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Fisher Price Peek a Blocks Poppity Pop Elephant

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2 Reviews

Brand: Fisher Price / Age: 12 months / Type: Cuddly Toys

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    2 Reviews
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      01.04.2012 21:58
      Very helpful



      A fun toy to accompany Peek-a-Blocks, worth it at second hand prices

      - Why I Bought -
      If you have read my review on Fisher Price Peek-a-Blocks you will know I am a big fan of these toys and I am adding to my son's collection by purchasing them in charity shops. I recently bought the Poppity Pop Elephant which came with four Peek-a-Blocks for a bargain £3.50 (originally it would have come with five blocks).

      - The Elephant -
      The bright blue elephant has a circus style design with a colourful head dress and four yellow wheels. It is bright, colourful and definitely appeals to children. There is a yellow string at the front of the elephant so that it can be pulled along. My son can't walk yet so he is unable to do this but he loves watching me pull the elephant along and also likes pushing it along himself while he crawls. The elephant gets her Poppity name from the clever mechanism on her back. If you place a block there, when the elephant is pulled along the block will be flipped over and over. My son is mesmerised whenever the block flips over. There is also a hole at the top of the elephant's head where blocks and be put in so they slide down the elephant's trunk. There is a little gate at the bottom of the trunk which when up will catch the blocks, doubling as a storage space for a few Peek-a-Blocks. My baby loves putting the blocks down the trunk. The toy has quite a few different features to keep baby entertained.

      - The Songs -
      The elephant will also play circus themed songs. A song and an elephant trumpeting will play when blocks are put down the trunk. Another song will play when the elephant is pulled along. The songs tie in well with the circus theme and aren't nearly as irritating as many children's toys can be! The toy can be switched off or put on quiet or loud mode. Quiet mode is ideal as it is loud enough for baby to enjoy but not so loud it drives you crazy. The elephant requires 3 AA batteries in order to play these songs. However, the toy functions fine without the batteries and music so could be used without.

      - Age Recommendation -
      This toy is recommended from 12 months. However, my son is 10 months and really enjoys playing with this. There seems to be no reason why it might not be appropriate for children under 12 months other than that they may not be able to pull the elephant along themselves. I imagine this toy will entertain my little boy until he is at least two.

      - Durability -
      It is a very solid and durable toy, as you would expect from a brand like Fisher Price, so once my son no longer plays with it I will put it away and keep it for any future children we may have.

      - Price and Availability -
      I can't find a price for this toy new as it is a few years old now. However, I know this range is quite pricy so I doubt they cost less than £20 new. I can see they are selling second hand for around £5-£10 on Ebay and Amazon, so I definitely picked up a bargain for £3.50. I think it is good value for money if you spend up to £10 and it comes with a few blocks too.

      - Would I Recommend? -
      In summary, I think this is a fun and colourful toy with lots of features to entertain your baby. It plays a couple of nice circus tunes if batteries are inserted but this isn't necessary to enjoy the toy. It is probably a bit pricy new but at a second hand price it is definitely worth having, especially if you have Peek-a-Blocks already.


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      28.10.2008 15:16
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      a good toy if you can get it cheap

      Fisher Price Peek A Blocks Poppity Pop Elephant............

      The toy was another hand me down from a friend of mine to Jack. Her two kids both loved it and now Jack is exactly the same.

      The Poppity Pop Elephant is from the Peek a Block Range of Fisher Price toys and to buy new would cost you around £20 and comes with five different Peek a Blocks. The elephant play mode is pretty basic and the toy comes with a piece of strong attached so it can be pulled along. There is a section on the elephants back where a peek a block can be placed and when the toy is pulled along by the strong it then sends this block bouncing up in the air and then back down again.

      The is a second section to the toy where you can post the peek a blocks through a hole in the elephants head and they then fall out of where his trunk is. The blocks can be stopped if the little gate is sealed up and then this traps the blocks nicely in his trunk. Having the gate up is especially good for storage of the clocks when the toy is not being used.

      There are two separate tunes that the elephant has and these are activated when either the toy is pulled or the blocks hit a button when posting a block down the elephants trunk. The two tunes or course need batteries to operate and thus the toy needs 3 x AA batteries to make these sounds work. The first sound is of a fairly realistic elephant trumpeting and the second is some rather jolly circus type music. The tunes are not as annoying as most and the on off switch also has the option to have the music set at a quite mode (which is not so deafening as the loud mode).

      The elephant is not very realistic colours with a large blue body and big yellow wheels, it may not be the colour of an elephant but you know what it is. It is also pretty hard wearing because the chunky plastic is obviously made to last and to take the everyday battering that children give their toys. The age range for this toy is 12 months and over. Although Jack was happy to play with this when he was a lot younger than that and we came across no problems apart from the fact he was unable to walk and pull it along.

      The toy is pretty good overall and as a hand me down is even better. I am not sure I would of paid the £20 price tag if I were to see it in a shop though. There is a little bit of game play with the toy although this is not very educational. I would not think it is really worth the money even though Jack does enjoy it.
      Jack's attention is not really kept for very long with this toy compared to most of the toys that we have. It is good fun and he does love to pull it along and watch the little block jump up off the elephants back but apart from that I don't think he is as keen on this as he is with most of his other toys.

      I am however going to give it a medium rating of 3 stars and I would as well recommend it. It is not a high recommendation but I would say it is the sort of toy you should keep a look out for at boots sales and other stores where you can pick it up as a good bargain. There are far better toys available for this price so I would tend to get them.



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    • Product Details

      A bright pull along elephant with music, sounds and plenty of block popping action. Place a block on the elephants seat and watch it flip up as your baby rolls / pulls the elephant along.

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