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Fisher Price World Of Little People Home

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Manufacturer: Fisher Price / Type: 12 months

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    2 Reviews
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      20.08.2013 00:21
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      A lovely house from Fisher Price

      I have bits and pieces now from both the FIsher Price Little People range and the ELC Happyland range and when I bring out one, I put the other away, so it is like new when it comes out again. I wasn't particulary seeking any more things from the Fisher Price Little People range as I think my daughter will outgrow this faster than the Happyland now that she is two, however, on a visit to a local charity shop which does brilliant second hand toys and books, I got a real bargain - this house with accessories for £3. I had looked at this house before online for my daughter but ended up with something else at the time so I knew it had electronic sounds with it, however when I bought this none of the sounds were working and I knew I would need to try new batteries when I got it home, so I took a chance and figured even without the sounds, it would still appeal to my daughter and it definitely did.

      YOu could expect to pay anything from £25 up to £40 for this house and I think at the upper end this is quite expensive, although FIsher Price is a durable toy and I know my mum still brings out Fisher Price toys for my daughter to play with that me and my siblings played with when we were little, so they are from a good brand that will last. When I got this home, before I showed my daughter, I added new batteries and believe it or not, every electric sound worked! Bargain! There are a number of household sounds such as the doorbell, the bath, the telephone and the washing machine -- all familiar sounds to a child, and of course when I did give this to my daughter she was fascinated, particularly with the bath and the doorbell, which got pressed over and over again.

      This house has two storeys, although there are no stairs which I find strange when everything else is designed to be realistic. THere was actually an extra person when I got this house, as when I looked up, it usually comes only with three people - a mummy, daddy and baby, alongside seating and a baby chair. I got a little girl thrown into the mix as well, which was an extra my daughter could use with her other LIttle People toys as well. However, there appears to be a little that comes with the seating which this house didn't have. Not essential, so I wasn't overly bothered.

      Apart from the electronic sounds there are also other things for children to play with in the house. In the kitchen, children can open and close the fridge, a front door that opens and closes, a toilet with a seat that can be opened or closes (very popular with my now toilet trained daughter!) and a little swinging crib for the baby. My daughter also loves the fact that at the front top of the house, you can move a little wheel which either has the sun or the moon and stars, to show the time of day, and my little girl loves nothing better than to move it to the moon and stars and put everyone to bed, and then wake them up alsmot immediately for morning day with the sun in the sky.

      All in all, although I would happily have paid much more for this product, especially when I see how much fun my daughter continues to get out of this house, I am over the moon to have got a bargain as well, as it really is perfect for a little girl to play home and family in.


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        13.03.2010 22:17
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        An Excellent Buy

        Fisher Price - Little People

        My Daughter has Moved House

        My young daughter is quickly coming up to two years of age and is fascinated by the little people range. She was given her first little farm house from her nanny and since then loves playing with the little people and animals in the little houses. So we decided to get her another little people set in the form of the little touch and feel home and it was a great hit.


        Little People used to be called Play Family when it was first produced by Fisher Price in the 1950's though changed to what I personally think is a better name in 1985.

        The original Little People sets started with 'Looky Fire Truck' and although very successful it was very different to the Little People of nowadays. Originally they did not have removable people though later they started introducing removable figures which became a huge hit. Back then, they were of one main style with small variations and mainly made of wood (which now, they are vast in looks and made of the safer and cheaper option of plastic).

        It wasn't until the late 1960's that the first full playset was developed in the style of a farmhouse with special noises when the doors were opened and the typical plastic models we know today. Springing from this one toy came many other playsets including furniture and accessory packs sold separately.

        In 1991, the Little People figures were again redesigned and aimed at younger children. They were made larger and chunkier to make it easier for little hands to hold and the colours became much brighter and bolder and they now sat in parts of play sets and activated sounds - much to my daughter's enjoyment. A few years later the detailing on these little figures were made even better and actually looked like little images of real people (just very chunky and bright looking!).

        I remember some of the early Little People figures, in fact I still have them, brought to my home when I moved out from my mums house - I couldn't part with them and it seems my daughter is going along the same lines with the new fashioned Little People.


        This particular Little People set is adorable and perfect especially for little girls (though my nephew loves it too) as it really is like their first dolls house. The set comprises of the main house, six accessories and three little people figures.

        The house itself is really sturdily made and even withholds my daughter attempting to climb onto the roof! It is a two floor house that opens up by the front into three pieces hinged safely together to the middle part. The whole house is in lovely bold colours with a red roof and white walls on the outside with bold blue trimmings and greenery around the bottom and windows. The boldness of colours continues on the inside making this house a lovely little play set to look at.

        The small yellow door opens though does not come off - it is very well put together so no hope of my daughter breaking any part of this house, though all the windows are static (the downstairs ones the child can put the figures through). Inside as I mentioned before is on two levels, each decorated as a different room with interactive play things for the child and the little people to interact with. Many of these things make noises to enhance the childs excitement.

        Within the top floor there are three items which make different noises according to what the item would usually; a toilet that flushes, a baby cot which has two separate noises, one of a baby crying and the other of a baby saying 'ma-ma'. The third is a computer which makes the noise of an actual PC loading up (old style noise). On the bottom floor there is another three noisy objects, the washing machine, telephone and baby play pen, all making their relevant noises. None of the noises are excessively loud though you can not turn it off until the batteries run out (which the batteries seem to last forever!). So far, the noises haven't bothered me at all as they are neither annoying or loud which is great as my daughter loves moving/pressing the objects and copying the noises they make.

        All of the items above and the soundless items are all securely attached to the house base itself. Certain objects move (the toilet lid lifts up for example) though they are all secured tightly and no amount of tugging with have them fly off so completely safe!

        The house clips together securely and tidy with all the items fitting well inside without mess and it is easy for the child to open and close themselves.

        This house as mentioned above comes with six accessories and three little people. The accessories are rather like the little people in bulkiness with no small parts whatsoever so no worry about choking. Included with the set is a bright yellow double bed (though realistically only fits one of the little people), a white table complete with food painted on it and matching white chairs in which the people can sit inside, a little pink pram and pink baby chair which the baby person can fit in nicely. As you have guessed, this is a family house set and the little people included are a baby sitting on a blanket, a woman holding a little milk bottle, and a man holding the telephone. Figures are bulky as Ive already mentioned with no movable parts. All accessories and little people follow the bold colours of the house and all look great together.

        The colours noted above are the ones of my daughters house set though it states on the box that colours may vary and I have seen photos of ones with purple roofs so if you have a preference see if you can check in the box before buying.


        This set comes in a large, though not over sized, box with images of the house and accessories all over it, also with other play set images and order codes that can go with the house (they have to get their advertising in don't they!). The front of the box has a lift up flap and underneath you are able to see more images of a much larger set of little people play things. There are very few words on the box (except the back) and each is written in many different languages. The back of the box shows another image of the house being played with, with a short rundown of the features in the house, yet it doesn't list everything to bore you.

        The box is, like the house itself, very bold and colourful and very enticing to a young child (actually it makes me want to play it too!). Unlike many toys, the packaging is not huge compared to the toy so you are not paying more for packaging than the toy itself.


        I find that Fisher Price generally bring out not only fun and safe toys, though very educational toys as well, though perhaps not mind blowing educational ones. This house, for example, is not at all in-your-face learning. There are no numbers or letters to learn though it does encourage hand/eye coordination and interactions with not only the little people but also with the house itself. It also promotes the obvious role play and imaginative learning which I love watching my daughter play make-believe - she might only be coming up to two but she makes the little people 'talk' to each other and the mummy feed the baby - it is beautiful to watch!


        From the moment my daughter saw the box, she became excited and it remains one of her favourite toys. She has a few other Little People playsets and plays with them all together - it is not unusual to see a cow from the farm sleeping on the bed in the house!

        One aspect of the house my daughter really enjoys is copying all of the noises that the various parts in the house make. I often hear her calling 'ma-ma' like the baby cot in the same voice as it does in the house which is really sweet.

        I have even enjoyed sitting with my daughter and playing this toy and I believe that it is certainly one of the best buys to date we have got for our daughter. She loves playing with it, we love watching her, what could be better than that. The toy itself isn't a huge toy either so parents of youg children living in a place with a small amount of room can happily buy this without loosing their last bit of sitting space in their living room! (Trust me, we have a small living room and from the moment our daughter could crawl, it was her living room and not ours!).

        My daughter can be quite heavy handed with her toys as a lot of toddlers are, though the house, people and accessories all stand up to being thrown and trampled on. There are no dents, cracks, breakages or anything of any kind on the toy or the colourings itself so it is very durable. The batteries themselves last a long time too which is great as many toys eat the batteries so fast that you end up paying more for them than you did the toy! There are also absolutely no sharp or small pieces in this playset so parents can rest in piece that this is a totally safe toy.

        Just to mention, the house needs a few things setting up before play with aid of a small screwdriver which obviously isn't included, though it doesn't take long to fix it all up as it mainly comes built and ready to play.


        Prices can vary depending on where you purchase this item though the price averages around £20 which is cheaper than a lot of the newer Little People houses and sets so an average price really.

        FINAL WORD

        This toy encourages great imagination and you can rest assured that it is completely safe for a child of any age. It is not overly heavy so slightly older children are able to transport it from room to room and the look of the whole toy is really great and colourful. My daughter loves this house and loves the extra playsets she has that all go nicely alongside each other. The only downside is that more often than not, she tends to lose the accessories and little people around the house and we have to spend hours trying to find them!

        I would completely recommend this toy to everyone with children from the age of one upwards (well until they are really too old to play with this sort of thing!).

        OTHER INFO



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