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Fisher Price World of Little People Discovery Village

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Brand: Fisher Price / Age: 2 Years+

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    1 Review
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      24.11.2010 23:16
      Very helpful



      Highly recommended toy for teaching fine motor skills and imaginative play

      My daughter was given the Little People farm before she was born and once I liberated it from the loft it was a great hit. I therefore started looking around to see if there were other toys available from the same range and found the Discovery Village second-hand so I decided to buy it.

      ---The range:
      The Fisher Price World of Little People Discovery Village is one of the range of Little People toys. Each of the sets can be put together to form one massive city with different items to play with. The Discovery Village is one of the largest of the sets that I have seen. The set includes a moving circular road with a school, bandstand, town hall and shop as well as various extras for each of the main areas. There are also several areas that play music.

      ---The features of the toy:
      The main feature of the village is the road. There is a button on the side which is easily pressed and plays music while the road moves in one direction and the pavement in the middle moves the opposite way. The toy comes with a car and a skateboard which one of the people can ride in/on whilst the road moves. There is also a plastic fountain that fits in the middle of the pavement as well as a plastic traffic lights and a fire hydrant that can be put on either side of the road.

      In the centre behind the road is a bandstand which has spaces for three people to stand. Each space is linked to an instrument which joins in the music when it is pressed down. There are a lot of pieces of music used in it. Behind this is the town hall which has a clock on the front.

      To one side of the town hall is a school that has a desk which can be pressed to ring a bell and make noises and outside there is a swing that you can put one of the people in. On the other side there is a shop that has a till that can be pressed to make shop noises and outside there is a market stall. Included with the toy are three people and some fencing and that can also be used within other toys in the same range.

      ---Our experiences:
      As soon as we got this, my daughter was interested in it. We were able to attach the farm to the side of the village (they all clip together) so she had some familiar items to play with. We showed her how to press the button to make the road turn and she was hooked. She kept on pressing it as it only plays for a short period of time which did get very annoying. She was then able to put all the farm animals on the road so they went round and round which she thought was great fun. Unfortunately she then tried to climb on it herself which meant that the music slowed right down as the road was unable to turn. Not good when you've got to listen to this over and over again!

      She then turned her attention to the rest of the toy and quickly found that the bandstand played music when it was pressed down. You press one instrument for the music to start then as you press the other two they join in the same song. If you press one that's already playing, a new piece of music starts which is what our little darling keeps doing. It's like the remix version as she does it over and over again! She found the other noise making sections easily but I think it helped that she had played with the farm first as she knew that pressing things make noise, otherwise I think it would have taken her longer.

      After having the toy in our lounge for a week we had to move it as it took up to much room. It is now in her bedroom and you can hear the sounds playing (especially the road!) whenever she's in there. She obviously loves playing with it!

      ---My findings:
      The toy is stated as being from 2 years but my daughter is only 16 months and loves it! Because she can move around it easily I think it is suitable for her age range and she can play with it on different levels as she gets older. I really like this toy and it keeps my daughter occupied for ages. She will quite happily go back to play with it again and again and she is able to learn imaginative play in the process. It also helps her learn co-ordination as she is able to practise putting the people inthe right places within the toy.

      There are two big downsides to the toy; the first is the music. I find it to be quite loud and unlike other toys she has, there is only one volume option. If I switch the sound off (there is a switch underneath), the road won't turn round and that has to be her favourite part. It therefore gets very annoying when she keeps playing the same piece of music over again with the road, or does the remix version with the bandstand constantly playing different pieces of music.

      The other downside is that the toy is very big. You can open out the two sides or keep them folded in, but even when in, it takes up a lot of space. If you have other toys from the range to put with it as well then it becomes even bigger and you need a lot of space for it.

      ---And finally:
      Despite the flaws, I would highly recommend this product. I'm not sure if Fisher Price still offer it new, but I have seen it in other places for between £20-£30. If you have the space and can put up with the noise, I would get this as I feel it will last my daughter for at least a year, and hopefully more!


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