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Fisher Price Wild Lights

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Brand: Fisher Price / Type: Baby Toy

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    1 Review
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      13.12.2013 18:18
      Very helpful




      Recently we had a trip to a toy shop and I told Hope she could choose anything she wanted. Yes, this could have resulted in me having to purchase a huge toy with a huge price tag but the thing that caught Hope's eye was the shelf full of the Fisher-Price wild lights. She was drawn to the bright pink and purple plastic pony, picked it up and announced "I want that one!" Since then the pony has become a very popular toy in our house, so much so that Hope even insists on taking it to bed and to nursery with her! The toy only cost £5 and so I think for the amount of enjoyment she has had out of it already that it is well worth that price!

      Wild lights

      In the Wild Lights range there are several different lights to choose from. There is a dinosaur, a parrot, pony, monkey and a couple of others. They are all brightly coloured and aimed towards young children. They certainly are eye-catching so they do achieve this really well! They are made by Fisher Price who are very well known for making quality children's toys and games so you know when you are purchasing one of these items that they will be of a certain standard.

      The pony

      The pony is a typical girlie-looking toy as it is bright pink with a purple mane and tail. I quite liked the parrot for he was bright and cheerful but Hope being a typical girlie girl wanted the pink one! There is no doubting that this toy is aimed towards girls! It is made from a robust plastic so is easy to clean when grubby, sticky fingers decide to become involved!

      What it does

      This is a torch but a torch with a difference! There is a lever under the horse's tail which when it is pressed the mouth of the horse opens, creates a sound and the light turns on (which is inside the mouth). It is quite a strong light, it certainly does brighten up the room when it's on so it would serve a purpose of creating light as well as it being a fun toy! When Hope is lying on her bed and she points this upwards it creates a big beam of light on the ceiling just like an ordinary torch would do so it is rather strong! The noise this pony makes is limited; it has two sounds which alternate with each press of the tail so do prepared that if you have one of these that you may well grow frustrated with the noise! The first noise is a kind of magical "Bliiiiing!" noise and the second is of a horse snorting and "Neeeeighhhhh" ing...

      On the annoying scale

      A lot of young children's toys score highly on the annoying scale and I think that this one actually is about a 7 out of 10 which is a shame considering how much Hope has taken to it! I do dislike toys that make noises, light up and are made from bright pink plastic so sadly this toy ticks all of those boxes! The amount of sounds it makes is limited so it is easy to become irritated by the noise, it would be better if there was more variation to this. There is no volume control either it is just one volume which seems to be quite loud- if Hope is in one room with a door shut we can still hear it in the next room. The light in the pony's mouth is quite bright which is good as it means that it is very effective for young children and they can use it as a torch and not just a toy... it's not so good when it's shone in your face first thing in the morning!

      Toddler fun

      Hope wouldn't rate this toy as annoying at all, in her eyes it's just perfect! She enjoys shining the light on random items to see how effective it is. She spent a good amount of time in the first few days of owning this, shining it onto books, toys, walls, furniture and other items from all different angles and distances to see what effect it would have. This in itself entertained her for quite some time and she was always very proud of herself for creating the light. The sound it makes is just fine for Hope, she seems to find it very rewarding that when she presses the lever not only does she have the light but a very cheesy sound too! She has taken to imitating the neighing which is quite cute! As well as using this as a torch and just an item which can be exciting because it makes a noise this toy can also be used for imaginative play. Hope will talk to this toy and have it talk back to her other toys and involves them in some form of a game. It's lovely to see her using her imagination and wondering what is going through her head. It's also really important too as imaginative play is crucial in young children as it helps them to widen their imaginations and become more open minded. We have owned this now for a month and Hope still gets a lot of fun out of it, although it is a fairly simple toy which does the same thing over and over it hasn't lead her to be bored of it.


      This is a great toy for toddlers for several reasons. It is made from a robust plastic so if your toddler throws it or drops it then it should still remain in tact and still work. Hope has dropped this onto our solid wooden floor a couple of times and nothing has happened to it. It being made from plastic also means that you can clean it if i gets dirty. Hope has attempted to feed this pony so it did become quite grubby with bits of yoghurt and juice around it's mouth but a quick once over with a baby wipe has left this toy as good as new! It is only a small toy so when Hope insists on taking it to bed or to nursery with her it doesn't take up much room in her bed/bag and if we are going on a car journey it again is a practical size to be able to take with us to entertain her.


      We have owned this for a month now and it is played with on a daily basis, sometimes constantly, but the battery is still going (and I can only guess how many times it was played with by other children in the shop before we bought it) so it does have a good battery life despite how bright the light is. It is the kind of toy which parents will find irritating due to it's silly sounds and the bright light being shone everywhere but that toddlers will adore as it's easy to use and has an instant reward! It is very practical and it certainly seems to entertain Hope so for that reason I have given it 5 stars despite how much it may annoy me! It's great to see her enjoying a toy so much! It cost £5 from John Lewis' toy department and I think that is a great price for a toy which doubles up as a torch and an imaginative animal. You can buy them from Amazon and there are various other animals that you can buy. Luckily Hope just seems happy with this one and hasn't asked for any more to add to the collection (yet!)


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    • Product Details

      These brightly coloured animal flashlights are just right for pre-schoolers. Squeeze the tail to activate the light inside the animal's mouth, and one of two sound effects. Please note it's not possible to request a specific animal, so please let us choose one on your behalf

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