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Fisher Price Laugh + Learn Teddy's Shapes and Colours

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Brand: Fisher Price / Age: 6 Months / Type: Learning Toy

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    2 Reviews
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      22.08.2013 07:45
      Very helpful



      Great toy that still works

      It seems like such a long time ago when my son was alittle baby. Now, hes a strapping young boy who seems to be far too wise and cheeky for his own good! Gone are the days he used to wake up at some crazy early time in the morning and watch Teletubbies and find them amusing. Now its all about being a superhero and terrorising his little sister and jumping off furniture. His choice and taste in toys now is obviously a lot different to when he was small crying ball of cuteness, but this was one of his favourite toys then. I bought it from Sainsburys during a shopping trip. I recall it was reduced in price,but exactly how much I cant remember, but it would have been less than £7.00.

      Why did I buy this?

      A friend of mine at the time had a little girl who was just over a 10 months and it was coming up to her birthday. I was looking for a small, inexpensive gift for her that was suitable for her age, but would be fun to play with. So when I saw this I thought it was perfect. Unfortunately, my son thought this was perfect too but for himself, as he seemed quite transfixed with this purchase, so I had to buy two of them in the end as he obviously wanted one!

      What is this?

      This is a small electronic story book for babies. Very basic, and concentrates on colours and shapes. This has a light and sound element to it, so stimulating for babies in regards to hearing and sight.

      How does it look?

      This particular toy is made of plastic. Quite chunky in look and feel and brightly coloured. Has a book like shape to it e.g hinged at one end and has two pages that can physically be turned over. On the front cover you can see a bear holding different shaped and coloured balloons in the bottom right hand corner, with the Fisher Price logo just underneath. At the side of the bear you have the product name which is ' Teddys Shapes and Colours ' in bold lettering. Above the teddy, in one of the balloons ( which is shaped circular ) this is actually cut out, and this is all the way through the book not just the front page, and where the circle shape is missing in its place is a stuck out yellow/orangery shape that has a smiley face painted on it. When pressed it lights up.

      The next 4 pages, on each, have different cartoon drawn characters/animals on it, but theres a running theme that mentions colour and shape e.g the first page is a rabbit holding a red ball, sat in a field with small animals around him/her. Theres also flowers in the grass which are red and made up of circles, theres a big yellow flower with a red circle centre in the middle and of course you have the ball. On the far left in red lettering it says ' red circle '. The other 3 pages are the same but focus on yellow and triangle, green and square and blue and star.

      When the book is opened, it will say afew different phrases and mention the colours and shapes. Both phrases and colours/shapes mentioned depend on the page that is opened. The actually phrases spoken are at the bottom of each of the pages.

      The circle that lights up in this book, on one of the pages, due to the background on the page takes the appearance of something different. On the first page, as mentioned, it's the middle section of a balloon. The next page it appears to be the centre of a flower and on the last page, because the scene depicted is night time, this resembles the moon in the sky.

      To make it easy for children to hold this toy, it has a carry handle at the top. Size of this item is 5 ¼ inches wide by 6 inches high ( this includes the handle section ) and just over 1 inch deep.

      At the side of this toy is a small switch that slides, this enables you to turn on ( or off, and adjust the volume setting.

      Requires batteries 3 AAAs.

      Suitable for the children age 6 months - 3 years.

      So what do we think?

      This used to be my sons favourite toy as a baby. He would play with it often by himself but most of the time, we would turn the pages together. He loved the look and feel of this, and found it easy and enjoyable to play with. We used it that much that to be honest, I didn't even need to play the sound to remember what the words were, I remember! This wasn't a toy that we took out and about with us, but he played with it at home, and it provided him with lots and lots of fun play time.

      So what do I think? This toy is perfect for the suggested age range. Brightly coloured so fun to look at, chunky in feel so easy for little hands to hold but also quite robust because little fingers do tend to drop things a lot, especially when hand and eye co ordination is improving day by day. It provides lights and sounds that helps to stimulate senses, and it's a fantastic and basic way to introduce shapes and colours for babies/toddlers.

      The voice on this toy reminds me abit of Mary Poppins-feminine, clear, concise and tuneful. I personally didnt find it irritating, quite warming in fact. But if you hear the same phrases over and over again, regardless of how much you like your childs toy, it will be annoying due to repetition but I had no issues.

      Easy to keep clean, a simple wipe with a damp or dry cloth can sort that out. Not too big, so easy to store or if needed to take out with you to keep little ones occupied while out and about, and I found the battery life with this toy was great and rarely needed changing. Light weight.

      This is a well made toy, and despite the fact its over 4 years, it still works perfectly ( although I did have to change the batteries! ). In fact, Ive now found another fan of this in the form of my daughter, who seems to find this enjoyable to use and is keeping her busy just by turning the few pages it has and listening to the spoken words. Its holding her attention-which must be good!

      As you can imagine, with its age and constant use with my son, you can tell this is a used toy, but its not battered in anyway. It still appears to be bright in colour, although alittle on the worn side in regards to colouring but no obvious marks or wear and tear.

      I don't see this readily available anymore, but I see plenty of similar type toys out there which do the same thing.

      Would I buy this again? Yes I would. Great introduction for young children to learn about basic colours and shapes, well made, brightly coloured, easy to use and hold with the added addition of sound and light.

      An old toy but with a modern day purpose.Glad we still have this! Perfect for young children.


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        10.06.2010 13:36
        Very helpful



        Not bad to keep baby occupied - but make sure you know where the 'off' switch is!

        Firstly, I feel I have to make a confession. When I first purchased this toy for my daughter, I kept it switched off because I found the voice so irritating! I know that many toys have this issue but this one is particuarly bad!

        Okay - so now I have got that off my chest... Once I got used to the irritating voice and actually switched this on for my daughter, I realised that in fact it isn't a bad little toy at all. It is a hard, plastic book with three "pages" and a big bright button on the front that lights up and activates the voice. The voice also speaks when pages are turned. There is also a song (yes - it's quite annoying but MissD seems to enjoy it!) when you press the button when the book is closed.

        Realistically a small baby isn't going to get hours of playtime from this item, but it is a decent toy at a low price, and is extremely durable and hard-wearing. It is also educational as the voice points out colours, shapes and animals. There is quite a lot to see on each page so you can talk through the pictures with your little one.

        The book requires 3 AAA batteries and there is also a "Counting animal friends" book that goes with this one.


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