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Galt Activity Cat

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Brand: Galt / Age: Newborn / Type: Activity Toys

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    1 Review
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      10.05.2001 05:18
      Very helpful



      I feel it would be only fair to start this opinion with an apology, and an admission: I am very biased here, as I am an avid "catty" collector, so I was desparate for the opportunity to add this particular item to my collection! That opportunity came last year when, much to our surprise, I found that I was expecting again (after 8 years!). Filled with the rush of "must buy everything in site" that accompanies the cravings of the edible sort and the nausea, I perused every baby product catalogue I could lay my grubby little mits on! In one, I found this delightful activity toy - a bright and cheerful "fat cat" (we had something in common right from the start - although perhaps I wasn't quite as bright or cheerful, but definitely fat!). I fell instantly in love with it, and the decision was made without consulting my babe-under-construction, my partner, my elder child or the other two resident cats (these ones being the only live cats out of a collection of almost 400!). The baby was having an Activity cat for Christmas, be it a boy or girl (the baby, that is. The Activity Cat was a boy. Don't ask me how I knew - I just had this feeling!), and hang the consequences! Oh, the wild and impetuous mood that accompanies my pregnancies...! The Cat arrived in the July. The baby arrived in the September. Make of that what you will, but both were eagerly anticipated. So, what makes this cat so special? Firstly, the very fact that it is a cat. But, of course, there are other redeeming features:- The Activity Cat has a longer span of useage than any other activity toy that I have seen. It consists of a cloth outer, which houses the "activities", but - and here is the best bit - it has a durable, inflatable inner, which means that the cat "sits up" for the child to play with long after the child has lost the fun from laying down to play. It also means
      that the cat is designed to be sat on, jumped on, slept on etc. etc. With the cloth outer being washable, too, it makes for an all-round baby-friendly toy. The "activities" are fun for babies. The Cat has two large flaps, one either side of its body, that lift up to reveal several things: under each flap, attached to the main body of the cat, are two "hidey friends", a cat and a mouse. These two toys are removeable, and have that lovely "crinkly" sound that makes babies so happy ( rather like crisp packets, only without the monosodium glutamate!).The underside of the flaps are also fascinating for a baby - one has a large, square mirrored panel, the other has two clear pockets, into which you can place pictures of smily faces, photographs of family members, or those all-entertaining crisp packets, if that is what your baby so desires! The outer flaps are covered in a bright red fabric, with a blue and yellow border, with patchwork patterns and yellow mice pictured all over it. The Cat's tail, which is my 7 month old daughter's favourite part, is formed from different textured panels, such as crinkly, bobbly, shiny, spotty and fuzzy fabrics. Oh yes - and there is a nice, quiet, mummy-friendly rattle there, too! The Cat's bottom is patched with black-and-white and red-and-white checked panels (not very dignified, but interesting for Baby!) This is no unwanted cat, I must tell you. Oh, no! It is definitely an "owned cat", for it wears a collar and a little dingly bell (safely encased in a bright fabric ball) around its neck! Now we come to the really cute part - the Cat's face. This Cat has a cheeky, bright yellow face. Its big, friendly green eyes shine brightly and reflect the light - guaranteed to make even the youngest baby look. It has the softest, most velvetty pink nose, and a huge smile. Its ears are pink and velvetty as the nose, but edged with a f
      uzzy red fabric - and both ears crinkle satisfyingly when chewed or stroked. (no, I haven't actually chewed them myself, my daughter does that. But I must confess to stroking them on the odd occasion). I have one reason to feel desparately sorry for this Cat - he has only two paws! However, they sit delicately at the front of the Cat, and each contains a little surprise: one paw gently squeaks, while the other "miaows" when pressed (my daughter has just discovered this; it is currently driving my two real cats up the wall!). Both paws are a bright shade of green, and are textured with bobbles on the underside. And so ends my description of Galt's Activity Cat. At present, my daughter has a lot of fun with him by sitting in front of him and chewing, sucking, thumping, stroking and laying across him. In just a few months she will be big enough to sit on him and bounce on him. And then our two real cats had better watch out...!


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    • Product Details

      A versatile fat cat!! Fat cat with loads of sounds and surprises entertains baby from birth through the toddler years.

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