetically. When we first put it together I thought it was a little short but this has not been a problem at all. These tables cost around twenty five pounds nowadays and I would say it is worth about thirty but shop around as they are occasionally available for under twenty quid.


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      07.06.2007 20:54
      Very helpful



      A great toy for little ones, exciting and educational.

      This table is a lot like another table by Fisher Price the "learn and groove" table, the major differences being that this table features food instead of musical instruments and is smaller in size.

      The table is very easily assembled coming in 5 parts(4 legs 1 table) the legs simply click into place and you're ready to go, you dont have to use the legs if your child isnt the the right stage of developement.

      Suitable from 6months of age its a great toy for little ones who are just learning to stand, theyre eager to see all the colours, the dancing lights and interact with all the toys which encourages them to pull themselves up and strengthens their legs.

      The toy has 3 settings, chosen by simply sliding the switch to the chosen style, you can choose abc, 123 or off.

      the table top features a selection of different foods

      1-A bowl of alphabet soup-Stir the soup to sing the alphabet. The bowl turns, starting off a song or music. This is a very clever little dish its made from 2 sheets of clear plastic and between the plastic is a liquid and some letters, as the dish is turned the letters bob around in the liquid, it looks like real soup from the outside but theres no risk of spills or mess.

      2-Pizza- teaches shapes & colors- press one of the 3 shaped buttons to be told its colour or shape, the will also play a single note which varies depending on the shape you press.

      3- fruits- teach colors & textures- slide the blueberries, press the banana or turn the apple for a tune or description ie "red apple" or "soft banana"

      4- Sippy cup- magically empties & fills to teach opposites & manners. you push it down once and the cup is nearly empty, push it down again and the cup is nearly full.

      5-Cookies- Press down to trigger songs inc- the mexican hat dance (my daughters favourite) or a song counting to ten. the chocolate chips are actually different coloured balls which spin within the cookie

      6-Spoon- comes away from the table to allow your child to "eat and stir the soup"

      7- Table cloth corner- flip over to reveal a small compartment of peas, they giggle and make other noises

      There are 15 different songs, including "the Alphabet Song" "Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah" "Teddy Bear Picnic" & "Pease Porridge Hot" as well as 25+ different silly sounds including crunching and slurping.

      The abc and 123 features promote early academics, understanding of letters, counting, colors, shapes, textures, opposites, first words, foods & manners, they also encourage problem-solving skills as your baby learns how to activate music & sounds in multiple ways.the repitition of simple words encourages speech developement. The table provides an opportunity for baby to be like the grown ups, encouraging imaginative play.

      It is a very durable toy and like the "learn and groove" has stood up to the mountain climbing attempts of my 2 years old, it has also helped my baby girl to learn how to stand, she nows stands confidently holding the edge and dancing to the music.

      It requires 3aa batteries that dont come with it, the compartment id easy to reach under the main table. The packaging is brightly coloured as all kids toys are but is easy to remove, in fact it has a front flap which you can open to test the toy before you buy it. it retails at £19.99 and is available from toys r us, woolworths, argos and many online stores including amazon.

      I highly recommend this table, it has more activities than the "learn and groove" nicer, more varied songs and is smaller(which is important when considering how it will fit in your home) my kids love it and im sure it will interest them for a long time, even if it's just when my little girl is old enough to play teddy bears picnic.


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    • Product Details

      Stir up the learning fun! Two interactive play modes teach A-B-C’s, 1-2-3’s, colors, textures, first words, music, and so much more! 15 sing-along songs, 10 fascinating activities, speech, sounds, and lots of ways to imagine and play. Requires 3 “AA” alka

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