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Go Go Rollers Push n Pull Train

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Suitable for ages 9 months+ / Requires 3 AA batteries. / Type: Push, Pull & Roll

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    1 Review
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      25.07.2009 23:16
      Very helpful



      great toy especially at £2.99

      While sorting through my little boys toys putting the ones he has grown out of up in to the loft to make room for his ever growing collection i found this Go Go Rollers push and pull train that i bought him for Christmas two years ago. I purchased it on offer for £2.99 from Toys R Us in Coventry just before Christmas but didn't realise what a good deal i was getting until writing this review and found them selling on Amazon and retailers for £12.99.
      The toy itself is made of strong moulded red, yellow and blue plastic which is very easy to clean, the design itself is very simple and durable which a child would find very difficult if not impossible to break. The main body of the train is one complete piece and it has three cut outs in the drivers cab (one on each side and one at the front) in the shape of windows and a cut out on each side of the boiler all designed so that you can see the go go ball when placed inside the train.

      The Go Go train itself
      The main body is bright red in colour and very attractive to the eye. It has a lift up flap on the roof where the go go ball is inserted into the train, it is bright yellow in colour very strong and durable with a strong easy to move single hinge. I think this is great for little ones as it doesn't take much to lift so parents will not be shouted at every two minutes as their child cant open it ( a big bonus for me) and on the other hand it is great for heavy handed children as they get older as it is strong enough to with stand a certain amount of pressure. With the hinge being easy to move i expected that the lid would keep flying open and closed but this is not the case once the flap is open it will stay open on its own and when it is closed it will stay closed. There is a blue flap on the front that will release the go go ball when the funnel is pressed and sends the go go ball rolling a long the floor. This too is also made of strong plastic and clips into place with a strong internal clip.
      There are four smaller blue and yellow wheels on the front of the train that move and two larger blue and yellow wheels on the rear of the train that click when the train is pushed or pulled, the noise is meant to sound like the clicking of the train wheels on the track but to me it is not a very realistic sound on the other hand my little boy does associate the sound with the clicking of a real trains wheels on the track so is not a major problem.
      As i mentioned before there is a yellow funnel on the top that when pressed releases the catch on the front of the train and sends the go go ball rolling across the floor, this works on all floor types. The funnel also makes a choo choo sound which sounds just like a train a lot more realistic than the noise of the wheels this too is very strong and well attached i think this would be very difficult for a child to break.

      How it works
      The train can be pushed or pulled a long the floor it is as easy to use on carpeted floors as it is on wooden or tiled floors. You insert the Go Go ball which is a clear ball with a car or train in the centre into the cab and then as you push along, you can either press the funnel to release the ball or if you push the train a certain distance (not to far) the flap at the front will automatically open releasing the ball rolling along the floor.
      The train requires 3 AA batteries these are for sound effects when the funnel is pressed (all parents will find it good to know that the sound effects in the funnel can be switched off if desired without effecting any other function) the on off switch for the sound effects can be found on the right hand side in a dip between two design pieces my little boy is yet to find this. The batteries last a while i have yet to replace them.
      My little boy found it just as much fun with/ without the ball and with/without the sound effects and has kept him entertained for hours in imaginary roll play. It is a very simple toy with a couple of good play features. The bright colours made it stand out for me and at £2.99 there was no choice it made a great Christmas present, had it been advertised at £12.99 i don't think i would have picked it up. Is it worth the £2.99 100% yes it is a great toy, very strong and still looks today as it did the day it was opened, Is it worth £12.99 i would say after playing with it it was worth the money but if i had just seen it on a shelf at this price i may have over looked it.

      The age for this is recommended for 9 months+ but as a parent i don't see any reason why a younger child couldn't play with it as there are no small pieces or anything that would fall off easily or be placed into a chlds mouth but a younger child may not find the ball function useful unless mummy or daddy was helping but with all toys i say mothers know their own child and what toys are suitable for their child so the decision is down to them.

      My little boy also had the Go Go Carrier this is blue in colour and has exactly the same functions as this one, both make very good toys.


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