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Fisher-Price Love to Play Puppy

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3 Reviews
  • reasonably priced
  • musical
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    3 Reviews
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      12.02.2015 00:55
      Very helpful


      • "reasonably priced"
      • musical
      • colourful


      An adorable educational toy for ages 6-36 months which children will love.

      I bought this Fisher Price Love to Play Puppy for my baby Grandson's Christmas. What I would say is shop around before you buy as the prices vary greatly. Mine was purchased from Argos for around £15 but there are some other retailers that are selling them for almost £30 which is double the price I paid.

      It is brightly coloured which immediately caught my Grandson's attention. He was captivated by the fact that it is musical and sang songs. The recommended age is from 6 months upwards and would still have value until the age of 3 years old. The puppy is battery operated and has lots of activities to keep young children amused. It sings ten songs, teaches colours and alphabet, and says several phrases.

      My Grandson was so taken with him and listens to him as he says phrases like 'I love You' or 'Hug Me.' It teaches parts of the body when those areas are pressed - tummy, ears, foot hand etc. At the moment Puppy is carried mainly by the ears, but is very well made and able to take the rough play that he encounters! At just over 30 cm tall, it is ideal for those little hands to get to grips with.

      This really is a wonderful educational toy which has brought hours of joy for such a reasonable price. As babies start to talk, this will be invaluable in helping them to develop their vocabulary and teach them colours. One of the best pre-school toys that I have come across which combines learning with fun.

      I would have no hesitation in recommending this to help young children develop communication and sensory skills.


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      07.02.2014 20:36



      I wouldn't say it is an essential buy but nice to have and worth it if cheap enough

      We got this little dog for my daughter at Christmas when she was 6 months and it is recommended to be used from that age and I agree it was nice time for her to enjoy this interactive cuddly.

      I feel it is suited to babies who can sit up independently as it is too large for them to get the full benefit if lying down to play. But when sitting it is nice to sit opposite as though they have a little friend to play with.

      We paid around £15 from Costco and I feel that is a decent price and not really worth more. It is nice and soft and you have to squeeze very hard before you feel the battery pack. The batteries are included so no messing around.

      It has a variety of features, the voice sings, counts, and says the name and colour of the body part your child is playing with. For example 'blue ear'. My favourite feature is when it sings head, shoulders knees and toes as you can show your child on the dog the areas it is singing about.

      My daughter does seem to enjoy playing with it but in comparison to some of her other toys does not seem to hold her interest for long, unless you sit and play with it as well. I find the voice very irritating and so is not my first choice of toy and does not tend to get used every day. It has also scared me a few times as one of the phrases is 'Peekaboo I see you' and the first time it said this it was wrapped under the Christmas tree and scared the crap out of me. It is also quite hard to turn off, it has an off button on one of the feet but you need a bit of a knack to get it to shut up.


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      01.06.2013 22:35
      Very helpful



      A great little puppy.

      ~*~*~ Fisher Price Love To Play Puppy ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      This is an adorable little learning/play puppy. He is soft and cuddly for cwtchy time but also has various little buttons to be pressed on various body parts.

      ~ The Puppy ~

      The puppy is a generous size (approx 35cm in height) and is quite squishy despite there being a large battery pack inserted into the back.

      He is made from a soft short pile furry fabric and is a light tan colour, he has a pale patch over his left eye, floppy blue ears, a red right paw, green left paw, yellow right foot and orange left foot, he wears a purple t-shirt emblazoned with various letters and a large red plastic love heart sits on his chest. He also has a cute red nose and a large smile. His Tummy is a button as is his right ear. He is very cute!

      ~ What does it do? ~

      Well, each paw has a different function.

      The orange foot/paw has three features -
      * Off
      * ABC
      * ♪ (Music note)

      The Off button is pretty much self explanatory - It turns the puppy off.
      ABC is learning time, where you press the various body parts and the puppy says the name, ie. Press the tummy and puppy says Tummy etc.
      ♪ is the music time button, you press various buttons and the puppy sings cute nursery rhymes.

      The right ear contains a button and also ' ear ' is written upon the ear, in the ABC mode press the ear and you will get -

      Ear (followed by a ditty little tune)
      Blue Ear
      Bark, bark

      The green paw says ' Hand ' -
      Green Hand
      Yay (followed by applause)

      The rest of the body parts go on like this and it is very cute and clearly spoken.

      The heart lights up a bright red and follows the same pattern in what is said when pressed.

      The red paw has a music symbol printed on it - ♪, pressing this will give you four different little songs.

      In the ♪ mode, puppy says " Let's sing and play games "
      The blue ear will start a song of Itsy Bitsy Spider, a whimpery bark and a bark.
      The green hand will start Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake.
      Red hand - Head, shoulders, knees and toes.
      Yellow hand - This little puppy (rather than this little piggy)
      Tummy - If your happy and you know it.
      Heart - A little ditty tune, I love you, I love you, morning, noon and night.

      Pressing the tummy will also gets the puppy saying " That tickles! "

      At various points the puppy says phrases such as "Hug me", "You're my friend" etc.

      All the buttons are easy to press for babies and toddlers alike as they simply require a slight hit/squeeze/chew!
      No matter what is pressed the red love heart flashes red.

      ~ Hard on batteries? ~

      This is actually not too bad on batteries, I have changed the ones in our puppy just twice since owning him so I think that is really good seeing as we have had him a few years!

      The batteries go into a little compartment in the back of the puppy, this is covered over by a velcro backing on the puppies top, the batteries need to be accessed by unscrewing a cover so this is very safe for little ones.

      Also on the back is a power off switch. And there is an added bonus here too - A volume switch! Yayy! At the loudest it isn't too noisy but it is nice to have the option to make it that little bit more quieter at times.

      ~ Overall ~

      This is not machine washable due to the battery pack and electronics inside the puppy but it does wipe over brilliantly with a damp soapy cloth just try not to soak it.

      This at the moment is one of my sons favourite toys and he plays with it on a daily basis. He likes the flashing lights and will give himself a clap when I ask him to press a certain button and he gets it right.
      He likes to carry the pup by it's left ear and it is holding in place very well despite being dragged around.

      The colours are still nice and bright and the fur is still soft and cuddly.

      I think this is a great little toy, it isn't massively educational but does help them learn the basics, my sons also likes to dance to the tunes and rhymes which I think is really cute.

      I would recommend this to anyone as I think it is fab.

      ~ Price & Availability ~

      This can be bought in many stores but Amazon currently have it available on offer for £18.94 (RRP £24.99) with free delivery.
      *Price correct 1/6/2013*

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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    • Product Details

      The Fisher-Price Love to Play Puppy is a cuddly play pal for baby that combines 2 modes of play, learning and musical games with 10 sung song. In the learning mode - six hot spots on plush puppy will teach you A-Z, parts of the body and colours through fun phrases and songs. In game mode for fun phrases and sung songs to play along with baby. General information: Size H33.2, W27.7, D17.9cm. Batteries required: 3 x AA (included). For ages 6 months and over.

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