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Fun Time Hammering Bench Set

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2 Reviews
  • hones coordination skills
  • bit cheap
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    2 Reviews
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      16.03.2015 01:33
      Very helpful


      • "hones coordination skills"


      • "bit cheap"

      Bish bash bosh, baby's got a hammer

      We were bought the hammering toy set for our second child when she was a baby. We already had loads of toys from our first child (both toys) and I was a bit surprised by this one thinking it was more for a boy.

      Not just for boys...
      Both kids loved it! Even though one was not a baby any more there were plenty of fights over the hammer and the shapes required a bit of set up for the baby to start bashing.

      The bench has holes in it that fit the various shapes and a bit of hammering (don't worry, it's only plastic) sends the shape through the hole.

      I have looked up this toy and was surprised how cheap it was on Amazon £3.60. I think this is great value for money and a good idea for boys and girls if you're struggling for a baby toy.

      I like the bright colours on this toy. It's something they can use in one place so if they are not yet mobile, it's not a problem. It's also good for hand and eye coordination fitting the shapes in to the holes and also hitting them through.

      Bash it!
      You can't really go wrong with this toy, it's a bit destructive and all kids like being allowed to hit something and make a bit of noise.

      Then pass it on...
      It's not a toy I feel all that fond about, it is only plastic really and not something I will mind passing on at all!


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      13.11.2013 20:35
      Very helpful



      A nice basic toy

      A few months ago I was passing through my local Store 21 as a short cut when I thought I would have a quick look at the children's toys as they do have some good bits from time to time.  On this particular occasion I spotted the Funtime Hammering bench, it was very reasonably priced and I thought it would be something Jayden would enjoy and also it would help with the development of various skills.  

      The Funtime Hammering Bench is basically a yellow plastic bench with 8 brightly coloured pegs inserted into the bench, the pegs come in different shapes including a circle, an oval, a square, a triangle, a cross, a hexagon, a pentagon and a semi circle.  The pegs can be push right through the bench so that they come out the other side meaning you can have the bench itself either way up.

      The Funtime Hammering Bench comes with a blue plastic hammer so that your child can tap on the top of the pegs and hammer them through the bench, you can then simply turn the bench upside down and start again.  If your child removes the pegs from the bench they can then have fun matching up the pegs to the correct shaped holes so it is a hammering bench and a shape sorter in one.

       All parts of this toy are made from a strong and durable plastic which is ideal as it means nothing can get broken if your child gets a bit enthusiastic with the hammer.  The hammer bench is of a good size measuring 8cm x 42cm x 12cm, this makes it a good size for little hands to hold and manage, yet it is not too large and bulky so that storage is made difficult.  This toy is aimed at children aged 12 months and above.  

      This toy will also help your child to develop various skills including hand eye co-ordination, colour recognition as well as shape recognition and memory skills.  Whilst your child will have fun playing with the Funtime Hammering Bench they are also going to be learning.  

      As I have mentioned I purchased Jayden's Funtime Hammer Bench from our local Store 21, however it is also available online from Amazon and is sold for just over £5.00, from what can remember I purchased our bench for a little bit less than this, but this is a pretty average price for this item.  

      Jayden has had his Funtime Hammer Bench for quite a while now and he really enjoys playing with it he uses it both as a hammer bench by knocking the pegs through the bench with the hammer and he also will take the pegs right out and then try to match them back up with the holes they came from, although he does need a bit of help with this.  

      The bench is tough and durable and is proving to be hardwearing, Jayden does get a bit over enthusiastic when hammering the pegs through however the whole thing still looks as good as new and has not become damaged at all.

       I would say that this is fairly priced and is definitely worth the money due to the quality and also the fact that Jayden really enjoys playing with it.

       If I had one disadvantage to point out with this toy it is that some of the pegs can be a bit stiff to pull out and push back into the bench, this is a little difficult for young children, however these do loosen up a bit over time and is not something that would put me or Jayden off of this.  I would definitely recommend this toy.  


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