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HappyLand Tommy's Toy Shop

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Brand: HappyLand

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    2 Reviews
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      28.10.2013 09:16
      Very helpful



      4 stars

      My grandchildren really like Happyland toys. We have a couple of them at our house now for when they are here in the week and out of all of our toys they are the most played with. The first set of Happyland was bought when my granddaughter was 1, we thought that it would entertain her for a year or so but she is now five and still plays with it on an almost daily basis. It is very good value for monkey considering how often it is played with and how in tact all parts of it still are.


      Happyland is a set of toys that you can collect and is aimed mainly at toddlers. They are quite chunky toys in bright colours, they really attract the attention of a child. They include various different options that you can buy from prices ranging from around £6-£60. You can buy sets of people and animals on their own in a theme such as emergency people or farm animals or you can buy a whole village set with houses and people and cars. In our collection we have various sets and each one we have been very happy with. it's a nice way to get children to use their imaginations.

      Tommy's Toy Shop

      Tommy's toy shop is just that- a toy shop! You get a plastic building which is completely open at the back so it's easy to play inside it and the front has a lovely shop window and a door that opens. This door sometimes comes off it's hinges. It's easy enough for an adult to put back on but not so easy for a child to do. The shop is brightly coloured with a sky blue roof, red walls, stripy canopy, orange door... really bold colours that stand out. Inside the shop is a little counter with a till on it, pictures on the wall and a doll's house on the windowsill. You get 3 characters to play with that include a shop keeper, a girl holding a teddy and a lady that I assume is the girl's mother but could be anyone you like! You also get a baby in a pushchair and a van. All of these are brightly coloured so very attractive. There are some sounds that this shop makes including the door bell, the till and a phone. This adds another dimension to the product. It does not come with batteries for this though you need 2 AA batteries.

      Playing with it

      My grandchildren love playing with this. Not just one of them but all of them from the age of 12 months right up to 6, they all like to interact with it. All in a slightly different way but it's nice to see that a wide age range enjoy this toy. Sometimes they will play with this on it's own but mainly they play with it along with their other characters so the clown from the fairground set will come along to the toy shop and Father Christmas from the Christmas set also likes to pay a visit too! When they play they use their imaginations and I think they particularly like this one because it has children in it. Each time they play it has a different story that they create and I do like to see them being so imaginative I think it is very good for them to play in this manner.

      Practical issues

      The only frustrations that my grandchildren have with this- as do I- is how the door pulls off so easily. Children are not very gentle and so nearly every time the door is opened it manages to ping off it's hinges. This leads to my grandchildren getting frustrated and having to ask me to put it back on. They do sometimes try to put it on themselves but fail. Playing inside this shop is a little difficult as there isn't a lot of space so it's hard for them to make proper stories and scenarios within the shop itself, this doesn't seem to annoy them at all but perhaps the shop could be slightly wider so it's easier for little characters plus the hands of children to be able to play with it easily.


      This toy is played with regularly along with our other Happyland items. My grandchildren find it exciting because it is a toy shop and they like the noises they can make by pressing various buttons. The battery life seems very good, we have had the same pair of batteries within this now for over a year and it hasn't ran out yet or even come close as the sounds are still as clear as ever. The quality of the toys are very good as it's a good, robust plastic that can withstand being thrown around and easy to clean if things are spilt on it. The colours are bright so cheerful and attractive for little people to play with. The only real problem is that the door comes off very easily which can be annoying for a child. My grandchildren of varying ages really enjoy playing with this. The truck is a success as they like to push it along and the whole toy shop set fits in nicely with our other Happyland items. It cost £15 and that is quite average for something of this size from this brand. I think it is good value for money as it is played with daily. It isn't the best from this brand so I'm knocking off one star.


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      31.05.2013 23:30
      Very helpful



      Toy Shopping in Happyland

      The Happyland Tommy Toy Shop was one of my girls first pieces of the Early Learning Centre (ELC) collection suitable for children aged 18 months +. Although part of the Village collection this set is also ideal as a stand alone toy as it has everything your child needs to have toy shop fun.

      What's included in the set?
      The toy shop complete with front door and a door mat that rings as the happyland people enter the shop. The dooyoo picture shows the back of the shop but the front is more colourful with toy shop signs and an open counter window. The back being open allows your child to easily place 'Tommy the shopkeeper' behind the counter. On the counter their is a till and bell which make noises when pressed to bring the shop to life for your child.
      Along with the shopkeeper this set has 2 'shoppers' a lady and a little girl carrying a doll, there is also a block of toys which you can be used as stock. To complete the set you have the toy shop van, this colourful van has free moving wheels to allow your child zoom it around.

      The set in play
      As with all our Happyland sets the most popular item was the door and how quickly it could be removed. Once this has been accomplished then pressing the buttons keeps them amused for another few seconds. At 18 months this was about the limit of my girls play but as they have got older it has been lovely to watch how their imaginative play has developed. They are now over 2 and a half and are capable of playing with this set towards it's full capacity. The scenario goes along the lines of... lady goes into the shop and asks for her ice cream and then the till goes, the shopkeeper asks for £1,000 and she leaves again with her pretend ice cream.

      How has this toy benefited my children?
      This was the first shop they owned and so when they were old enough to have their own toy till and shopping they had an idea of how shopping worked. They now understand the concept of having to pay for things even if they have no idea of the value of money! The set allows them to use their imaginations and for me to play with them teaching them all about shopping and having things delivered.
      Happyland characters and chunky and so easy for little hands to grab hold of and the colours really add to the character of this toy.

      Price and availability
      The Toy Shop has been updated by ELC and I don't think it looks as nice as this version which is still available on Amazon for £14.50.

      Would I recommend?
      Yes, it's a great addition to my girls Happyland collection with plenty of play.


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    • Product Details

      At a Glance Tommy's Toy Shop sells lovely toys to all the children in HappyLand. Features and benefits for HappyLand Tommy's Toy Shop Requires 2 x button cell batteries (included) Tommy's Toy Shop sells lovely toys to all the children in HappyLand. Set includes toy shop, 3 HappyLand characters and a delivery van.Requires 2 x Button Cell batteries. What's in the box: 1 x Toy shop 1 x Lorry 3 x Figures

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