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HappyLand Dino Playset

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Brand: HappyLand / Type: Playsets

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    1 Review
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      07.01.2014 22:02
      Very helpful



      well thought out toy to engage children while learning

      * ~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Introduction ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      Oscar was 2 in November and is quite behind in a number of different areas compared to others his age, due to this he now attends nursery for 3 hours a day to try and encourage him along. While on our breaking in session just before Christmas Oscar discovered a happyland dino set at the bottom of the toy box, there was only the dinosaur but he carried it around for the 1.5hours we were there, he wouldn't leave this thing alone. Not knowing what it was, one of the nursery staff informed me it was happyland, so I had a mooch on my phone and surprised him for Christmas with it, I was very pleased to find it came with other accessories.

      * ~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Price & Availability ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      This set retails at £35 in ELC/Mothercare, but thanks to a half price sale then a birthday code added on top I managed to snap this up for £14.50, it can be picked up 2nd hand on ebay should you not be able to get it in the sale but be warned that due to how great Happyland is ive noticed the 2nd hands sets still tend to hold their value on ebay.

      * ~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ What Is Happyland ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      Happyland is a range of toys by ELC/Mothercare and is designed at the younger age groups, from 18 months plus. The playsets are designed for both boys and girls and come in a variety of themes including dino set, treehouse, boat, train track, castle, rocket etc, villages etc. The range is made from very strong durable plastic, well built and fantastic for your childs imagination, focussing on all forms of developments, being chunky they are great for little hands and are perfectly suited to the younger child (although my nearly 5 year loves this set!)

      * ~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ What's In The Box ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      My box was missing the cart as shown, the picture you can see is the slightly older version, they removed the cart with the newer version but it can be purchased separately....trying to make more money :-(

      * Dinosaur - H10.5 x L11.5 inches from his nose to tail. He is red as pictured with a seat on his back that has a green leaf attached. He has an open mouth showing his few teeth and has movable arms/legs and also makes noises.
      * Large cave with baby swing, decorated with steps and an exit at the back - H5 x W8 x L6 inches
      * Small cave with tree, decorated with secret hideout, windows and exit at the back - H4 x W4 L4 inches
      * 2 x figures (man and baby) aprox 3 inches high, baby is aprox 2 inches
      * Baby dino and hatching egg

      * ~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ The Dino Playset ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      The playset is recommended for ages 18 months and over, which surprised me as you don't see many playsets for such a young age group, toys yes but playsets no, most are 2/3/4 plus. This playset is based on the prehistoric ages and features around a dinosaur and a caveman family. The playset arrived in a large blue box with an open window for the dinosaur so you can test him out and see what impressive size he is. The other accessories along with the dinosaur are securely fastened with cable ties but easily removed with a pair of scissors. The dinosaur should already have batteries (if not, then you need 2 AAA's) and it the battery department can be located under his belly where you will find 3 switches, off and 2 volume settings. Other than inserting the batteries and hooking the swing onto the clip there is no assembly required so you should be up and running in 10 seconds!

      * ~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ The Playset ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      This playset is pretty self explanatory. Its a playset consisting of features from the prehistoric ages, and is awfully simply yet genius. For a set with such basic features there are many ways to play with this set and really engage yet learn at the same time which is why its so great.

      The dinosaur has movable joints as well as an opening mouth and 2 sounds. Pressing his right arm you will hear a clicking noise whenever you move his arm. For roaring noises you simply push his left arm down where he will open his mouth letting out a roar, or simply open his mouth alone and hear the roar. Stamp the dinosaurs feet onto the floor or move his legs to hear a stomping sounds. On his back is the mans carry seat, by sitting the man in his seat you will hear him say 'ugga bugga'.

      The swing actually swings and there is a secret flap on the smaller cave making it a hideout with both caves having an exit at the back so you can use the caves for different things, taking the play to another level and getting the most out of the set.

      The hatching egg with baby dino has an easy pop off lid so he can hatch whenever hes ready.

      Whats great about this set is how many ways you can set the playset up. The hatching egg easily fits onto the top of the large cave and the tree can either sit on top of the smaller cave or sit by its self.

      * ~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ What Does Oscar Think? ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      Oscar adores this set! Out of everything he got for Christmas this was the one set he would not stop playing with, he had to leave the rest of his gifts wrapped so he could play with this. He loves that there are so many ways to play. He can easily move the dinosaurs arms and legs to hear the roaring and stomping noise and needs no help at all, he cannot talk other than 5/6 basic words so cannot tell me what hes doing or whats going on but sitting with him and watching him play hes always coming up with new things with this playset. Taking the man on a ride on dinos back, swinging the baby, help the baby dino hatch, use the caves as a secret hideout thanks to the little exits at the back, sending the dino on his hunts with his noisy feet to scare the daddy by roaring at him then having him run off to hide where the dino then has to find him. Its literally endless what Oscar does with this playset. Being not long turned 2 he still has chunky little hands so this set is fantastic for that, with no flimsy or breakable parts.

      * ~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Our Thoughts ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      I immediately thought this set was cute when I saw it but obviously that's not a reason to buy a toy, when buying for my little boy I wanted to make sure what I was buying was not only safe and durable but something that would help Oscars social and development skills. In the 13 days we have had this toy I've noticed Oscar now roaring......ok so it isn't talking but its a start, and it shows hes paying attention and involved with his play and now when I ask what noise a dinosaur makes he will say 'RRROOOOAARRR', something he didn't know or say before. He will also stomp around shouting RRROOOOAARRR and when asked if hes playing dinosaurs he will say yes, so he now also knows the action of the dinosaur.

      His imagination is free to create anything and as mentioned above, he's found many ways to play, setting up new games for the 2 dinosaurs and figures and exploring new ways to play with the 2 caves. Which is getting his mind working and getting him thinking and exploring.

      With the many accessories it really adds to the play value making the toy go even further. We own quite a few playsets from Mickey Mouse, Imaginext, Toy Story, Batman, Spiderman, Disney Cars etc and while they are all great, they are pretty set, where the playset stays just that, where as this can be chopped and changed, moving things about, 'growing' a dinosaur etc.

      Having the baby dino in his hatching egg I can demonstrate while playing that the baby hatches from the egg and turns into the big dinosaur so something very simple is teaching him about where they come from and developing.

      Whats lovely about this set is that's its different, being prehistoric themed we talk about the dinosaurs and cavemen, my eldest (nearly 5) has just discovered a dinosaur liking after receiving the huge mega switch and go t-rex from santa so will look at dinosaurs on my phone and has learnt some of their names so when playing with this set with his younger brother he will inform him that dino is a t-rex and that cave men and now stink (he means extinct bless him).

      * ~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~Overall Thoughts ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      I cannot praise this set highly enough, while I do think £35 is a high price, for me I would have paid it. The play is endless thanks to the many accessories and features. Even my nearly 5 year old loves it. Its brilliant for the imagination and fine motor skills.

      It was my 1st Happyland purchase and I knew it certainly wouldn't be my last, since buying this set I have seen another lady review the Happyland funfair which I have brought also on sale with a birthday code to put away for Oscars 3rd birthday, so thank you, I cannot wait to add that to our set now.


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    • Product Details

      At a Glance Fun prehistoric playset with caveman family and noisy dino for your toddler to bring to life Features and benefits for HappyLand Dino Playset Requires 2 x AAA Batteries batteries (included) Fun prehistoric playset with caveman family and noisy dino for your toddler to bring to life.Your child can enjoy this fantastic HappyLand Dino Playset, with a happy family and a big red dinosaur to move around. There is a log car, a stacking cave set with baby swing, and a cute baby dino coming out of its egg in a nest. When your toddler pushes a caveman into the dino it makes sounds, and when they push down the dino's arm, it open its mouth and roars. When your toddler puts the dino on to the floor it makes stomping sounds. With the Mum, Dad and baby, two dinosaurs and all the other fun kit, this set will last your toddler as they enjoy imaginative play more and more as they grow. Quick facts:??HappyLand Dino Playset with fun sounds??Big red dino with fun sounds and mouth to open??Caveman family and cute baby dino in its egg??3 stacking caves with babyswing, door and treeGreat for your child's development:This HappyLand Dino Playset is a fun setting for your toddler to start to use their imagination. Moving the dinos and cavemen around the HappyLand Dino Playset is a good way for your toddler to start enjoying 'small world' play. They will soon be on the way to giving the people voices and names. Moving the big red dino around the floor is a good way to enjoy getting active, and moving the characters around helps little hands to build strength precision, which is useful for drawing, dressing and writing later on.ELC star quality:We love the HappyLand Dino Playset because it's such a fun setting for your young child's first imaginative adventures. The big dino with its opening mouth and fun sounds is a great toy for your toddler, and the baby dino coming out of its egg is so cute! Young children develop so fast, and this dino playset is a perfect inspiration for your toddler's first flights of fantasy, as they start to enjoy using their growing imagination to bring people and animals to life. It will last them through years of exciting imaginative play.What you need to know:Pack contents: Big red dino, baby dino with egg and nest, log car, three-part stacking caves with swing, door and tree, 3 cave-people. Other toys and accessories available separately.Requires 2 x AAA batteries. Playing tips: Prehistoric playgroundLet's give the family a fun dino ride. We can stomp a dino across the floor and make it roar.Caveman funLet's help the cave family play with the dino baby, enjoy a swing from the dino's jaws and drive the cool log car. Great for:Little hands to exploreFantastic prehistoric funEnjoying funny dino soundsInspiring early pretend play. What's in the box: 1 x Dino 1 x Baby dino 1 x Egg to hatch dino from 1 x Log car 3 x Cavemen characters 3 x Stacking caves

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