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Fisher Price Nesting Action Vehicles

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Brand: Fisher Price / Type: Baby Toy / Type: Cars & Vehicles

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    1 Review
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      18.03.2012 16:59
      Very helpful



      A long lasting brilliant toy

      The cars

      The cars come in 4 different colours ranging from a style of a racing car to the larger one resembling a fire engine so they all give little one something different to look at. They have smiley faces on the front of them to make them appeal to little one.Each car works by them self as an actual car too they have wheels that move and little one can push them around with ease, they work well on both carpeted floor or wooden flooring so there is no limits to how they can be used.

      The cars each have a number on them ranging from 1 to 4 so are great for introducing little one to numbers as they can count as they stack, line the cars in a row in the correct order while looking at the number on the cars for recognising how they are wrote.

      This means the smaller ones can be used for smaller children and as they grow they can begin to find different ways to play. Although as a small baby the smallest car is easiest for little one to play with all the cars is a good size for little hands allowing them to play independently or with mummy or daddy.

      Each car has a different feature, one of the cars has a rattle so as little one moves it around they get a sound to listen to another has a sunroof which can be opened and closed but is still very sturdy so there is no chance of it being snapped off. Another of the cars has a rotating bar on the top of it for little one to roll with delight and finally my sons favourite car is the fore engine that has a ladder that moves around and makes a clicking noise this is not too large to obstruct stacking and can be clicked back into place yet is durable enough for little one to play safely.

      All the cars are made of durable plastic and all the wheels and small novelty features they posses so they can be used safely by young children without any worry. They have been chewed, thrown across the room hit off walls and of course knocked over while trying to stack hundreds of times yet have come away unscratched. They have lasted 3 children playing with them from 6 months on and they still receive play from my 4 year old son who still enjoys trying to stack the cars over and over so they never seem to lose their appeal. Each of my children uses them in different ways and the cars grow with the children as their motor skills increase.

      How to play

      Well firstly as mentioned before they can be used as simple cars there are four in total that can be pushed around by little moving freely and just being a simple fun toy.

      They can be nested together for easy storage they fit snugly together as long as you store them in the right order and not only is this another way for baby to play but this makes them fantastic at storing as they take up hardly any room at all.

      They can off course be used to stack on top of each other although this can be rather difficult as the main function of the toy I was surprised what balance little one needs to have to be able to stack these correctly the 2 larger cars are easy to stack on top of each other but the two smaller ones become more difficult they have to be placed exactly correctly for them to stay in place which can be incredibly frustrating for little one but at the same brilliantly pleasing when they manage to do it for the first time.

      My children love stacking them and watching them topple over this seems to be a complete game for them to stack 3 of the cars up and then taking it in turns to knock them back down so it is great that they are so hard wearing and can withstand the constant bangs.

      The cars can be played with differently with different age groups so grow with little one from simple play when they are younger and as they grow and their motor skills do they learn different ways the cars can be used which is fantastic.


      As they are made of plastic and although they can often get sticky from my children's hands they can be washed quickly and safely by just giving them a wipe down and this has been the main factor in them being able to be used by all of my children as they are both durable and can be cleaned easily making them seem brand new ready for each child to play.

      They are recommended from 6 months plus which is about right as there is nothing that can hurt little one and as they are light yet durable they can be used from a young age without any chance they can harm themselves. The novelty does not seem to wear off as both my 3 year old and 4 year old still love using these cars alongside their 20 month old brother and I am sure when expected baby comes along she will love them too.

      I would recommend these cars to anyone they are simple toys with no flashing light sounds or anything else yet the simplicity seems to stand out and be a big hit with my children At £10 to purchase you are receiving four good size cars that little one can play with in many different ways that are durable and can last for years. These are a really fantastic toy that can be brought at large stores like Argos or from Amazon which is where we purchased them from.


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    • Product Details

      These delightful vehicles can be stacked or fitted inside each other for nesting fun. When baby presses down on top of one vehicle, a smaller car pops out. What's inside the next car? Little ones are delighted to discover the surprises this toy holds. They each have special features to amuse baby as they learn to slot them together, including the fire engine's clicking ladder, and the police car light which spins around

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