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HappyLand Flying Set

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2 Reviews

Brand: ELC / Type: Baby Toy / Type: Playsets

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    2 Reviews
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      19.07.2012 20:52
      Very helpful
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      A great flying set from ELC

      For my sons first birthday I was shopping on Amazon and found they had happy land sets half price and that is when I came across this set and decided to purchase it.

      **The set**
      With this set you receive a plane which is modelled on the smaller old style plane with two pilots, an air traffic controller and a wind sock. The whole set is made from sturdy plastic as all happy land toys are so that they can easily hold rough play that you would expect from a younger child.
      There are two seats in the plane so the two pilots can be sat in it while little one is flying it around but the air traffic controller also fits inside should little one wish for them to take a trip in the plane instead.

      **In play**
      Although this is a simple toy it does have a noise function that can be operated in two different ways. As there is a movable propeller on the front of the plane if little one turns this then a noise of a plane taking off begins to play and if little one lets go of the propeller it stops after around 10 seconds. If they continue to turn the propeller like my children like to do they can imitate a proper take off and the sound continues to play for the entire time they are turning them.

      Once the plane has taken off and they are in the air there is a second sound effect that can be activated by pressing a small button at the front of the plane. This is a different sound to the one from the propellers and sounds more like a plane when it is flying high in the sky above you. My children really enjoy there are two different sounds making it more fun for them and more realistic.
      There are wheels on the bottom of the plane so when they are taking off or setting the plane down they can roll it along the floor to a safe landing. These roll well even on carpeted flooring although as you would expect they work a lot better on wooden flooring.

      The figures provided are very easy to put in and out of the plane and their circular bottom mean they stay put while in play so not matter how much little one is running, tipping or banging the plane they stay in play yet only take a little pull from little ones hands to pull them away from the plane. Other figures from the happy land set also sit in these seats which my children love as they do not have to take the pilots in the plane and this helps fuel their imagination for making up different stories.
      The plane is perfect for little hands to get a grip off but at the same time not too small so that children dismiss it for its size and although it is simple it provides hours of fun. The bright colours are great for holding their attention and it can be used along with the whole happy land set which my children also love.

      The batteries were provided when we purchased this toy and they are still going strong after around 14 months of play so they last really well and show no sign of giving up yet. The toy has been crash landed and flew into walls on a number of occasions and it still looks brand new and is fully functional.

      **Negatives **
      When you receive the toy there is a plastic film around the front of the toy with a little sticker telling you to remove this before letting little one play with it and to be honest I would have left this on had this sticker not been there as it looked like it was holding the front of the plane on which has proven to be true as now the front keeps falling off. It is not too much of a problem and it clips straight back on with ease and my children use it as the plane crashing in their play but it is a little annoying having to keep replacing it but as it poses no risk to my children I do not mind.

      **Summary **
      This toy is recommended from 18 months plus but to be honest I see no reason why it could not be used before as it is well made and sturdy and although the front does come off it is a large piece rather than a small chocking hazard. All three of my children love this toy and even my son who has just turned five enjoys using it while they are playing with their toys and I find as it is so simple it really helps fuel their imagination.

      This set retails at around £12 although I brought mine for my youngest sons birthday while it was half price at Amazon so I would shop around to see what price you can purchase it for. I would have been happy paying the full retail price as it has received a lot of play in the time we have had it and seems to be loved by all in my house. It is available to purchase at ELC, Amazon and mother care and really is a good buy for younger children.


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        11.07.2012 09:59
        Very helpful



        Happyland flying set

        My husband works in the aviation industry and as such we have lots of model airplanes, helicopters and the like floating around the house. My little girl loves looking at all of these things and my husband is teaching her about how planes fly and what ailerons are (don't ask, I don't even know myself)!

        Anyway, we though this Happyland set would be a nice surpass for her and we were right, she loves it. Happyland is a magical land brought to you by those clever people at Early Learning Centre. They describe Happyland as, "A place where children's imagination can run wild. ELC offer a range of fabulous buildings, characters, animals and vehicles from this great range. With HappyLand toys children can build a collection that can be added to over time to create an imaginary town and learn about all walks of life."

        This set comes with a cool looking old fashioned plane, the kind where one person sits in the open topped cockpit and then there are wings either side that you can stand on if you wish to do tricks on. I like the look of this plane, I think it looks very authentic, like something you would find at an airshow and having visited one recently we pointed out to my little girl that that plane was just like her Happyland one which she found really funny. 

        In the cockpit sits an old-fashioned aviator with cool goggles and an old fashioned flying hat. He really looks the part and I think they have made this character really well. There is also a second man with goggles and an old fashioned hat but he has the googles on his head not over his eyes so you can pretend that he is the guy on the ground who has just finished flying in his plane.

        The airplane also comes with a windsock and a traffic controller with big earphones over his ears to shield himself from the noise of the plane. 

        I think all the pieces in this set are well made. The characters are quite chunky and big and so perfect for little kids who are not used to toys with small parts yet. THe characters are quite robust, as is the plane so you don't mind this toy getting a lot of use out of it. We have a lot of Happyland figures and sets and so this blends in perfectly with the rest of the village that we are growing.

        The set costs £12 and is available from The Early Learning Centre. 


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