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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Pretty Please Tea Set

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Brand: Fisher-Price / Type: Learning Toy

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    1 Review
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      17.01.2014 14:37
      Very helpful



      a cute toy

      Here is a review on yet another of Hope's Christmas presents and this one is a toy which she absolutely loves. She loves it that much that whenever she is in her highchair she insists on having it with her to play with! Although it was quite expensive at £16 she does great a lot of enjoyment out of it which is a good job because I think the price tag is rather steep for what you get. It is made by Fisher Price so is good quality.

      What do you get?

      Within this little tea set you get a tea pot, two little cups and a plate with three cakes on. It isn't a huge tea set like you can get with lots of different items making it suitable for a little tea party, this is a smaller, scaled down version which actually I think is better as it encourages children to use their imaginations and doesn't overwhelm them with having too many items.

      What does it look like?

      The picture provided by Dooyoo pretty much sums up this tea set very well in terms of looks. It is very obviously designed for girls as it is pink and purple with little flowers and frills on it! The tea pot has a big handle which is good for small hands to be able to hold comfortably and on the belly of the tea pot is a smiley face which and some little pink flowers. By it's handle is a button with a musical note on and beside this is a switch which is quite stiff to move and alters the setting (I think that this is more for parents to to switch than the child due to how stiff it is). The tea cups are small and purple and only have little handles but this doesn't seem to be a problem, Hope is still able to pick them up without a struggle. The little plate is pink and the cakes that sit on it are three different shapes; circle, triangle and square. They slot into specific places on the plate and all look different- one is brown and looks a bit like a chocolate brownie, another is traingular and yellow a bit like a slice of cake and the other is pale brown with pink icing so looks rather like a fairy cake!

      This tea set is very sweet and cute to look at. I think it's a lovely looking toy and it doesn't suprise me that Hope was interested in this right away!

      What it does

      As I said previously this tea set has different settings and this is because it makes sounds so this tea set isn't just about having imaginative play it's also about education too! It is the tea pot which makes the sounds, the other items don't do anything extra. The first setting shows a swirly pattern and this is my favourite setting! It makes 'tea' noises! By this I mean, when the tea pot is tilted on it's side or upside down it makes a noise like tea being poured and once you stand it upright again it glugs like a real tea pot would! If you open the lid whilst it's on this setting it makes a rattly noise and giggles. If the music button is pressed whilst this setting is on it plays the first line of Polly put the kettle on.

      The next setting is the musical one. When you turn it to this setting it announces "It's music time!" When the tea pot is turned on it's side or upside down it makes some plinky plonky noises! When the music button is pressed a very bright and cheerful song begins playing which is one of them songs that get stuck in your head! "Tea, tea, tea for two, would you like to pour, tip the pot and fill the cup and then we'll have some more!" "Time to share a pot of tea, some for you, some for me, let's take turns and always say, please and thank you!" Both of these little songs are very catchy!If you lift the lid on this setting it makes another plink plonky noise.

      The final setting shows numbers and is claims "It's learning time!" when you select it. On this setting when you tilt the tea pot it makes the same sound effects as the first setting where it sounds like you are pouring tea. When you press the music button a song begins which tries to teach children about numbers by using the cup and cakes which come with this tea pot as little learning aids "one pretty tea pot ready for some tea, two little cups one for you and me, three tasty treats just enough to share, shaped like a circle, triangle and square!" Again this song is very addictive!As well as the settings there is obviously the most basic element of this tea set which is the fact that children can use it to play and socialise. It's a great way for children to use their imaginations as they pretend to pour tea and eat cake. The cakes fit into individual shapes on the plate so it provides another activity for your child as they learn to fit the pieces in the correct places.

      Learning aid

      This toy is great for:
      Imaginative play
      Learning to share
      Hand-eye- coordination

      The fact that it's a tea set is great as it encourages your child to pour 'tea' from the pot and then share it with you or their friends. It helps your child to learn to use their imaginations by carrying out something which they probably watch you, the parent, do daily. Hope likes to play with this and pretend to give her dolly a drink from the cup or passes dolly a piece of cake. It's lovely to see her interacting in this way and using her imagination. The learning about numbers element of this is only very subtle, it is more of a toy than an educational aid but it is a fun way to teach your children that there are three cakes, that there are two cups etc as well as showing them about different shapes too. These different shapes help to improve hand eye coordination as they learn to find the places for the ckaes so it's a great idea.

      The learning manners part of this is shown in the song where it tells children to always say please and thank you and to take it in turns. It's really nice to see a toy which tries to promote this kind of learning.


      I absolutely love this little tea set as it's very sweet and the songs that it plays may be quite limited but they're so cheerful that I don't mind them which is rare, often repetitive songs can get very irritating but not with this!

      Since Hope opened this on Christmas day she has played with is every day and likes to have this on her high chair whilst she is eating! She likes to tip the pot up so it sounds like she is pouring tea and she shares out the cakes and the little cups. She seems delighted when we pretend to drink from the cups and actually we have started to put her juice in the cups to help her to learn how to drink from them so we're using it as a learning aid to help wean her off her beakers!

      The settings on this are hard for little fingers to select as the button is quite stiff and difficult to change from one to another so I think this is really for an adult to select which I think is a shame as HOpe would like to be able to swap the settings herself. There is no volume control on this either which is also a shame, often with toys of this nature there are volume settings but this one doesn't have one so it is a very good job that the songs are not irritating!

      What I really like about this is how cheerful it is. Not only are the cups and tea pot prettily coloured with little flowers and frills on but they have really smiley faces. The music is extremely cheerful and uplifting and the little noises made after pouring the tea ("Thank you!" and giggling!) is very happy sounding. I don't think that you can help but smile whilst playing with this which is so lovely.
      The tea pot is quite heavy, not excessively so but perhaps more than you would expect it to be. Hope is almost 2 and she is able to lift it without a problem as can her friend who is 18 months old so I don't think that children will struggle with this but perhaps under the age of 18 months may be more difficult as it isn't very light.

      Because all of the items in this tea set are made from plastic it is very easy to clean which is a good job considering that Hope has this on her highchair at all times so it often ends up grubby and she likes to have real juice in the mugs. We just use baby wipes or soapy water and it soon cleans it which is a relief! The plastic is thick and robust so it is rather durable and toddler tough!

      In my opinion this is a really lovely toy. I like how it is different to other toys out there and that it doesn't really compare to other tea sets that we have seen which tend to have many parts to them which can get lost and could overwhelm children. This is lovely because you get the tea set and also the plastic food as well as the happy, cheerful tunes and sound effects which go with it! I must admit that the sound effects are very realistic and well done!

      Hope plays with this happily for about half an hour at a time and often more than once a day. She has learnt to open the lid herself, how to hold the tea pot at an angle as if she's pouring tea and how to put the cakes in their correct places. It's great to see that she is able to use this toy without needing any help and it's lovely how she's beginning to be imaginative by pretending to give her dolly a drink.
      When this was bought for Hope it was actually in the sale for half price so it only cost £8 which I think is fantastic value for money. It's full retail price is £16 and I am unsure whether I would pay that much money for this. I do really like it and Hope plays with it very happily for quite a long time daily but I do think that the full price of it is rather expensive. I like to think that this is a toy which will be played with for quite some time, I can see her using it over the next few years for her dolly's tea party and when her friends come round so I do think that it will get a lot of use out of it. You can buy it from Toys r Us and Amazon so it is easy to get hold of and because it's made by Fisher Price it is a name you can trust.


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    • Product Details

      This set has 3 play modes; learning, music and imagination. Teaches baby about numbers, shapes, opposites, manners, greetings and more. Tip the tea pot to hear fun sounds, press the teabag to hear a song or lift the lid to learn about opposites and manners. Includes 2 teacups and a shape-sorting cookie tray with 3 teethable cookies. General information: Batteries required: 2 x AA (included). For ages 6 months and over.

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