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Fisher-Price Miracles & Milestones Silly Segment Caterpillar

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2 Reviews

Brand: Fisher Price / Type: Pre-school Toys / Age: Newborn

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    2 Reviews
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      04.02.2014 17:49
      Very helpful



      Bright colouful toy for babies but nose button hard to press

      When my daughter was a few months old she received the Fisher Price Silly Segments Caterpillar for her first Christmas. She was instantly very taken with him and loved to feel and play with the various segments.

      ~What is it?~

      The Fisher Price Silly Segments Caterpillar is brightly coloured with a friendly smiling face. He is made up of 4 segments; The first which is the head as fabric antennae ad a button nose, the second has a mirror and on the reverse triangle raised shapes, the third has black and white patterns both sides and the final piece is textured both sides. The caterpillar also has fabric legs.

      There is a loop allowing you to secure the toy to a buggy, to prevent it being dropped onto the floor.

      ~In Use~

      My daughter instantly loved her caterpillar and he quickly became a firm favourite. She enjoyed the textures and colours and looking at her reflection in the mirror. As the Caterpillar can be clipped to a buggy he can safely be taken out and about without fear of become lost or muddy.

      As the majority of this toy is plastic he is very easy to clean with a damp cloth as needed.


      The button on the caterpillars nose is extremely stiff and seems to stick and is difficult even for adults to press, which is a real shame as I am sure my daughter would have liked to have made it squeak herself.

      We have also found that the mirror quickly becomes scratched.

      ~Price & Availability~

      The Fisher Price Silly Segments Caterpillar is widely available in shops and online and currently costs £10.95 on the Amazon website.


      My daughter loved her caterpillar, playing with him regular until she was around a year old. She loved the textures and bright colours as well as the mirror. It is a shame that the nose button is stiff and sticks as she would have enjoyed this however this is a really lovely toy for babies.

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      03.02.2014 13:08
      Very helpful
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      lovely toy

      When Baby Hope was first born we were bought allsorts of gifts and this Fisher Price Silly Caterpillar was one of them. I put it aside at first as I didn't think that a newborn baby would really be able to play with a toy and not a plastic one at that.

      After about 1 month of Baby Hope being at home from hospital I found it very difficult to entertain her. All she wanted to do was feed all day long and would get very clingy. Whilst in her moses basket she wasn't at all interested in looking at the teddies hanging down from the hood and I wondered if it was because they were very pale in colour so wouldn't stand out.

      I decided to get Mr Caterpillar out to see if he would help entertain her. Hope would often cry whilst being changed and so I would hang Mr Caterpillar over her so she could be distracted by him. At first she didn't pay any attention but then I squeeked his nose and she would stop crying instantly and stare at him. Every time his nose squeeked she would give a grin and eventually giggle.

      Mr Caterpillar is now a firm favourite. Hope loves to grab him herself now although she is 9 months old she still hasn't been able to squeek him for herself but she does love to play with him.

      Mr Caterpillar is a plastic toy made by Fisher-Price. He has 4segments to his body, these segments are round disks in bright colours. The top one is his face which includes a squeeky bright red nose that stands out against the green plastic of his face and has a big smile. Fabric links his face down to the next segment which is a yellow disc with a mirror in on one side and a black and white zigzag pattern on the next. The next segment down is a yellow disk with black and white patterns on both sides. The bottom segment is a blue disk with textures on it suitable for babies to explore their sense of touch.

      Coming from the middle segments are little fabric legs too which are really good as it gives babies a chance to explore different materials.

      What is great about this caterpillar is the fact that it is so bright. It catches the baby's attention straight away. When Babies are first born they can only see black and white- so the black and white patterns on the segments are very important and then they can only see very bold colours so the different coloured features of this toy is ideal.

      The caterpillar can be attached to a cot or a pram as it has a link on the top which is flexible enough to hang onto something.

      This toy is very light so it's easy for babies to hold themselves to play with and the segments are small enough for babies to grip. Quite often with toys they are too bulky or heavy for young babies to be able to play with properly but this caterpillar is really ideal for babies from birth and the design of it is superb.

      Because it's plastic it is very easy to clean by just wiping with a baby wipe or giving a good clean in soapy water so even though Mr Caterpillar is played with every day he still looks as good as new.
      The fact that he is plastic means he can be a teether toy too, the segments could double up as a teether toy although Baby Hope doesn't gnaw on him I imagine that many other babies would.

      I definitely recommend this product as it has been so useful in helping to distract baby Hope when she was tiny and now is one of her favourite toys. She likes to explore all the different segments of Mr Caterpillar and wheneve she heas his nose making a noise she giggles and now claps!
      All in all this is a geat little toy suitable from birth plus.


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