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Fisher Price Little People Touch & Feel Circus

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Brand: Fisher Price / Age: 12 months

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    1 Review
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      12.11.2007 12:11
      Very helpful



      Great For Younger Kids . OverPriced, Not A Lot To Do . Boring

      My kids pretty much now have the whole of the Fisher Price Little People range. This is just one of them they have. The best thing about this range is that my daughter plays with the house one moment and the train and the garage the next. My son is the same. Every single set has something different about it and all with those noises and some have music too. Though this one is a let down from the rest that we have. This is one that does not really get played with a lot as there is very few things to do with it unlike the rest of the range. I should say that this is aimed at the younger babies rather then the older ones.

      What is the world of the little people ? 

      Well for anyone that does not have kids or just have not seen these sets, then where have you been for the past 5 years !!!
      Made by Fisher Price they are all individual play sets. Each set has something different about it whether it be the noises the sounds or the music. Each set you will get 2 or 3 little people figures that can be mixed and match with the different sets that are all available through most good toy shop and Argos. With each set you will get a 3 piece train with the train set, 2 cars with this garage and the doll house a load of furniture plus extras. As you can see by now that each set maybe the same name but has a totally different play and fun value to it. Making them fun for kids. Each set has a educational value to it too.

      Little People Amazing Animals Circus 
      Again with like all the other sets in this range, this is also brightly coloured, Red and yellow and green. Each of the animals are large and chunky making them very easy to pick up and play with. With this set you get 4 animals that are ----

      -- Bendy Monkey
      -- Fluffy The Poodle
      -- Lion With A Fleecy mane
      -- Leathery The Elephant.
      All the animals can ride, dance and use the see - saw and use the trapeze and climb the ladder to high dive off it. Stand in front of the fun distorting mirror, well a sticker anyway. Walk the tight rope and dance round and round on stage to music That's it. I did say there was not a lot on this one. Though all the pieces store inside of the circus nicely.

      Assembly 

      With this one we had to place the stickers on and that was it. We did also have to place the batteries in. This has to be the best set as NO ASSEMBLY !!!!! Though watch for those horrid plastic ties that seem to be on EVERY single toy now.

      Educational Value 

      Interacting with others while playing with Little People characters
      Early role play: being one of the animals
      Inviting others to join in the play with Little People characters ("You be the lion and I'll be the elephant. Let's put on a show! ")

      Imagining a pretend world where they can make anything happen!
      Pretending to put on or attend a circus performance
      Placing a figure on the trapeze and sending him "flying" through the air!
      Using food bin and water barrel to take care of animals
      Discovering how things work & imitating what they see others do
      Moving knob back & forth to hear music & see figures "dance"!
      Pushing figures up & down on the see-saw
      Stroking the lion, elephant and poodle and experiencing the different textures

      Cleaning 

      Again with most toys now only damp wipe. Do not use any hard cleaners like bleach as your child may place the people or any other stuff into their mouths. Bacterial wipes are great as long as they are safe for kids.

      Batteries. 
      This takes 3 X AA like the rest of the sets do. You will need a Philips screw driver to unscrew the battery compartment that is un the base of the circus.

      Battery life is good like most of the sets. Though my kids have not really played with this one as like the other sets that have now. Though there is a on / off switch as well to save on battery life whist not in use.
      Though Fisher Price clearly state then if not in use for long periods of time then to remove the batteries to prevent the batteries from leaking and damaging your toy.

       Other Sets 
      Fisher-Price Little People A-to-Z Learning Zoo
      Little People Touch & Feel Animal Sounds Farm
      The Little People Sweet Sounds House
      Fisher Price Little People Neighborhood Vehicles
      Fisher-Price Little People Lil' Movers Boating Fun -
      Fisher Price Little People Maggie Figure with School Bus
      Fisher Price Little People Time-to-Learn Preschool
      Fisher Price Little People Christmas Village
      Fisher Price Preschool Amazing Animals Circus
      Fisher-Price Little People Musical Ferris Wheel
      Fisher-Price Little People Wal-Mart Supercenter
      Fisher-Price Little People Children Nativity Set
      Fisher-Price Little People Fun Sounds Train
      Fisher-Price Little People Touch & Feel Circus

      That is to name just a slight few there are many more sets available.

      Price & Where To Buy. 
      We brought ours from Toys R Us and paid £25 for this set. Which for what you get is a huge rip off. Most places do sell these and for around the same price.

       My Thoughts. 
      Well as you may have read from my other Fisher Price Little People reviews that my kids have many of the sets now. Though this has to be the rubbish one they have for entertainment value. As there is none at tall. Which is a shame because my kids and me are a big fan of the range. I do believe this has been played with twice since we brought it last year.

      This is range from 1 to 5 years old. Though I cant see a two year old playing with it without getting bored after 2 minutes. I do believe that Fisher Price could have made this one a lot better and given more things to do and play with.

       Would I recommend this ?? 

      Yes for younger kids but for older kids no.


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    • Product Details

      An animal playset with 4 touch and feel animals, a stage with entrance curtains and a centre ring, as well as, a tight rope featuring action and music. AA Batteries required.

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