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Fisher Price Stack ’n Surprise Peek-a-Boo Frog

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Manufacturer. Fisher Price / Type: Baby Toy

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    1 Review
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      19.07.2012 13:28
      Very helpful



      Cute stacking frog and blocks with a peek-a-boo suprise!

      I first came across the Fisher Price Peek-a-Boo range when I won a mixed bundle of baby toys on Ebay. One of the items in the bundle was the Fisher Price Stack 'n Surprise Blocks Peek-a-Boo Frog. I thought it was a really cute little set and we have since become big fans of the range.

      - Stack 'n Surprise Blocks -
      This set consists of three colourful plastic items which can be stacked together any way you wish. The first block is actually a little smiley green frog. On top of the frog is a yellow tube shape which is used to secure another block on top. The next piece is a round yellow and purple block. Like with the frog, there is a blue tube shape. With this block the tube can slot back inside the block. If the block is placed on top of the frog the blue tube will pop out and you can see it has a 'peek-a-boo' face. The last block is a pink and orange square with a green peek-a-boo face that pops out when the blocks are stacked. These look really cute and fun. As with the majority of Fisher Price toys they are well made and durable.

      - Peek-a-Boo! -
      My son was only about five months old when he first played with these blocks and he wasn't yet capable of stacking them. His favourite game at this time was to take little toys in and out of a container. We would put these blocks into a toy bucket and he would spend ages taking them out one by one and then putting them back into the bucket. The round and square blocks make an interesting clattering noise when shaken and there are some small beads inside the frog so it can be used as a rattle. My son loved shaking, chewing, dropping and throwing these and still does at 14 months. He now enjoys stacking them too and knocking them down when I stack them! It is great that they can be stacked in any order as it makes the toy a bit more versatile. We were really enjoying playing with this set but I felt that three pieces wasn't really enough. I knew the range was no longer widely available so I was keeping my eye out on Ebay and in charity shops. Eventually I came across a ten piece set in a charity shop which has really added to the fun of the frog set. Now we can build really tall towers!

      - Age Range -
      I think the age recommendation for this toy is 6-36 months which I think is accurate. That is a big range too so it makes it good value for money.

      - Price and Availability -
      As I have said already these aren't widely available anymore but there are a few places that sell this range. You can buy the frog set or very similar Whale and Bea sets from around £7 new on Ebay. Amazon stocks some of the larger toys in the range such as a train, crocodile, town, piano, or the snail pail which we have. Prices are upwards of £20 though so they aren't cheap. The cheapest option would be to look for a second hand set on Ebay or in the charity shops. Our frog set cost around £1 and the snail pail cost £3.50.

      - Would I Recommend? -
      I would definitely recommend this set as it is brightly coloured, well made, fun, versatile and my son really enjoys playing with them. My only complaint is that this set alone isn't really enough so you need to buy another set to get the most out of it.


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